Top 10 Worst Cartoon Episode Endings

Just to be clear this list is about the worst endings in cartoon episodes not the finale of a cartoon series though the ending of the finale episodes can be included. These are the most terrible endings to a cartoon show or anime either from a good episode or a bad episode.

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41 If It Smells Like an Ed - Ed, Edd N Eddy
42 The Return of Slade - Teen Titans Go!
43 The Southern Raiders - Avatar the Last Airbender
44 The Puppetmaster - Avatar: The Last Airbender
45 The Painted Lady - Avatar: The Last Airbender
46 Sean's Year in Space - Ready Jet Go

This episode ends with Jet, Mindy, and Sydney manipulating Sean into coming down from the treehouse (he was trying to stay in the treehouse for a year) with the smell of pot roast, his favorite meal. This is the worst episode of the show because this episode is pretty much a Sean Torture Porn. Also, Jet, Mindy, and Sydney don't take Sean's training seriously, constantly interrupt his privacy, and they get off scot-free. I know this show can make great episodes, but this one is the bottom of the barrel. I hope they never make an episode like this ever again. - Eraser

47 The Great Divide - Avatar: The Last Airbender

In order to put an end to the two tribes fighting Aang lies by making up a story that makes absolute no sense and just feels rushed and points out just how pointless this episode is. - egnomac

48 420 - Family Guy 420 - Family Guy
49 In the Cards - Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi

Ami and Yumi fight over some guy by battling with cards Ami wins then is challenged by him and states that he has no interest in being her boyfriend and that the card game is his only love total nerd, she loses and he leaves her in the dust Ami and Yumi both make up and vow never to let another boy come between them again and of course another guy walks by them and they're at it again. - egnomac

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