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161 Spliced Spliced

This show is great (kinda gross) but awesome just another awesome show they stopped creating

Not for kids adult swim

162 The Flintstones The Flintstones The Flintstones is the first animated prime-time American television series. It was broadcast from September 30, 1960 to April 1, 1966 on ABC.

Who put this show on the list?!? This show was AWESOME!

This was my CHILDHOOD I lived on this before I watched anime - FilipinoNyan2004

You are really rude to the past idiots

This show is my dads ALL TIME favorite show

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163 The Jetsons

Great show. Remove this please!

This Show Is Great. And It's NOT A Rip-Off Of The Flintstones. Even Though I Think It's A Space Age Version Of The Flintstones.

Just like the flint stones its good

The full opposite of the Flintstones. Its equally awful. You know, the simpsons made a parody of it in 2015, while the Flintstones made a cameo in a couch gag in the late 90s

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164 Transformers: Animated

This show is the best and I got the DVD of season three and take it off the list and this show is about robots fighting for their home planet Cybertron.

This show is awesome, not bad. Whoever put this show on this list should take it off!

It look like the best, I got the Transformers: Animated DVD.

Who put this here

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165 Hot Wheels Battle Force 5

Heh? I liked this show, the first season at least, but then it became nonsense and confuse

Unbelievable worst hot wheels series ever, world race was great, acceleracers was great, but they had to ruin a good streak of hot wheels cartoons with this bullcrap

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166 Best Ed
167 The Oblongs

Why the hell was this show liked? It was a terrible show and it taught you that if you are a bully or rich, you can get away with ANYTHING! VERY BAD MORELS RIGHT THERE PEOPLE!

This show was awful. Why people liked, I'll never know.

The animation should be enough to deter anyone...

The Oblongs was actually pretty good - trazel

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168 Brain Rush

Ok so this wasn't even a cartoon for one. But also a game show on a roller coaster is just a stupid concept.

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169 Ozzy & Drix
170 Wedgies

Really. Is this trying to fill the commercials? I'd much rather watch a commercial. All I see is "Big Baby," and the plot line is insane. He's a baby, he's big. WHY ARE THEY EMPLOYING A, WHAT, 2 YEAR OLD TO DRIVE POLICE CARS FOR GOODNESS! And the fact that they try to add humor by making a stupid commercial in the middle of the "action" makes me want to throw my controller at the T.V.. If anyone's dumb enough to hire a 2 year-old to drive cop cars as a example.. then they need serious mental help.

This was kind of like the What a Cartoon Show, except that Wedgies wasn't a half hour to an hour long. Also unlike the What a Cartoon Show, Wedgies never had a funny cartoon short.

I loved this u haters Mr. Bixby big baby? All were good and why big baby was funny was because he was a baby but no matter what he somehow saved the day

I loved this a lot instead of watching "hey buy this and get ripped off" it replaced with something good and the worst is cat 22 and the best was Mr. bixby

171 Beware the Batman

The show is a total disgrace to Batman. There are hardly any good villains and the supporting characters are against Batman. The CG animation style is horrible and action is nonsense. It is like the 2003 MTV Spiderman series, which was unwatchable.

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172 Diary of a Wimpy Kid Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This Is On Nick And Cartoon Network? What The Heck Now Cartoon Network Is Trying To Be A Copy Cat Oh! You Know Cartoon Network Just Loves To Copy Shows Or Even Movies That We're Originally Supposed To Stay On The Other Channels That Owned Them. But Why? That Isn't Working Hard That's Just Being Lazy? However It Still Shouldn't Be On The List Though I'm Not Saying The Diary Movies Are Awesome I'm Saying It Shouldn't Be On This List Because It's Not Even A Show It's A Movie, Just In Case You Forgot This Isn't " Top Ten Worst Cartoon Network Movies " It's the " Top Ten Worst Cartoon Network Shows " Duh! And Therefore I Repeat It Should Not Be On The List No Matter How Many People Hate This Movie.

While not exactly a Cartoon Network show, this movie is god-awful and an insult to people like me who love the book. Rather than removing this movie from existence, instead Cartoon Network decides to show it every other week. MAKE IT STOP!

This is a movie! Look at the title and look at this _____

I agree u, CN copies famous shows!

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173 The Othersiders The Othersiders The Othersiders was an American paranormal reality television series that premiered on June 17, 2009 on Cartoon Network.


174 Unnatural History

Live action on Cartoon Network sucks

175 2 Stupid Dogs

Shut Up. 2 Stupid Dogs is a Classic Cartoon Network Cartoon. You Don't Know What your Talking About

A complete rip-off of red riding hood. So damn retarded

176 Super Wings

Guys! Please Stop Adding Shows On This List That Don't Even Belong On Cartoon Network! I Mean, Seriously? This List Is Called " The Worst Cartoon Network Shows Ever " For A Reason!

Just By Looking At This Item On The List I Started Wondering " Why Do People Keep Adding Shows On This List That Don't Even Belong On Cartoon Network? "

This Show Doesn't Even Belong To Cartoon Network, So Why Is It Here?

Awful animation, ugly characters. Most annoying high pitched voices ever.

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177 Looped
178 Mike, Lu & Og Mike, Lu & Og

I didn't watch a single episode, but I just didn't understand the appeal to this show, while Cow and Chicken (another good show) usually gets backlashed by 90's Cartoon Network Fans, Mike, Lu, & Og gets a free pass, the plots were dull and the voice acting was boring, so this wasn't Cartoon Network's Best Show.

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179 Stoked V 1 Comment
180 Cartoon Planet

Basically this show is just hell... - Mrsantaclaw33033

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