Almost Naked Animals

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Almost Naked Animals is a Canadian animated television series that is produced for YTV. The series premiered on January 7, 2011 on YTV.


Whenever there was nothing good to watch if go to Cartoon Network and there it was when I saw saw the commercial I knew it was retarded I mean come on and they only wear underwear or crap I mean who's the creator he or she must've been drunk or plain retarded this is coming from and 11 year old

This Show Never Even Belonged To Cartoon Network And Now A Year After They Put It On Cartoon Network! They Put It On Boomerang?!? Jesus Christ Whoever Thought That Was A Good Idea? Putting It On Cartoon Network Was Already Bad Enough And Now Boomerang?!? Who Knows What Other Canadian Shows Their Gonna Put On Cartoon Network Or Even Boomerang After Those Ones.

Almost Naked Animals Is Pretty Much Right Or It Should Be Called Almost The Worst Cartoon In The World, Canadians Really Have Terrible Skill When It Comes To Cartoons, Well Most Of Time.

This Has Got To Be The Worst Canadian Show Canadians Have Ever Created I Doubt Anything Could Ever Top It Off, Even Sidekick & Scaredy Squirrel & Johnny Test We're Better Than This!

Just put the damn show on adult swim so you can make "Completely Naked Animals" - username34

This Show Is SO Boring Seriously It Could Put Somebody To Sleep. Plus It's Really Stupid And Immature. Kids Shouldn't Have To Even Waste A Single Minute Watching This Garbage!

This atrocity of a show should be number 1. If Cartoon Network thinks that this is quality T.V., then they should not be releasing any new shows

You big dumb ass the amazing world of gumball is the worst cartoon in the entire world I mean really what is wrong with you retarded idiot this show has completely everything wrong with it the graphics may be good the story is terrible it makes no sense I mean come on people an orange fish and a blue cat doesn't make any sense whatsoever in their mom is virtually a ninja I MEAN COME ON

Just read out loud the show's name and you'll get the idea. My 7 year old sister is scarred for life thanks to this abomination!

I will give them pants to fly on to the magical rainbow falls I saw in a magazine so they can live out their days in peace and harmony away from Jacob John Short!

Really? Almost NAKED ANIMALS?! Were the people who made this high on marijuana when they made this?! I'm surprised this isn't higher than Adventure Time! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Yes, I watched this when I was young only one time and I hated it. I was like 'what the heck is this and turned to Disney Channels

How Is Gumball And Adventure Time Ranked Higher Than This? At Least Those Shows Don't Have A Bunch Of Animals Running Around In Their Underwear.

I Would Definitely Prefer Any Other Canadian Cartoon Show Over This...

We got to stop getting stuff from Canada seriously we got Justin beiber from there and you see how that turned out!

The show sucks to me. I only like the theme song because its catchy.

Almost being naked in public?

Nostalgia Critic: Ya know, for kids.

That show is so stupid no one want to see animals naked and have censored parts

I'm surprise this crap ain't on Adult Swim. "Almost NAKED ANIMALS". What the Hell?! Whoever made this must have a really small amount of IQ points. I mean, almost naked. ALMOST NAKED. This is not a kids' show! It's not even a show! It's just a waste of crappy animation! - airplain313

I hate this show it's the worst what if kids start walking around in their under pants it's really gross

It is just really boring and pointless and there are just no lessons you can learn from it

Would not even consider voting this show. A Motel 6 would be better than the Banana Cabana!

The title alone is like a Poison Dart Frog: you see it and you know right away it isn't good.

Should be higher than Adventure Time. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Worst of the worst. Also really illogical. Aren't all animals naked? And how does narwhals breathe! Disgraceful.