Top 10 Worst Cartoon Network Moments

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21 Airing Reruns on Boomerang
22 Turning Thursday Into Yoursday V 1 Comment
23 Cancelling Regular Show

Yeah it was very depressing...i didn't liked myself,same as my dad ( he liked the show because of its crazyness) and for a while the show got cancelled...the end...Nope just kidding later they added regular show again but it was a terrible moment when it was gone.

24 Airing Live-Action Movies
25 Boomerang

The logo used to be a boomerang and now it's just a gross box

This is where they put the good cartoons after they killed them. That is the reason you should watch Boomerang instead of CN! - RalphBob

Boomerang is a dump for all of the shows that made Cartoon Network.

26 Prematurely Cancelling Shows

Cartoon Network, if people want to watch a show, then don't cancel it!

27 The Early-Morning Dumps

News Flash, Cartoon Network. NOBODY GETS UP THAT EARLY!

No one is going to wake up at 7:00am on a Saturday and watch Sonic Boom! That show was bad anyway...

28 Samurai Jack and the 2002 He-man Not Getting a Proper Ending
29 Hall of Game Awards
30 Importing Boring and Terrible Cartoons from Other Countries
31 Canceling Animaniacs
32 Premiering Clarence

I watched a clip in the Regal Movie Theater and not a single chuckle bad animation plotless

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33 Removing Cartoon Planet and DC Nation

Kids these day are stupid watching all these comedy shows with bad animation (but theses shows are good Regular Show, Steven Universe, Tom and Jerry, and others. ) I remember when Cartoon Network have good animation, action cartoons and have Cartoon Cartoons. Where did all that go? I mean today's shows are BULL CRAP! Both Cartoon Network And Nickeloden. And one more thing good going Teen Titans GO you kill both DC Nation and Young Justice making the Channel suck even worst, please bring back Cartoon Planet for the old School Kids dang it!

34 Canceling Teen Titans
35 Removing Green Lantern V 1 Comment
36 Fan Submitted Videos
37 Airing of Mixels (2014)

I don't think this would be in here if this show wouldn't be just a side show

I don't think this would be in here if this show wouldn't be just a side show

This show is the worst non baby of the reasons I hated cartoons permanently

38 Cancelling Toonami and giving it to Adult Swim
39 Teen Titans Thursday

It's about Teen Titans Go. enough said. - mayamanga

40 Adding wrinkly, ugly, and disgusting looking side characters in The Problem Solverz
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