The Amazing World of Gumball

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The Amazing World of Gumball is a British-Australian-German-American-Irish children's animated television series created by Ben Bocquelet for Cartoon Network.


Take this and adventure time off the list, the others may deserve this, especially uncle grandpa, but I found the humor and story in both Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time to be extremely charming and witty. I love both those shows and extremely disagree with their placement on this list.

It's actually really good, it's unlike the crappy shows which the other ones are, TAWOG is better than any show on Cartoon Network starting from 2006 to the present not counting the shows that were good before going downhill, the only good shows after 2006 before TAWOG were Regular Show and Adventure Time but they are screwed by the channel, so there wasn't anything good on until TAWOG, Also Disney Channel has really bad shows nowadays except for Gravity Falls and SVTFOE (which isn't as good as Gravity Falls, but better than Pickle and Peanut and the live-action teenage sitcoms of that channel), There's a real plot, it has good dialogue, You realize that the actors/actresses spent years and years training in acting, unlike most other CN and Disney shows, which only have actors/actresses that only trained for about 1 week or two, yet the acting is improving in such a way that when you watch the later episodes without caring about the improvement, you will change your mind because it ...more

OK, first of all, this show is amazing and needs to be removed immediately. Second, you people have such high expectations, that you forget to see all the amazing parts of each and every episode. The plots are original and relatable. It can be really entertaining and very exciting. If you think this is boring, then maybe you are too. Don't be offended, you're probably very nice and special, but so is the show. It's relatable is all I'm saying. It's unique. I have never seen a show that combines 2D and 3D, and has a real background. It takes comedy and animation to another level. It is so cute at times, but so dark and mysterious at others. I don't see how any of you could think it's bad. Be reasonable. It doesn't deserve a spot in the top ten, or on this list at all! Compared to the shows on right now, this show is gold. It's one of a kind, and you might never see another show like it. It is very well-written and is just... AMAZING! Please give this show another chance, and maybe you ...more

Why would Amazing World of Gumball be here? Its like the best cartoon ever! Its pretty funny like Richard... Seriously?! - parislively21

This show is brilliant! It's a result of what you'd get by combining a realistic lifestyle and fictional characters.

I love this cartoon I watch it everyday. I watched all the episodes on the internet already. It's the best show I have ever watched.

All of these people are ragging on this show for "lazy animation" and I just don't get it. The amazing world of Gumball actually takes more time to animate than a lot of other shows, as well as it being the show on Cartoon Network that uses the most animation styles (flash animation, hand drawn animation, 3D animation, stop motion animation, and even though this isn't a form of animation they also use puppetry) as for the real life backgrounds of the show, they have a professional photographer who goes to a lot of different places to take pictures specifically for the show. NOT from the Internet. If they really where lazy about that aspect of the show, they would have taken the pictures from the Internet. Also, I think that because of all the different animation styles, having a real life photo as a background is a good thing. If the backgrounds where hand drawn it may look a little weird for the 3D and stop motion animated characters to be there. The real life backgrounds give all of ...more

What the hell is wrong with this list Adventure Time and Gumball are amazing. When people say the show sucks because it's random, that's THE HOLE POINT OF THE SHOW! And the characters have amazing personalities. Richard is a good hearted oblivious dad. Nicole is the hard working all powerful God of the show. Anigis is a 4 year old girl which was so smart she was almost sent to a lab for brain testing. Darwin is a fish that grew legs and lungs because of his love for Gumball. And Gumball is a 12 year old blue cat that means well but, gets into a bunch of trouble. And people say that the characters have no personalities. The shows animation is unique and fluent. Finally, the shows humor is great and cleverly thought out. All you haters out there just give this gem of a show a chance.

(P.S if this show sucks what does it have multiple academy awards? )

This is the worst 2nd Cartoon Network show on my list when I make one and number 1 being mad reason why the characters are so dang lazy I mean a banana as a character really a piece of bread as a character and the worker Larry being the only person that works in all the jobs in Elmore in one episode anais said that's lazy and not like a different creatures in the job just Larry the characters are lazy I hate the realistic backgrounds of this show to be honest this isn't a cartoon it's a piece of I hate the animation of this show some of the episodes in this show are retarded like the episode when gumball and Darwin make copies of the bread character and I hate the different animations in this show just like mad not a cartoon sure it has a bit cartoon here and there but its mostly puppets 3D characters like Larry and lazy ass talking food characters too be honest I like uncle grandpa Johnny test the problem solvers the annoying orange show we bear bears almost naked animals secert ...more

This show has it's humor, which is it's target. Ben did well on this show! Remove the show, and just put steven higher. Gumball isn't that irritating when I watch it. Steven, however harasses my ears like being grappled onto T.V. torture, and being absorbed into there. When I watch gumball, I just sit and relax, not having to actually struggle. And another positive aspect? It's that I'm only 10 and it's still amusing to me, a few kids my age would actually watch this without getting bored into the first episode they watch. And maybe kids like me would continue for quite a while. I haven't given up on watching it, I'm a die hard fan. Please remove it from the list, I'm begging you.

How could this be on here! Haters should give this show a chance because I used to hate it, watched one episode & then loved it & I still do now! I think the best shows on CN are this, Regular show & Adventure time

Greatest show ever! This became a cartoon on the list, whoever put this on her are stupid.

This became my 2nd most favorite cartoon since it came back for a third season. My first most favorite cartoon is SpongeBob SquarePants and who would reject this show? I'M WATCHING IT RIGHT NOW GUMBALL HATERS!

What!? AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL should be the best although honestly it is very weird and awkward. And also the show is very nice and entertaining. Plus, although Richard is fat and dumb, he proven to be the best father and a nice person in the hero episode and much more caring than that ripoff Chad in clarence.

I'm not saying this show deserves to be on here, but it's not as "amazing" as everyone says it is. I can't stand the characters or the jokes no matter which episode I'm watching. And seriously, the fans need to learn what an opinion is because it seems every time someone gives a tiny bit of criticism for this show, they flip out and ask what's wrong with them. And honestly, it's that kind of extreme sensitivity that just makes me hate this show even more. - regularponyfan09

Um honestly, people that like this show, don't hate me but, I think it's okay. I mean, the shows don't really make sense at all. There is an uneducated dad with a educated wife, apparently a fish as a child, a rabbit and a cat. What.

Show is not that mature, but not childish either, not that bad, but not that good either, mostly the show dwells on most modern subjects, such as Games, the Internet, money, and sees it in a negative way and tries to make the modern tech look bad. They do it creatively, but childishly, kid shows should at least have proper lessons and should be quite funny (this show has also very unfunny jokes) - Podzilla

Why is this on here? Its one of the best shows on CN! The animation is unique, the characters are cute and likeable, the humor is amazing! I like the part when richard got a job and the universe went crazy! I could go on about how amazing this show is, but that would take too long, and if you watch an episode you would agree with me. everything about this show is AMAZING!

The Amazing World of Gumball is a cheap, lazily done and poor excuse to call it self "entertainment".

First, the characters. I have no clue on what their personalities are, if they have any. None of the characters are interesting in ANY way. The all are so...random, ranging from something decent from DeviantArt to some drawings that looks worse than a kindergardner's drawing of a Turkey. They have no sense of humor, they don't look ANYTHING alike, and they are just bland and boring as rocks.

Second, the plot is far, FAR from clever. It makes no sense, it just seems to..happen. I don't get it. This repulsive.

Third, the animation. It feels so recycled and lazily done. It looks like they took the easy way out and just threw in some backgrounds from the internet. Even shows like Uncle Grandpa, even THEN the artists actually TRIED to draw some background art. But this, it just looks choppily done. It just looks like they slapped the storyboard drawings to a ...more

Comedies aren't supposed to have plots. Did looney tunes have any character development or deep plot threads? No, and it's one of the best cartoons of all time. Next time before playing the critic do some research. - GGGofluckyourself

Seriously, the person who put this episode in here has no taste in cartoons. This show is very good.

In season 1 and 2 gumball was a goofball cat who cares about his family and friends in season 3 he a total jerk who says dumb stuff and sometimes doesn't even care about his family and friends Richard was dumb but knew what was going on but sometimes try to be funny in season 3 he an idiot who couldn't pass the simple thoughts

It's amazing, why is this on the list?!? It's better than anything else on this network and it's subject to ridicule because of that. It's more mature, but jesus you five year olds, get a life and vote against some actually bad shows instead of this. - username34

The Amazing World of Gumball is a completely pointless pile of junk that attempts to throw as much to the wall as possible and see which ones stick. The characters are obnoxious, the story and humor is as bland as a bowl of dried oats, none of the designs look like they would go together, and the people who watch it are braindead kids who will watch anything with crazy colors and trippy music. This show deserves to be removed from the network as it is one of the most despicable and pathetic excuses for a television show.

In my opinion I think this show is actually good. So you need to deal with the fact you aren't watching a soap opera and accept that you are watching a laid back fun, fast paced and psychedelic show targeted to hyperactive people looking for a quick laugh not for a long, drawn out complex and articulate masterpiece of a story

I like this show but one reason I don't like it is being there is too much romance between gumball and penny, I like the amazing world of gumball but there is too much gumball and penny relationship, I always wanted to see a Darwin relationship but I see gumball blushing at penny too many times (please no offense but I love the show)