Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack


I saw the first episode and turned my Television off because of how annoying Flapjack was. But I sorta regret it now. The animation was really unique and I believe if I stuck with this show I would have found it entertaining! - trazel

I used to love this show when it first came out.
Then puberty hit me, I realized how horrible this show was.
It has some innuendo, in one episode this guy holding buckets was selling crabs and scream "I HAVE CRABS I HAVE CRABS" over and over, I don't think you need to be a teen to realize that's a adult joke. Overall the show is horrible and hard to look at. But I always enjoyed the creative but nasty animation, it has a charm to it.

Have you SEEN the demon cat? Actually, if you haven't, don't look it up. Seriously. This show scarred me as a 7 year old, and still sometimes haunts me to this day. Its practically a white, fluffy cat with NO EYES and instead black, empty eye sockets, and a mouthful of razor sharp teeth. Thank you, Cartoon Network, for ruining my life forever

Are you kidding? Flapjack's one of the best! Just because it's ugly and creepy people are acting like it's the worst thing ever. Give the show a chance. If you look past the animation (which I personally love), it's actually a really solid show! Doesn't deserve to be on the list. - UltimateCraig

My question is how did the creators of this show started to get their act together after this show. The creators Regular Show, Steven Universe, and Adventure Time all started on this show before the awesome cartoons we all know and love.

Why? Just why? Why do most people like this show? It's scary and annoying. It looks like every horrifying nightmare of mine drawn on ink. Not to mention that flapjack is really irritating and k'nuckles is really careless about flapjack. Parents who are reading this. DON'T show this to your kids! Along with billy and mandy. they are gonna have the worst nightmares imaginable.

Honestly, this show is not that bad. In fact, it is actually really entertaining. Okay, sometimes it can be a little creepy but it is still a good show

It's a rip off of the dark ages of spongebob (Season 4 - present) and that's saying a lot. It's that bad. Regular show is awesome but I think Adventure Time is overrated and very camp.

Crying, weeping, sobbing, and did I mention crying sequences in nearly every new episode now.

Though it has some talented voice actors such as Brian Doyle-Murray (voice of Patchy the Pirate from SpongeBob), creativity, and an interesting premise, Flapjack was a disturbing and disgusting cartoon with one of the most annoying protagonists in cartoon history. - Disneykid00

JESUS CHRIST! Why was this even on a network for kids this show was graphic, disturbing, disgusting and why was this even aired to begin with I mean it was definitely not kid friendly

I'm glad this show is gone I saw five secs on this show I lost my appetite for three weeks. Its nasty and horrible. Its about a blue sailor a boy living in a whale why aren't they eaten yet.

This show shouldn't be on Cartoon Networks, it's creepy and I'm still scared of the hollow eyed cat with sharp uneven teeth that makes haunting noises - SheepBuggy

This show is rated 5/10 in my opinion. Creepy, yes but is way better than some of the shows Cartoon Network has nowadays.

I liked it only because of the randomness, but the show its self, I must admit, was pretty gross and immature. - username34

This show is actually dirty, LITERALLY. THE drawings are dirty, people there are dirty, and their money are candies? They are teaching kids wrong! Too much candies may hurt people's teeth or get diabetes for eating it, and the show teaches that... Facepalm... This show should have been never existed

A really weird and creepy show about some old pirate smurf who lives with a young idiotic blonde boy who both live INSIDE A WHALE. You get the picture.

I was deeply disturbed as a young child when Cartoon Network chose a show so creepy and just straight up weird.

The show is just really creepy characters are really corny! Honestly I think it deserve on of the first 3!

I liked this show while it was still on. Though Flapjack drew me away from the screen every time he spoke in his weird voice, I personally thought it was a great time killer. - Target

Scared me when I used to watch it. The show has a really dark and creepy vibe (the characters look REALLY messed up).

This show is horrifying it feels like the whole series should be on creepypasta.

This doesn't deserve ti be on the worst list of Cartoon Network shows. Look at the T.V. shows today. Clarence, Teen titans, and steven universe is showing all day. Those shows are WAY worse than this show, but kids actually LIKE it. - Teddyursua

I'm serious when I say this. When I was a kid, the show freaked me out. WHO THE HECK CAN LIVE IN A WHALE'S MOUTH?! Who marries a person of candy? Who names their kid Flapjack? It's just all kinds of wrong. I hated when their faces would get close up...creepy...

I've only seen like 3 episodes but I like it, its just like just cause they aren't 1990 shows everyone absolutely hates them and is negative about them. I mean who is not annoyed about the negativity?