Chop Socky Chooks


Oh God. I had forgot about this show. When I saw the title on here, I Googled it. Once I saw the pictures, all the horrible memories came flooding back. Not only was this show badly animated, but several of the episodes were gross or slightly disturbing. Plus, the main antagonist (Wasabi) is retarded.

Bad animation, bad writing, bad character development (No character development). It's good for a quick watch but that explains why it didn't last long

Hopefully, Bob Belcher will cook all of these turkeys for thanksgiving. Also, what the hell were you thinking, New Zealand!?

Haha I actually remember this pitiful show.

You know I forgot about this show a while ago but now that I saw it again it looks stunningly stupid I mean what was thing about exactly

What the H*** is this? Socks randomly doing karate?

The animation was slow and ugly. Also the story's were so bland and repetive and they drained on. They were so slow it got bland quickly. The jokes were either racist, unfitting or tried to teach morals. The voice acting is horrible. The animation is actually so bad I think it ranks among Breadwinners and the Problem Solverz. AVOID. - Puga

This show is like, almost racist, one of the "characters" has an afro and big lips i? - stromaemaestro

I was never interested in this show. When I saw it, Me and my brother were all like, um... No. Suck Dummy Chicks. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

I've never even HEARD of this one, and judging by the reviews I have read, it must be horrid. Worse than adventure time maybe.

This is possibly one of the most forgettable Cartoon Network shows of all time!

The character designs are already bad enough. - Powerfulgirl10

Not Even The Title Makes Any Sense Whatsoever But I've Never Seen It.

The character designs scare me. You should know how ugly they are.

They look like bobs burgers rejects

I found this show very enticing as a child and very creative.

Never heard of it but sounds stupid

What is this crap, this show sucks

Never seen it, but it sounds awful.

I... What? Judging by the title it isn't good. So I wont watch it. - UnlawfulMatron

The characters are a mix between chicks and humans.

It's just ugly! Why is this trite below Regular Show? - Eraser

This show is racist and I am glad it's underrated!

I have never heard of this and it sounds awful. - Discord

Never heard but it sounds terrible