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461 Blythe Baxter - Littlest Pet Shop Blythe Baxter - Littlest Pet Shop

Rather the most beautiful cartoon character of all time. - playstationfan66

462 Sue Patterson - Littlest Pet Shop
463 Mrs. Twombly - Littlest Pet Shop
464 Youngmee Song - Littlest Pet Shop
465 Roger Baxter - Littlest Pet Shop

I Think he's a widower - Bikerninja1997

466 Brad Hunter - Zoids: New Century
467 Jamie Hemeros - Zoids: New Century
468 Steve Toros - Zoids: New Century
469 Dr. Layon - Zoids: New Century
470 Harry Champ - Zoids: New Century
471 Fiona Elisi Linette - Zoids: Chaotic Century
472 Irvine - Zoids: Chaotic Century
473 Moonbay - Zoids: Chaotic Century
474 Flame Princess - Adventure Time Flame Princess - Adventure Time

Oh Come On! At Least She's Better Than Princess Bubblegum!

She's so mean with finn

I hate flame princess. She acts cute but is a flamy monster. She's rude short-temperd and dumb. She is really pretty but don't let that fool you.

She used to be Finns Girlfriend and finally they broke up and decide to be friends again - Bikerninja1997

475 Sora Takenouchi - Digimon: Digital Monsters
476 Izzy - Digimon: Digital Monsters
477 Daniel - Voltron Force
478 Vince - Voltron Force

Hate the black kid

479 Larmina - Voltron Force
480 Princess Allura - Voltron Force V 1 Comment
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