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Clarence is an American animated television series created by Skyler Page for Cartoon Network. The series revolves around a young boy named Clarence and his two best friends Jeff and Sumo. Page, a former storyboard artist for Adventure Time and revisionist for Secret Mountain Fort Awesome, developed more.


How is this show at #20!?! It should be at #1! My question is how is this not cancelled yet? It has terrible humor and that fat Clarence needs to kill himself.

I forced myself to watch 2 episodes of this lame excuse of a cartoon and I didn't laugh once. In fact, I got annoyed and turned off the television. The characters looked like a 6 year old who just broke his hand drew them.

I think this show is meant to brainwash kids and make them retarded because it felt like I lost half of my brain cells after watching it. don't WATCH CLARENCE!

! THANK YOU! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO AGREES WITH ME! Even when the shows are going to commercial time, there are scenes where some kids record themselves at home and they act like retards, I don't understand why Cartoon Network is still sticking to making worst "original" shows and remakes/spin-offs.

Badly animated, stupid concept, it's been done before. I feel like CN is trying to ruin our brains now. Regular show is for when you're high/want to be high, Uncle Grandpa is for once you've given up life. I can't see any reasaon that you'd want to watch something like this unless you'd like to commit suicide in some way.

This show is trash. Terrible example for children! It's supposed to be funny? Poor examples of family, friends and home life. Step dad is a dead beat, the mother clearly doesn't care what her son does. I just watched an episode where he needed help with his Homework, had no idea what to do and all she said was "well you're going to have figure it out. That's all I can say" or how about the episode where she and his step dad forget to pick him up from school so he walks home down a highway and eats food out of the dumpster!? What even is this show supposed to be about? I get that T.V. isn't meant to teach our children but the influence is there regardless. And this show does no good. It needs to be cancelled as soon as possible. It's a trashy show about trashy people.

Before I say what I think, yes, I did watch some episodes. Clarence is one of the worst ideas to come from Cartoon Network. The episodes have no plot what-so-ever and nothing interesting that makes them interesting. And to top it off, at least 99% of the characters are mentally retarded. A lady actually puts a little kid in her shopping basket at some point. Even the character designs aren't safe. You've got one kid with a head shaped like swelled-up banana, and why does Jeff look like Steve from Minecraft!? All and all, you've got one way to screw up a cartoon. And Clarence is it. Seriously, why is it this far down? It should be in the top 5.

Clarence is the most stupid show I have ever watch and I'm only 12 years old, honestly the show give me migraines ever time a kid my age says it call or whenever I watch it. Clarence is about 8-11 years old and still eats grass and other stuff that your not suppose to eat. The episodes are pointless most good shows has actions or life lessons t to teach young kids my age. The step-dad looks like ape and doesn't have a job and acts like a little child, Clarence mom doesn't care about what he does, she doesn't even care to listen to him. The only character that isn't dumb in Benson. BUT they had to make the SMART ONE seem like he has OCD or other mental problems.

The reason this show was made is to make fun of the autistic and mentally challenged. Clarence is a bad influence on children, he teaches them to break rules, here are a few examples: He doesn't wash his hands, He steals stuff from other people, He causes vandalism, and he would rather sleep in mud than go to school. And also, NO! This isn't based off of a mentally challenged kid that died. If it was then the creator is making fun of him.

I have a strong feeling that Uncle Grandpa is a grown-up Clarence. Both of these shows are poorly drawn, poorly animated, lack of proper humor, and even sense of a NORMAL human being in any society on this planet. All characters in these two shows are like they just run out of some bedlam for deformity-birthed creeps. I know some of you do not like Teen Titans Go, but it is somehow a interesting show for at least people had not watched the old teen titans show, but these two? I think even demon in hell will not like them. The only place for these two are into black-holes and vanished forever, for the sake of the whole universe.

Here is a review of the characters:

Clearance: Clearance is some fat weird kid who has a wisp. He plays with his chickens.

Jeff: Jeff is a wimp who hates getting dirty. He is boring too. He can't even handle dirty water. Out of all the characters, Jeff is the worst.

Sumo: Sumo is a bald kid from a trailer home. He has an ugly voice, and a mean family. At least he likes to have fun with Clearance.

Clearance's mom: the mom is fat and has a wisp as well.

Clearance's dad: his dad is fat and lazy. Plus his dad is a ripoff of Richard from the amazing world of gumball.

Clearance's teacher: at least this teacher is like any other teacher.

Belson: this kid is mean and is ugly.

Everyone else: it just sucks!

Please just give yourself a favor and watch adventure time and regular show instead.

This show is just god awful! How on earth did it get renewed for a second season! The characters are ugly, lackluster animation(almost as bad as Uncle Grandpa), the plots are terrible, and to top it all off, almost every character on that show has psychological issue of some sort. Clarence has down syndrome or autism. He's a bad role model for children. Almost all of the things he does are completely senseless; some of them are even illegal! He talks like he has a Big Mac stuck in his mouth! Then there's Jeff, the most tedious one of all. He clearly has OCD and hates germs. Why does he look like a Minecraft character? Sumo has ADHD. Who the heck names their son Sumo?!? That is equivalent to Kanye West naming his daughter "North". Belson is a spoiled greedy prick. Then there's this shy/timid kid with a circular head and circular body(don't know his name but I'm pretty sure he has anxiety issues! ) Clarence's parents are no better either. His mother is either very oblivious to what ...more

Well, now we're ABSOLUTELY sure which show SHOULD be at No. 1. You don't have to use this show to tell us that we need to go outside and have fun, Cartoon Network. Just TELL us that in person, okay? Clarence is a misshapen eye sore to be seen. The acting STINKS. That voice in the intro sounds like they want you to take a spatula covered in acid and stuff it down your throat, and then they want you take a 5K hike. Why would anyone think this show was a good idea? I feel really bad for Tom Kenny. He's pleased us as SpongeBob and the Ice King, but he had to play a deadbeat runt who sounds like he stuffed sandpaper down his throat and then drank hot sauce. The animation on this one looks hideous. It looks like toe fungus and puke mixed together and turned into a new color to draw this. People are missing ears, noses, necks, and some are even missing fingers. It's creepy, gross, obnoxious, and probably completely rushed. This looks like the Beta.000001 Version of this show, not the main ...more

Wait. So many people insulting the character because it's fat and looks like a retarded boy? Please, look around. Schools in the US are full of kids like this, but worse. At least he has a mom who cares for him. Overweight children should not be exposed to the bullying of the comments here. And this shows teaches tolerance, even with that horribly voiced annoying Sumo character.

This show is great. I'm assuming a lot of the children here sperging about it are in their edgy phase where they hate everything new and think AT / SU / RS are the only things decent the network has provided.

This show has an excellent atmosphere, cute art-style, and is extremely relatable to a lot of children. (I have so many similar experiences from my childhood) Characters are also somewhat being developed throughout the episodes and fleshed out in general so they can be tossed into more cute, realistic, and down to earth antics. Clarence can be pretty dirty, but to be honest what kid wasn't at some point? He's a genuinely sweet character that tries his best to help out other children.

His friends can be pricks (because, children) but mean well most of the time. None are really annoying and have good character flaws that teach children it's okay to be different. It's okay to want your own alone time, not everyone will like you, etc.

Another case of people ...more - phunki

This show needs to die off soon! You could basically tell that all of the damn kids are stupid in the show. (Well no kidding sherlock! ) and somehow, the voices don't fit an actual child, except for Jeff or whatever his name is. Clarence sounds like he either hit puberty way to early or he's in some kind of deal with a dude that can make his voice deeper, and accepted the deal. Even my cousin asks me why is voice so deep despite being a 6-year old.

This piece of crap needs to away! All of the characters are messed up and I thought Clarence's parents were the responsible ones, but no!

I am so ashamed of saying that I actually like this show but when I saw the commercial I was like I'm never gonna watch it EVER until I was willing to actually watch a few episodes to see if it was really that bad but it was pretty cute even my 16 year old sister said it was cute because of how Clarence made friends with anyone but at the end of MOST episodes it was a good message so I suggest if you only watched the commercial and you only watched about only 5seconds of the beginning don't comment but if you actually watched a few episodes until THE ENDING then you can say it because you can't judge a book by its cover

What the...? This show is amazing! Great characters, great plots, and it just makes you nostalgic of childhood. I'll agree that season 1 was a little unsteady, but now that we're on season 3 it's evolved into this really charming, fun, and sweet show you can't help but love! I'm sad to hear that the third season will be the last, but this will always live on as an awesome show! - UltimateCraig

Disturbing. Clarence's mother we learn has had several relationships and is currently living with her child and boyfriend; we'll have to wait for Maury to tell us who is Clarence's real father. His one friend's parents are in the LGT community. And the one friend, with a nuclear family, looks like the kid from Deliverance. That kid's mom dresses in what appears to be a leather halter top and has a brood of at least 8 other children, that are unwatched, and is carrying an infant. And one of his two older brothers, in one episode, grab the kid's boating magazine thinking it was a porno. Wake up already, yes it's not the 50's or 70's,80's or even 90's but let our kids at least have a break from reality and enjoy one thing we all remember fondly, cartoons.

If this show was for kids then Clarence is showing kids to do bad things... Trying to get killed by a mountain lion, giving people rabies, acting like a idiot! In the episode average jeff if you look at the tests Lawrence is last he's A IDIOT JEFF IS THE ONLY NORMAL PERSON CLARENCE SHOULD BE BANNED WE SHOULD SPAM EMAIL Cartoon Network OF HOW BAD THIS SHOW IS

Oh come on! It really wasn't that bad. In fact, I always enjoyed the show whenever it aired. Is this seriously one of the worst cartoons you've ever seen? I thought the voice acting was believable, the animation was decent, it's can be very relatable. And it wasn't off the top like the other cartoons because it was simply a humble slice of life. Apparently people cannot enjoy something as simple as that.

I really really hate this show a lot because every single characters except Jeff are so immature and weird-looking especially Clarence. Like "WHAT THE HECK AM I EVEN WATCHING THIS GARBAGE! " Clarence should be number 1 on the list because it's so disgusting I can't TAKE IT ANYMORE WITH ALL THIS IMMATURITY OF NONSENSE.

OH MY GOD. Fun Dungeon Face Off and Dinner Party. Disgusting Episodes. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

God, this show sucks! It should be number one on this list! Clarence looks like a retarded WALRUS and his friends are all insane dumb losers.

This show is beyond cancer! The show is portraying of how the concept of being "Stupid" benefits the children of how it's like to be an idiot in real life, I can't stand 3 seconds with this fatso for being that fat and sweaty with a ridiculous accent of how he speaks as if he's the king of england, More like the king of mediocracy of awful storytelling and animating. This piece of painting deserves to be burned and throw down into the recycle bin for good.

I hate Clarence! He's basically a retarded fat kid who goes around doing crazy stuff! Not to mention his square headed friend is weird, and his baldy head friend is basically a mental retarded guy who needs HELP! I tried to watch the shows, but like after 5 seconds I totally thought it was retarded!

This is a very stupid show. I'll even give you a review on the characters. Okay, here we go:

Clearance: Clearance is just some fat weird kid who has a wisp. He plays with his chickens.

Jeff: Jeff is the worst of them all. He hates getting dirty and act's like a wimp. He is boring too. He can't even handle dirty water. Plus his body shape is a ripoff of Steve's body shape from Minecraft.

This is a bad show overall. Clarence is so creepy (Liking everyone, everything, etc). Who names their son Sumo? And Jeff looks like something came out from Minecraft.