Adventure Time

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Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. The series follows the adventures of a boy named Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio)—a dog with the magical power to change shape more.


This show is awful. It is inconceivable to me why so many people including GROWN MEN watch it and enjoy it. It is torture to the mind and senses, senseless random trash thrown together into something that should resemble a fictional work. The characters are flat, one dimensional rip offs from Nintendo video games. The animation is absolute garbage. The world is poorly drawn (the characters have rounded stubs instead of hands and many look like colorful blobs with faces). The random sentences used in context are not funny and don't even resemble jokes of any kind. The terminology used is outdated by several decades. Almost all creatures in the show are ripped off from other fictional works. Some scenes on this show are unwatchable due to blood, guts and people being boiled alive in acid (you know, for kids). They got everything wrong. Everything so so wrong.
The characters are probably what I like the last about this monstrosity. Fin, the hero and apparently the last living human ...more

I hate this show because it's a Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda series rip off.
Finn= Mario & Link
Jake= Luigi (Jake power not included)
Ice King= Bowser
Princess Bubblegum=Princess Zelda and Princess Peach
Candy Kingdom=Mushroom Kingdom
Candy people= Toad
Enemies= Bowser Army

In case you haven't noticed, people have been telling stories that follow that formula for at least a thousand years, and probably like two thousand. That's actually why I like adventure time; it constantly throws wrenches into the old formula and changes it up a bit.

"it's a Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda series rip off."

Uh, there's something called INSPIRATION.

Some cartoons are good because they do random funny stuff, but this show just abuses that concept. And I absolutely hate the characters, ok we know the dude is a human, why do they have to put the human in his name? And if that's not bad enough, he has a talking shape shifting dog, it's like they just gave up on trying to make good characters. Every time the commercial for it that says do you like whatever a bunch of times, I just hate the show more and more. I absolutely hate the random gibberish sentences they throw around. I consider cartoon network to be one of the worst T.V. networks in the universe. If it wasn't for Regular Show, this would be the crappiest T.V. network ever. The noodle arms thing is so stupid, I don't know how the crap people like this piece of crap. This show is so pathetic.

You have not gotten into the story, which is deep, for a children's cartoon.

I'm sorry, but this show is terrible!

This is one of the most annoying shows I have ever seen or heard!

This show is too overrated, how do people love this show? It's too drugged up to be enjoyable. This show uses the worst attempt of making you laugh, by throwing around stupid gibberish sentences. The way this show is animated is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. They really needed to put more thought into their characters, a talking shape shifting dog, REALLY? This show is too overrated and people need to open their eyes and see how terrible this show actually is.

Some of that isn't even a critique. What the heck is wrong with a shape-shifting dog? Of course, comedy is subjective, and I can definitely see not liking the style, but accusing the creators of not putting enough thought into their characters is ludicrous. I find it pretty pompous to say something like that, and just wrong to lessen the creators. - FuzzySlippers

I hate this show with a burning passion. Everyone is so obsessed with it when it's not even that good. All my friends keep saying it's the greatest show ever, and my one friend was the vampire chick for Halloween. I wish they'd pull it off the air. The animation is horrible, the plot sounds horrible, and it's just AGH. I mean what's up with Finn. Why does he have a polar bear hat? And why does his dog have weird eyes? And why do the characters lack noses?!?!?

It's not the worst but it's the most overrated for sure. All it does is appeal to people who can't appreciate these things called "story arcs" and its immature nature is just boring.

This shows style is butt ugly and the show is very unfunny. I hate it so much.

This show tries to substitute randomness for actual story and sickening cuteness for actual characterization. Fans of this show will attempt to lure you in with promises that it becomes "deeper and darker" the further you get into it. SPOILER: It doesn't. The big secret is that the World of Ooo is post-apocalyptic and Finn is possibly the last human. Ooo, ah. (Forgive the pun. ) Do they ever reflect on the seriousness of Finn's situation? No. Do they play it for laughs? Not well. The drawing style and animation are... Functional. The show just has no impact.

Oh, and some snail keeps randomly appearing because fans can't get enough of him.

This show is so overrated, why do a lot of people like this show? It's 2013 so you can make better animation then the crappy animation Adventure Time has. News flash to the producers of CN, start making better shows then this piece of crap, and take more time to make good characters that are actually like able. This show just throws around random stupid sentences and story lines and thinks they will be good but they're not. Way to overrated and CN need to kill it.

A message to you and all the other Adventure Time haters: Don't you dare make me start talking like Peter Griffin!

This show has to much booty in it that is exposing other children to be naked and fart on people and jiggle there butt up and down and poo at the same time just a bad show for kids

So Dumb I could plan an entire season and no one would tell a difference.

Oh my gosh! Adventure Time is so dumb. I watched one episode. And, this show is supposed to be funny. When I watched the show I laughed ZERO times. The show is ridicioulis.

Adventure Time sucks, enough said

I hate adventure time and think they should cancel that crap and replace it with a good old cartoon network cartoon, like let's say ed, edd n eddy or something

The creator should be executed for publishing such crap.

Worst show on air for kids sence 2010! I mean seriously, a talking dog!?! Like that one hasn't been used like 10000 times! How could you do this to our kids peloton ward!?!? GET RID OF THIS CRAP! BRING BACK FLAPJACK!

Just really dumb, need I say more?

The show had a good run for about 3 years or so, then it started going down the drain. If you would like a description of what I am trying to portray here, I mean that Adventure Time had a plot, or a main goal that the main characters were trying to reach and in the season finale, they reached it. This went on for a few seasons, then shows like Uncle Grandpa, Stephen Universe (not as bad as other shows), and Clarence started showing up. then the whole 'monkey see monkey do' mindset kicked in because, by god, they couldn't be the only good show on this channel, can we? Listen to me Adventure Time producers. In case you hadn't noticed, your episodes are crappy and pointless now. You're turning into the pieces of crap that are Clarence and Uncle Grandpa. I know you want to appeal to kids but, good jesus, this is ridiculous. - username34

What time is it? Get off Cartoon Network time!
I really hate this channel overall. But my vote is gonna have to go to this show. Seriously. Finn the Human? What the... And JAKE the dog? Who names their dog... JAKE?!

Finn didn't name Jake. He was adopted by a family of dogs after getting washed up at sea. Jake's technically his brother not his pet. - imnothere

The Person that put They should bring back samurai jack and make an episode where jack slaughters each and every character in adventure time. In addition they should make Finn's death the longest and most painful, I would call that viewer worthy. Please like if you agree that would be awesome and you can't go wrong with Samurai Jack. All the New Cartoons on Cartoon Network Stinks Except for The Amazing World of Gumball and Steven Universe, those 2 Cartoons are the only Good Cartoons on Cartoon Network these days everything else sucks or stinks. Old School Cartoons Forever especially Old School Cartoon Network from the 90's-Late 2006 or Early 2007

Oh my gosh I hate this show! I hated when it first came out. I was boggled by the fact that everyone was watching it. It's annoying! All it is is just stupid fart jokes and burp jokes and weird close-up shots of character's faces or other parts of their body. WHAT IS THE POINT. It's not funny, it's really annoying and distracting.

AT is the most bland and mind numbing cartoon I've ever seen, it's worse than uncle grandpa and just a tad above Clarence. It's garbage and only became popular because hot topic stocked their shelves with AT shirts and back packs so kids believed it was cool and bought into it. There is no set standard for these kinds of shows but anyone can just tell by the first impression it's garbage, unless they refuse to just so they don't have to feel cheated out of their money for spending 30$ for a fin hat. Honestly, I like uncle grandpa better than AT, neither are good, but at least uncle g is just about being stupid and they achieve that while AT is supposed to be a fart joke with a subliminal plot that's apparently profound yet is just absolutely stupid on top of its purposeful stupid.

Meh, it's not as bad as some other junk on Cartoon Network like Johnny Test, The Problem Solverz, and Out of Jimmy's Head, but I find the show overrated. I used to really hate this show, but in recent seasons I've actually realized it's tolerable compared to junk like Annoying Orange and Teen Titans Go! I think the cartoon can be very random, disturbing, and cheesy at times, and not in a positive note like Gravity Falls. Also, Finn gets on my nerves really easily, I can't stand his voice and how annoying he can be at times! But the animation flows nicely, and I know the show tries to be creative and funny, which in some ways it succeeds on. But yeah, I find Adventure Time to be not terrible, but really overrated.