The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange

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The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange is an American live-action/animated TV series based on the characters from the popular web series The Annoying Orange, created by Dane Boedigheimer and Spencer Grove, which is made for the television by Boedigheimer himself with Tom Sheppard for Cartoon more.


What happened to Cartoon Network's originality? Some good shows are still made yes, but only once in a while. Who creates a show based off a YouTube meme that no one liked or cared about in the first place? I first saw the commercial for this and immediately wanted to throw up. CN has been making shows off the idea that kids like simple and mindless shows with 1 dimensional characters that don't mean anything besides the fact that they're "funny". I think a show is good if a character has feeling and you the watcher have empathy for them and want them to accomplish their goals. relating to a character makes you want to cry when the character does; be happy when they are, and be angry when they are. If I don't feel for a character, then whats the point of the show? Why do I like annoying orange? Exactly. I don't. His whole personality revolves around that he's annoying. Why would you ever care about that? And this is just character design! There's so many other topics that effect a ...more

This show makes no sense whatsoever. Fruit that can talk with human eyes and mouths? Dumb concept and just plain weird. It just shows Cartoon Network is desperate enough to hire anyone to make a show.

This show is proof of how comedy is DEAD nowadays. This show is just horrid in every way possible... Just how did this get approved, a five week old child with BRAIN DAMAGE would know how crappy this show is. The only thing "good" about this show is the fact that Cartoon Network was kind enough to limit the running time of this show to just a few minutes... Just like the online videos, everything is just the same thing slightly different! I forced myself to watch this show so please, if your a sane person, save your sanity by not watching this crap!

Why was this even made into a show? It would've been better if it had stayed online like it originally did, but just like everything popular, a show has to be made out of it.

Honestly, Cartoon Network would be much better off without this show, and Annoying Orange should just stay on YouTube.

This show is retarded crap! Makes no sense whatsoever and has the most stupid and annoying character on the air since Jar Jar Binks of Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. Annoying Orange is just like Peter Griffin a retarded man child who distracts from the narrative and brings useless random humor that isn't even funny at all. I was 10 when I watched this on YouTube and I thought this guy was stupid and absolutely pointless and I thought Problem Solvers was good! Their parodies like Star Trek is stupid!

A good 85% of these shows don't deserve to be on this list. Sure Cartoon Network's latest shows seem like the ideas came from the rear end of a baboon, but the shows on this list are more or less original, funny, witty, and teach lessons. Most people watch the first four minutes and start saying they hate the show, but if they actually give it a chance and get into it, they'd find that these shows aren't half bad... I grew up watching cartoon newtwork and I know a lot of these shows don't get the credit they deserve. Annoying Orange sucks though.

To be fair it seems like the only complaint everyone has about this show is that it is kinda different from the web series, which didn't seem all that popular to begin with. But my first impression was that it is still utter garbage. And while I think others deserve the number one spot, all I could gather from the series was continuous screaming and random fruits. I'm sure 3 minutes of it was great though.

I honestly enjoyed the YouTube series a lot but this show is just terrible! The one question I have is WHY? You can't stretch a few minute YouTube series into a full length T. V show. The plots are stupid and ever since the show has been out I haven't watched the YouTube series. Overall, two giant thumbs down (but oranges don't have fingers haha NOT! )

That orange is so god damn annoying why is it not #1

I am not sure how someone looked at the Internet sensation known as Annoying orange and believed that it would work as a long running series. I think that the network should have let the creator try to make something outside of the franchise instead of buying the concept and trying to make a show out of it.

My mom and I both loved watching the annoying orange series on YouTube. We loved the screaming baby carrots and whatnot, so when I saw they were making a T.V. show, I was excited. But, lets just say, I was extremely disappointed. It was awful, the plots were done, and passion fruit ruined it. The only good thing about this show was Tobuscus.

The name explains everything you need to know about this crappy show! It is about some fruits, including the orange, that are very annoying and stupid (the title said it all). They have ugly, human-like faces with ugly animation. If anyone enjoys fruits with ugly faces that do random things and annoy the crap out of people, then they will get a load of this!

Who wants to watch an orange be annoying? I mean seriously... When it was just on youtube I could stand it but I still got annoyed and I was like 8 or 9... Nobody's parents should have to deal with their kids and the annoying orange... Don't parents go through enough?

The annoying orange show Ruined annoying orange. Out of all the shows I have every watched on Cartoon Network (Witch in my opinion is the only good kids/teens channel left. ) This is the only one I would consider to be bad. The original annoying orange on YouTube is still funny, but this show isn't.

Annoying orange was good in videos now it just stinks like butt! Like fred it had epic videos now it has a stupid show! In the videos orange never had a crush on passion fruit and now they have no epic deaths! It has several bad puns and jokes. I watched one episode and did not even smile. My sister said I have no sense of humor but I said the show did not have any humor, then she walked away this show makes fanboy and chum chum ( on nick) look good!

This show is a pain to watch. Good humor and creativity do not exist here at all. Every second that I watched this pathetic garbage, I lost brain cells. And the more brain cells I lost from watching it, the more stupid I felt. By all means, do not watch this show, or else the same thing that happened to me will happen to you, too! - Target

I just hate this show. I think Cartoon Network should have learned from Nickelodeon's "Fred:the Show". Web shows are on the internet for a reason. They can be funny, but only in small doses. - Garythesnail

The Annoying Orange should have stayed on the internet. This show is worse than the following shows: Johnny Test, Out of Jimmy's Head, The Problem Solverz, and Almost Naked Animals. The Annoying Orange is getting another season. WHY?!?! Just carve him up.

Yup annoying orange is creepy and weird. I didn't even bother to capitalize that name dude that creepy show literally freaky out my little brother. How mean. I mean, fruits with lips? What the freak. They talk so weird it's not just annoying it's creepy, weird, gross, and a three year old could get scared just by looking at a fruit. Please, this show is worse than MAD and MAD doesn't even do anything but make fun of shows because the ones who made them are jealous of them. Just pease take this show off it's not even funny. OH AND TO TELL YOU ALL SENT BY MY IPAD 2 I AM VERY RICH RICHER THAN ALL YOU POOR LOOSERS

How could every episode be 6 minutes long well because Cartoon Network should be sued for this due to the horrible entertainment and yes that includes Teen Titans Go! I am so happy to see that show to never be renewed.

I think annoying orange is very... How do I put this, disturbing. I was a huge Orange fan on YouTube before the show. I still watch the parodys of songs like Friday, Gangnam Style etc. The show is very weird and its jokes are not funny. Oranges laugh has always been annoying but on the show he laughs after every sentence. The only reason I actually watch the show is because of Tobusucs. PEACE OUT

If I Were In That Show I'd Slice Annoying Orange Into Pieces Until He's Dead And NOT Even His Stupid Little Fruit Friends Could Save Him.

The shorts were hard to withstand, which makes the show unbearable. Worst. Show. Ever.

If the show is trying to keep viewers away by being so "annoying" that you want to gouge your eyes out, then they have accomplished their goal. I cannot believe that Chowder and Flapjack were cancelled to make room for this trash.

About some Weird Ass Orange who takes the piss of any fruit and poor Mario that he comes across. And brush yo teeth Man, you gonna get cavities. Even my teeth are cleaner then his.