Top 10 Worst Cartoon Episodes Where a Character is a Pariah

Inspired by the user Rickyreeves list of best Simpsons episodes where a character is a pariah. While making an episode about a character being a pariah can be good if done right, other times it can fail miserably for one reason or another. So for this list we'll be counting down the Worst Cartoon episodes where a character or group of characters become a Pariah.
The Top Ten
1 A Double Dilemma - Pokémon Advanced Challenge

While its an anime I had to include this one on the list the amount of hatred Ash gets from the people of Petalburg City is unjustified especially since he did nothing to deserve it not to mention neither May or Max defend him and buy into all the praise they get from the people due to being Norman's daughter and even after Ash and Pikachu stop Team Rocket the people refuse to apologize to Ash and give Pikachu all the credit for stopping Team Rocket.

2 It's A Wishful Life - The Fairly Oddparents

Another obvious pick for this list Timmy is treated horribly by his parents, Mr. Bickles and his friend AJ who are ungrateful towards him for trying to do good deeds for them and Timmy fed up with getting no appreciation wishes that he never existed and is shown by Jorgen Von Strangle that everyone in his life is better off without him as not one single person misses him in the slightest.

3 Boys of Bummer - The Simpsons

The Simpsons are capable of doing a good Pariah centered episode this episode is not one of them after Bart misses the winning catch during a baseball game and the whole town turns on him and bully and harass him so much that Bart is driven to suicide not since the episode "Radio Bart" have the town been this cruel to Bart where in that episode after he tricks everyone into thinking a boy fell down the well only to discovered Bart tricked them using a radio and after he falls down the well they refused to rescue hum until Homer started digging him out and everyone joined in here it goes way too far.

4 No Such Luck - The Loud House

Yeah everyone already knows why this episode is bad just a recap Lincoln lies about being unlucky to get out of his sisters activities and the whole family actually believe it that they not only band him from his sister activities but also ban him from the house and even when Lincoln confesses that he lied about being unlucky they still refuse to believe it and its only when he attends Lynn's baseball while disguised as the teams mascot and the team wins do they apologize for kicking him out but it still not enough to forgive them for their awful actions towards Lincoln.

5 What Makes Bobby Run? - King of the Hill

Bobby becomes the new school mascot but finds out that it's a tradition for the opposing team to beat up the mascot when their losing and during the game against McManerbaerry Bobby runs away as the team loses and everyone bullies and ostracizes Bobby for not taking the beating even the teachers bully him not to mention even his own parents are ashamed of his cowardliness and all this because Bobby refused to allow the McManerbaerry band to beat him up.

6 Someone's In the Kitchen With Sandy - SpongeBob Squarepants

Plankton steals Sandy's Pelt to pose as her and steal the Krabby Patty formula leaving Sandy while searching for her missing pelt is laughed and ridiculed by the citizens of Bikini Bottom seeing her without her pelt and for plot convenience she doesn't bother to wear her diving suit she manages to find Plankton and traps him in a mustard jar right as the police show up but they arrest her for public nudity ignoring that Plankton stole her pelt and committed identity fraud.

7 Sweet N Sour - The Powerpuff Girls

The entire town and even the narrator turns against the girls when they try to stop a trio of cute animals from robbing the city of Townsville wouldn't have been so bad if the citizens realized they were being manipulated by the animals and actually apologize to the girls but no that doesn't happen.

8 Not All Dogs Go to Heaven - Family Guy

After Meg becomes religious and finds out that Brian is an Atheist she gets the entire town to turn against him making him into a literal Pariah and even though Brian is one of the most hated characters on the show even he doesn't deserve the harsh treatment that he gets here he becomes so desperate for alcohol that he lies about believing in god and later convinces Meg not to believe in god due to how terrible her life is

9 Peggy Makes the Big Leagues - King of the Hill

Peggy becomes a substitute teacher at the high school and after she flunks the star football player David and gets hated by everyone including the Booster Club, the teachers and even Hank turns against her for costing them their star player and begin bullying her into changing the grade as Peggy stands her ground pointing out that she was doing her job as a substitute teacher and she flunked David for doing failing work and even though Peggy isn't the most liked character in the show she's in the right here as high school football is a privilege and if a student can't fulfill the requirements and do passing work then they shouldn't be allowed to play the booster club and the teachers don't agree with her and when the team begins losing games the Booster club decide to have Hank give David an easy assignment to get a passing grade by writing what he likes about propane and despite David's paper being awful Hank still gives him an A which he regrets later on and to keep Peggy from going ...more

10 Bag of Money - Hey Arnold!

Sid convinces everyone that Arnold stole the money that they and Gerald found and were going to turn in together for a reward refusing to believe Arnold he took the wrong bag from a woman on the bus who now has the money as everyone believes Sid and even Arnold's best friend Gerald believes Sid as everyone tries to punish Arnold for something he didn't even do the strange woman from the bus shows up revealing that Arnold was telling the truth.

The Contenders
11 Arnold Betrays Iggy - Hey Arnold
12 Little Yellow Book - SpongeBob SquarePants
13 Play It Again, D.W. - Arthur

Arthur gets annoyed by D.W. constantly playing her Crazy Bus CD while mom and dad do nothing to get her to stop they later unfairly punish Arthur by grounding him when he threatens to wreck D.W.'s CD if she doesn't stop and when the CD goes missing everyone instantly blames Arthur despite the lack of evidence even his own friends don't believe him when he says he didn't take it.

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