Worst Cartoon Mice Ever

This is a list of the cartoon mice we all want to kill. So here's a list about it.

The Top Ten

1 Jerry - Tom and Jerry

He's a total BRAT and he's super mean to Tom. That's an enough reason to HATE HIS STUPID LITTLE GUTS!

You guys have no taste, Jerry is awesome and he's my favorite animated cartoon mouse because he is adorable

I agree! He is a jerk and a villain! ( Oh Man! Were both gonna get so much hate for this! )

Don't delete the list, just remove him from it

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2 Geronimo Stilton - Geronimo Stilton

No offense, Geronimo- you're funny, but you're a total wimp.

Geronimo sucks - a lot! He is extremely overrated.

3 Thea Stilton - Geronimo Stilton

Thea stilton is "nice" in her books, but is really rude in Geronimo stilton books what, thea? by the way she draws herself and the thea sisters so ugly with big butts, and BREASTS?! KIDS ARE READING THESE BOOKS!

She's worst that Geronimo ( and he stinks butt)

4 Trap Stilton - Geronimo Stilton

He's the worst rodent. No depths, no back stories, NO NOTHING! He's the worst rodent in the books.

5 Benjamin Stilton - Geronimo Stilton

BENJAMIN is the worst mouse ever and I hate him!

6 Nibbles - Tom and Jerry

This mouse is just to annoying!

Oh my gosh, HOW THE HELL can you hate that adorable mouse?! :3 He's so cute and his French :33

7 Babymouse - Our Hero

She's mean and she STINKS!

8 Itchy - Itchy and Scratchy

Scratchy did kill him but the college students who helped Homer, messed up the television and Bart, Lisa and Maggie missed the ending and Krusty said something about never showing it again in a million years or something when the television came back on. But that was back in the 90s.

He's got an annoying accent and he's always mean to Scratchy. I hope Scratchy finally has enough of getting killed over and over again and kills him one day.


9 Squeak - Garfield

Squeak is the worst.

10 Winslow T. Oddfellow - CatDog Winslow T. Oddfellow - CatDog

He should be number one. He is an evil bully. - RalphBob

The Contenders

11 Squeak - Babymouse

That idiot. He's worst at bouncing down the stairs than me! O:<

12 Colette - Thea Stilton

A narcissistic, good-for-nothing mouse.

13 Brain - Animaniacs reboot
14 Pinky - Animaniacs reboot
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