Top 10 Worst Cartoon Network Moments

Here is the top 10 worst Moments of Cartoon Network.

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1 Cancelling All of Their Good Shows

The Cartoon Network graveyard, Teen Titans, Ed, Edd, and Eddy, Samurai Jack, Dexter's Lab, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Code Name: Kids next Door, and more. They will be missed.

Bring all of the good shows you cancelled back! Okay, Cartoon Network?

It's very annoying to see that Samurai Jack was cancelled with 4 seasons when little girls' shows have already 5 or 6.

Well at least some of it was aired in the morning.

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2 2007 Boston Bomb Scare

Don't get me wrong, I like the Aqua Teen Movie, I just can't stand the Boston Bomb Scare

This was when the CEO of CN retired, and cartoon network fell apart. - devincooper

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3 2009, No New Original American Cartoons Premiered

2009 was a year where no new cartoons premiered. The channel gave up with a full era of live-action shows on Cartoon Network.

I think CN Real is a terrible block on Cartoon Network. Worse than Fried Dynamite.

4 A 3-part Adventure Time Episode

It was boring, but I love Adventure Time so much.

5 Turning the Teen Titans Into a Comedy

I wish the Teen Titans could come back. Oh, it's a comedy now.

Dang it! My third favourite show is now replaced by that soggy teen titans go animation, and plus robin sucks now!

It failed at being a comedy, there's no humor in it.

Teen Titans Go...jump off a cliff! - mayamanga

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6 Putting the DC Nation Block On Hiatus

I want more DC Nation.


7 The Removal of Cartoon Cartoons

We want Cartoon Cartoons back!

8 Adult Swim

I think Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a terrible show!

I only watch Adult Swim for Rick and Morty and Bob's Burgers.

Yeah but Samurai Jack will be in adult swim. - BorisRule

I agree this block sucks

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9 Johnny Test, The Hall of Game Awards, and Scooby-doo Movies - The Worst Programming That Will Not Go Away

What? But the Scooby-Doo movies are great! - PeeledBanana


Johnny Test=Bleh! Too annoying!
The Hall of Game Awards=Stupid
Scooby doo Movies=What? You kidding me? The movies are great!

Here's what we want:

1. Johnny Test
2. The Hall of Game Awards
3. Scooby-Doo Movies

10 All the Marathon Spamming

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11 No More Reruns of Megas XLR or IGPX

Megas XLR and IGPX can NEVER air again on American Cartoon Network or Adult Swim.

12 Samurai Jack Episode 14

After that, the battle was never brought up again.

At the end of the episode, Jack and Akku meet again and Jack jumps up to face him. The show then ends right when crap is going down, leaving us on a cliffhanger. Except, we never heard what happens again because it was't continued on.

13 Anime Exploitation

Anime became a crutch for Cartoon Network!

14 Recycling Shows From Other Networks

Cartoon Network began to air shows from other networks. It just sucked.

They brang yokai watch and inazuma eleven go here from toonami.

15 Hiring a member of Paper Rad to create a cartoon known as "The Problem Solverz"

How do people like "The Problem Solverz"?! It's not funny! It's just terrible. It's also repetitive, even more repetitive than Phineas and Ferb. The Amazing World of Gumball is a lot better than Phineas and Ferb and the Problem Solverz. I could honestly kill Paper Rad for creating the Problem Solverz.

The Problem Solverz is a seizure-inducing piece of crap, or so I've heard. No way am I ever watching this. - mayamanga

Alfe looks like a dog made of poop. Case closed.

Some characters have such ugly and wrinkly and disgusting, dirty, yucky, nasty just LUHHH faces. - PeeledBanana

16 The Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Episode "Everybody Knows It's Bendy"

I hated Bendy since day 1. I hope Cartoon Network bans that Bendy episode of Foster's Home forever.

I'm Surprised This Episode Isn't Banned.

I think the episode "The Little Peas" was far worse, but this was pretty bad too.

17 Airing Live-Action Shows

Cartoon Network is NOT supposed to air any live-action shows! That's like if Disney Channel is airing repetitive shows! Oh, wait. That already happened.

Yeah, shows like Destroy Build Destroy and Dude What Would Happen are just terrible, I absolutely dispise those shows, so boring. Though I did like the explosions some time. - PeeledBanana

Cartoon Network: [retarded voice] Duuhh.. We Cartoon Network, duhh. Let's removing all of our cartoons and replacing them with live-action! *laughs stupidly* That will making everybody loving us forever! YAY! We loving Live-Action! In fact, let's switching name to "Live-Action Network"! Live-Action are best on Cartoon Network! YAY!



18 Lego Cartoon Shows

Careful- the legion of Lego enthusiasts who insist The Lego movie is the best ever will be here soon and start defending those shows as if they were their beloved grandma.

Ninjago is good actually, just give it a chance, it has interesting plots, sad scenes, good characters, and more. People just don't give it a chance, you should give it a chance. 5 seasons are on Netflix, and the pilot. - PeeledBanana

I imagine it's hard to make a show around one of the longest running toy lines but I say they should have at least come up with half decent shows

Worst they making unikitty

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19 Taking Away My Lovely Code Lyoko Cartoon
20 Adventure Time: Finn and Princess Bubblegum Kissing Scene
21 Airing Reruns on Boomerang
22 Turning Thursday Into Yoursday

Yoursday does not even exists - BorisRule

23 Cancelling Toonami and giving it to Adult Swim

Toonami isn't the same because it is for adults now when it used to be for older kids and teens. :(

24 Cancelling Regular Show

Yeah it was very depressing...i didn't liked myself,same as my dad ( he liked the show because of its crazyness) and for a while the show got cancelled...the end...Nope just kidding later they added regular show again but it was a terrible moment when it was gone.

25 Airing Live-Action Movies
26 Boomerang

The logo used to be a boomerang and now it's just a gross box

This is where they put the good cartoons after they killed them. That is the reason you should watch Boomerang instead of CN! - RalphBob

Boomerang is a dump for all of the shows that made Cartoon Network.

27 Prematurely Cancelling Shows

Cartoon Network, if people want to watch a show, then don't cancel it!

28 The Early-Morning Dumps

News Flash, Cartoon Network. NOBODY GETS UP THAT EARLY!

No one is going to wake up at 7:00am on a Saturday and watch Sonic Boom! That show was bad anyway...

29 Samurai Jack and the 2002 He-man Not Getting a Proper Ending
30 Hall of Game Awards
31 Importing Boring and Terrible Cartoons from Other Countries
32 Canceling Animaniacs
33 Premiering Clarence

I watched a clip in the Regal Movie Theater and not a single chuckle bad animation plotless

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34 Removing Cartoon Planet and DC Nation

Kids these day are stupid watching all these comedy shows with bad animation (but theses shows are good Regular Show, Steven Universe, Tom and Jerry, and others. ) I remember when Cartoon Network have good animation, action cartoons and have Cartoon Cartoons. Where did all that go? I mean today's shows are BULL CRAP! Both Cartoon Network And Nickeloden. And one more thing good going Teen Titans GO you kill both DC Nation and Young Justice making the Channel suck even worst, please bring back Cartoon Planet for the old School Kids dang it!

35 Canceling Teen Titans
36 Removing Green Lantern

I want green lantern back. You hear me cn. I hate you

37 Fan Submitted Videos
38 Airing of Mixels (2014)

I don't think this would be in here if this show wouldn't be just a side show

I don't think this would be in here if this show wouldn't be just a side show

This show is the worst non baby of the reasons I hated cartoons permanently

39 Teen Titans Thursday

It's about Teen Titans Go. enough said. - mayamanga

40 Adding wrinkly, ugly, and disgusting looking side characters in The Problem Solverz
41 The Cole/Jay/Nya Love Triangle

I blame The Overlord for starting this, he must have planned for this to destroy the ninja team from within.

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