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Pokémon, abbreviated from the Japanese title of Pocket Monsters and currently advertised in English as Pokémon: The Series, is a Japanese anime television series, which has been adapted for the international television markets.


I grew up watching Pokemon. It had action, suspense, comedy, and drama that kids and teens could enjoy. But after the Best Wishes series took place, Pokemon went downhill. At first, Pokemon had original characters and plots but afterwards, it started to become a crappy show. Terrible voice acting, slow plot, and not only that but all the characters are stereotypes. Serena's a rip-off girly-girl, Bonnie's an annoying little kid, and Clemont is just plain weird. Sometimes I wish that 4kids kept the company so that they could continue making Pokemon episodes because these, these are just not the same.

What idiots don't realize, is the original Pokemon was great. The past 3-4 Pokemon series (Anything after Dawn was in them and Brock left) are absolute trash, much like the LITERAL TRASH BAG Pokemon NAMED TRUBBISH (Literally a mix of the words Trash and Rubbish) that they added. Ash has a different eye color, his catch phrase is "Science is so amazing! " and Team Rocket are anti-heroes now. It is absolute filth and they have some Pokemon illuminati going on with a new Pokemon that was controlling people's minds. It's trash. Old Pokemon is great, new is horrendous.

One of the only shows that stays with its base ideas; a ton of filler episodes and Ash and his crew taking the longest time to evolve their Pokemon. Other than the fact that this show reboots after every new game, it technically has one of the longest running seasons in Cartoon Network history, which is fascinating because Cartoon Network can't even hold a show for at least two years nowadays. After out growing Pokemon and coincidentally coming across an episode I can see why it is ranked, but if that's the case then that pretty much means all the other seasons were somewhat bad too.

I don't know why it is called Pokemon. The characters have weird names and its really annoying. - Andres

No, this show is awesome! All about Pokemon is awesome, why is it even on here! Pokemon IS AWESOME!

You know, I have watched Pokemon in three different languages: Original Japanese, Chinese, and American. I have played EVERY Pokemon game. Yes, each and everyone. I have to say that this series is going down. As for the T.V. show, I really enjoyed it when I was very young, but not now. Well, maybe that is because I have grown older and begin to think hanging around without getting a job everyday, and order some animal to fight each other is not a good thing. Or, maybe it's just because I found it is creepy that THESE KIDS BARELY BLINKING THEIR EYES! Anyway, it is a Nintendo thing. But since it is here...

Pokemon was great until about halfway through Hoenn. Since then, Ash (who was already an awful trainer as many of you know) has sounded like he's got terrible congestion.

I liked the older episodes but I am not really fond of the newer ones

No no no no no no no Be gone who ever put this

Please don't leave Pokemon. You monsters should know Pokemon is epic

To clear up something, the Pokemon games came first, Ash is based off the protagonist of the original games, Japan made it, Cartoon Network's dubbing and terrible advertising to try and make it be "modern" ruined it.

Another thing that irks me about the Anime is that Pikachu somehow is super strong, even against something like REGIGAS. That thing is almost 12x it's size and somehow that electric mouse destroyed it!

Whoever put this on the list has no taste for anime AT ALL - aarond09

WHO THE HELL put this AWESOME show on this list, this show defined my childhood

Haha that's funny Squidward, because the only people who don't like Pokemon have never played it.

Pokemon is good, but my brother just ruined my appetite for the show by crossing it over with shows and games it I not even related to like Kirby, Sonic, Animal Crossing, SpongeBob, Wow Wow Wubbzy, The Loud House and Hello Kitty! He really annoys me with it (He has autism so that's probably why, a lot of them are cartoon fanboys) But I still like it.

Modern Pokemon anime is way too predictable and Ash is such a moron. I get that they want to keep it simple, except there is a point where you begin questioning every move he makes. In an episode I just watched, Ash had to use the pokedex on a Pokemon he has on his TEAM. He didn't know about the Pokemon he already caught a few episodes ago

Well Pokemon is a cool awesome long living show in all, but it's kind of cheesy, when one person is talking, the rest of them literally freeze. I know it's because of manga but still, their voices are really cheesy.

I agree if you mean Pokemon after Misty and Brock left.

A once all right show that has gone stale after so many years. It is now boring and every character and pokemon is annoying. The show has like the same plot every episode. Its time to let go of this show.

Pokemon didn't even originate from Cartoon Network! However, it does suck that it still continues on even when the episodes get boring due to Ash having to help everyone he meets instead of actually becoming a Pokemon Master like he was supposed to since day 1!

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You can tell Pokemon is running out of ideas when they have to give ice cream and a chandelier a face. It's the same old tired tricks and no real development. It would be ok if the games were any good but they just got a graphics update. What's most sad is that I can see the animation team losing their creativity and life. Come on guys.

It is so boring all ash does is win team rocket are getting tortured and ash blows up everything they own

Hey dude not to be mean but we took a survey if Pokemon was better than breadwinner and nobody voted for Pokemon, so Ya Pokemon is considered where I live as the worst show ever made and it was a complete wast of time when I watched it for the first time.

Pokemon is awesome, but you gotta admit: (1): It has WAY too many seasons and series (2): The old games were good, but the new ones are crap. And (3): I haven't seen a new Pokemon in a while.