Ben 10: Omniverse


Yep... You See If They Keep Remaking These Ben 10 Shows They Are Gonna Keep Screwing It Up More And More... And Speaking Of Which Do You Think They're Ever Gonna Make Another Ben 10 Show Worse Than Ben 10: Omniverse? Or Are They Finally Going Make A Ben 10 Sequel Even Better Than This I Kinda Doubt It...

I hate it even my brother hates it and he used to be crazy about it he used to have the game the app the movie and a poster his whole closet full of Ben 10 posters

I was a HUGE Ben 10 fan. Ben 10 was my favorite show at one point in my life. The original was the best, nothing could top it. Alien force was decent I would say, a bit of a change. Then a couple more came and now this sucks! It has just ruined Ben 10!

This is a horrible show and there are so many episodes of this it makes me want to punch the screen! And there's too much merchandise. all you hear from little boys is ben 10 this and ben 10 that...

Weird. My little brother started acting odd after watching this. He is 7 so he got scared of the aliens. This show shows kids that is okay to be disrespectful to elders. (It's not)

The show is good but the characters I mean they look plain horrible.

Horrible animation. Gwen looked better in Ben 10, now she looks very ugly, with glasses.

People, save your eyes from this filthy crap. Watch Generator Rex and Sym Bionic Titan instead! - TwilightKitsune

This show destroyed its original. Ben's appearance looks unappealing to me and always creep me out. That's all

Out of all the Ben 10 series made, this show has the worst animation style I have ever seen in the franchise.

I don't even know what happened to this show. What a shame. Ben 10 used to be great but this is a disgrace.

Before looking: I swear Teen Titans GO better be #1. - UltimateCraig

This one should be in the top of the list. I hate this show so much. The new re-designs are horrible.

I actually like Ben 10, but Omniverse makes no sense AT ALL. It was awful. - LeiaSkywalker

I'm not a big fan of Ben 10 so yea I think it should be on the list

I agree they made Ben stupid. In the previous series he was a good leader and take the matter in his own hands, but now he is a childist bum who can't control device on his arm even though he didn't have trouble the last couple series. I hate you Mr. Watt you killed Ben 10 with your stupid art work and redesigns.

I loved the Ben 10 series, but when this happened, I never watched Ben 10 again!

Its stupid and has horrible characters like that stupid old man!

Ben 10 original is awesome where this Ben 10 Omniverse is terrible - Adron

The first few seasons were okay, but it began to run out of ideas.

How many seasons of this stupid show did they make now? - Catacorn

The only reason I voted this is to get Pokemon lower.

This is a disgusting show. Please burn it with fire

Ben 10 Ultimate alien was so much better than this

This is the best show in Cartoon Network ever!