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121 James - Pokemon

He made a sexual assault by making inflatable breasts

Why does James always get attacked by Victreebell, Cacnea, and Pikachu? His plans always fail, and he uses some dumb accent. And why would he need inflatable breasts?

James is a legend

Why is James so high on this list!?!? He is WAY kinder than Jessie to his Pokemon I mean, he caught Inkay by feeding it, and he helped an injured Carnivine!

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122 Courtney - Total Drama Island

Shes a total brat

Courtney, Courtney... Lose the lawyers

Should be way way higher than 310. - alexcousins

123 Cameron - Total Drama Revenge of the Island

Sometimes he needs to man up

124 Snarf - ThunderCats

Pointless cat sidekick character, annoying, with no redeeming qualities, getting frequently in trouble, irritating voice.

That is so true. I mean, the 1980's one was terrible but he got better in the newer one.

At least he's cute in the new one, but he was annoying in the old one.

The new version is better and cuter

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125 Leonard - Total Drama V 1 Comment
126 Samey - Total Drama
127 Timon and Pumbaa - Lion King

The Lion King would have been a great movie if those two characters were never in this movie!

These two ruined the Lion King Movie and I wish that they go to Hell. I hate these two and there song (I will not mention) are for queers. Those who like these characters are a bunch of queers.

I like Jungle Emperor Leo better.

Later where Timon & Pumbaa are in hell...

Timon: When he was a young warthog

Pumbaa: When I was a young warthog

Satan: SHUT UP!

If you love those two losers so much, why not marry them.

Gay lovers

Goku & Pumbaa are currently on the same page! Also, they will go Super Saiyan when they are see themselves on this list! >:D

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128 Bart Simpson Bart Simpson Bart is the oldest child in The Simpsons. He was created by Matt Greoning. His hobbies are pranking people including Lisa Simpson and Homer Simpson.

Would fans prefer a teenage Bart (and Lisa)?

Bart should grow up and have respect to her sister and family. What kind of idiot stay in fourth grade he should pass elementary already.Or Am I wrong?

The worst brother ever poor Lisa. So annoying

Death Battle: Bart Simpson vs. Wario (actually by ScrewAttack)

129 Iris - Pokemon

What kind of "skilled" and "graduated" writer would come up with this brat. She decides to ruin the show by calling ash a little kid. If you think radagst is the jar jar binks of Tolkien universe, iris is the jar jar binks of the pokemon universe.

She is always calling Ash a little kid. NEWS FLASH IRIS; ASH IS NO YOUNGER THAN YOU! She even calls CILAN a kid and he is an adult.

She keeps calling Ash a little kid when he is about the same age the only cool things is she caught a Dragonite

The only reason I even tolerate Iris is because of her Axew and Emolga.

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130 Margaret - Regular Show

She's too boring plus lacks personality

Oh gosh she should be higher up in this list.
I feel sorry for poor mordecai he deserves much better
Plus Margaret has no personality whatsoever except for the fact that she goes out with a new guy every week.

She's so mean with Mordecai. In my opinion, CJ is more better.

She is so bad she is twice on the list - jbella9000

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131 The Great Gazoo

Worst Flintstones character ever. The other characters are the best.

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132 Cheese - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Cheese is so damn annoying all he does is scream like crazy this is one cartoon character you just want to take behind the woodshed and blow his brains out. - egnomac

Cheese is hilarious and funny why would you hate him bastard

His creator looks like Darla from Finding Nemo.

That's what makes him funny.

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133 Benny the Bull - Dora the Explorer

How the hell is Rarity on this list? Rarity My Rarity!

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134 Sir Cumference - Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures V 1 Comment
135 Mother Phoenix - Poptropica

I hate her, she's the reason why I can't beat astro knights island - Discord1

136 Gus - Willa's Wild Life
137 Sumo - Clarence

Alright. Take this awesome character off this god-forsaken list or (to quote Penn's mom from Penn Zero:Part Time Hero) SO HELP ME I WILL SMASH YOUR HEAD LIKE A RIPE MELON!

Sumo is a mix of Clarence and Jeff he is a bit smart and a bit playful

Exactly. He's good. This spot should be replaced with Clarence.

Hey Sumo is my favorite and Clearance is worse

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138 Cassandra - High School USA
139 Dave - Dave the Barbarian

Why would he even be a barbarian he's a total crybaby and a wuss not even his own family members want him. - egnomac

I hate dave the barbarian thundarr the barbarian is 1000000000000 times better

140 Hoho - Ni Hao, Kai Lan

Why doesn't Miss Perfect Kai Lan finally realize that hoho is the most demanding and grabbiest little jerk alive? Their was a time in my life when me and my sister watched Ni ho Kai Lan EVERY SINGLE DAY and when we finally reached the Banana Chip part it pretty much wrecked the show for us.

I just can't stand Hoho whining and complaining all the time. - Croy987

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