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161 Weapon Of Mass Distraction - My Life As A Teenage Robot
162 Run Chris Run (Family Guy)
163 Onward and Upward (Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon)

This episode... UGH like all of Adult Party Cartoon it's disgusting and disturbing. So what is our plot? If you can even call it that. Well Ren is tired of living in an hobo's mouth and after torturing Stimpy for a bit he decides to leave with stimpy. They go to a spittoon where stimpy pooled some cash into and for the rest of the episode the two stay in this golden thing and proceed to eat Vomit, nasal, and WHAT? You heard me right VOMIT AND NASAL! This happens the entire episode too. And at the end of the episode Ren And Stimpy end up back in the hobo. Making the ENTIRE episode completely pointless... it's not the worst adult party cartoon episode but it's up there people. Avoid this one like the plague - Froakie

164 Double Cross My Heart (Danny Phantom)
165 The True Meaning of Christmas (Teen Titans Go!)

Bad message, Titans were HORRIBLE! Cyborg gets an elf taken to custody, Beast Boy bullies and drives away Rudolph, Raven and Starfire MURDER a gingerbread person and his cat, and Robin BLOWS UP THE WORKSHOP, KILLING HUNDREDS OF ELVES! - Tyler730

166 Say Uncle (Steven Universe)
167 Rocknaldo (Steven Universe)
168 BOYS BE AMBITIOUS (B-Project: Kodou Ambitious)
169 Splitting Images (Danny Phantom)
170 Band Geeks (Spongebob)

Why's this on here? - Aragorn98

171 A Fistful of Meg (Family Guy)
172 The Ceremony (The Brothers Grunt)
173 Cold War (Fanboy and Chum Chum)
174 Your Ed Here (Ed, Edd n Eddy)
175 Peter-assment (Family Guy)
176 D.W.'s Very Bad Mood (Arthur)
177 Arthur's Big Hit (Arthur)
178 Girls Gone Mild (The Powerpuff Girls)
179 Time Twister (The Problem Solverz)
180 Save the Tooth (Glenn Martin, DDS)
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