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The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated television series created by animator Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network. The main characters of this show are Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. The show is about the Professor Utonium creating three little superhero girls that save the day from villains. more.


It's A Show About Girls Fighting Bad Guys And Saving The Day From Evil, How Is That Ever Bad? What More Could You Heartless People Possibly Want? This Show Was Really Trying It's Best Just To Be The Best, And It's One Of The Best CN Shows I've Ever Seen And It Should Be Taken Off The List, This Show Is So Good That Just By Watching One Episode Of This Makes You Wanna Watch Even More Episodes And If You Don't Like It Then Just Don't Watch It If You Really Hate It That Bad.

This show sucks. I know that everyone loves it but I HATE IT! Nobody wants to see three little toddlers fighting crimes. Not to mention that their personalities are horrible. Blossom is very arrogant and boring. She thinks she's the smartest, but she makes tons of mistakes. Buttercup is a bad influence to children. She's very cruel and violent. Also, she has a bad temper and acts like a boy. Bubbles is the most annoying. She has a high-pitched irritating voice and she's very naïve and stupid. Not to mention that she cries at every 5 minutes.

Seriously, are these girls supposed to be role-models for children : a selfish nerdy redhead, a though merciless brunette and a childish silly blonde - the worst characters EVER! The professor should be the most intelligent character from the show but he can't make the difference between a monster and his own brother. The narrator is really vexatious and his comments are usually bad and unfunny. The mayor is annoying at a whole new level ...more

How Can There Be So Many Hate Comments For This Show? And So Little Like Comments For This Show? I Don't Get It. This Show Was Great, Anyone Who Disagrees With This Comment Obviously Doesn't Know What This Show Is About.

Okay, while I'm not happy that this is on the worst list to begin with, I'm glad that it was at the very bottom. Out of every single Cartoon Network show ever made, this has to be my absolute favorite. The characters are awesome, the fights are great, the stories are fantastic, and it's the only Cartoon Network show to get a theatrical MOVIE. THAT, my friends, goes to show how powerful this show really was.

This show is supposed to be about love and friendship, but what I see are the powerpuff girls kicking and punching bad guys. This show learns the little girls to resolve the problems using the violence and being mean. I don't understand why everyone loves it so much.

Why Don't You Haters Pick On Another Show! Trust Me There's A Lot Of Other Shows On This List That Can Be Worse Than This.

This crappy series began to be overrated since the first episode aired. I never expected for someone to like it. There's no plot and no entertaining. It's the same story over and over : a monster attacks the city, the mayor calls the powerpuff girls, the girls come, begin to fight the monster, they win, everyone begin to obey the little bug-eyed freaks.
And it's the same thing in every episode. I simply don't understand why it has so much fans.

Glad this is last, this deserves to be last. Good things should always be on the last page and not on the list at all. This is the Blink-182 of cartoons for crying out loud, an awesome trio that are cool at what they do. - AnimeDrawer

This show is just WAY TOO extreme and violent for my taste. I know it's not all violence and that there are a lot more violent cartoons but it just leaves the most extreme taste in my mouth. I wouldn't show this to any of my younger kids.

This must be one of the most sexist shows I've ever seen! Practically, the powerpuff girls it's all about the 'girls power' and they keep saying that the boys are lame and weak. There's no male super-hero in the whole show! There are just those meddling girls always saving the world and being loved by the citizens of 'Townsville'. Basically, those citizens are nothing without them! The powerpuffs are also mary-sues since they always manage to kick the bad guys. They have no flaws whatsoever! And by the way, did you know that more than half of the villains of the show are males?! You got that right, this show is trying to demonstrate that the girls are amazing and the boys are evil! I hate this dumb show!

How is it sexist? There are WAY more shows that are aimed at boys than girls. And there are no male heroes, I mean, its called the Powerpuff GIRLS not BOYS. They don't need a male at their side, the show is meant for girls. Thumbs down for you my good sir. - princessbabypeach

I swear, I'm gonna kill that nostalgia-tard who asked us why we are hating on his childhood! Hey, you brain-damaged idiot, remove your nostalgia Goggles and re-watch at the 'powerpuff girls', but this time, without the nostalgic feeling! Just because you spent your childhood watching it. If you would have at least half of a brain, you would realize that 'the powerpuff girls' isn't as good as you thought : the art-style is ugly, the animation is cheap, the characters are stereotypes and the episodes are boring and predictable.

You gonna kill the one who asks you why are you hating childhood? Idiots - BorisRule

So boring! I'm a girl and I still hate the show. I don't understand why everyone loves it so much. It's just one of those very predictable shows. Even a retard can realize how an episode is gonna end : with those powerpuffs saving the day! The characters are exactly the kind of people I don't like : the selfish stubborn dull people like Blossom, the whiny disagreeable irritating people like Bubbles and the violent wicked bratty people like Buttercup. And a monkey as the main villain?! Seriously, who came up with this one?!

You don't have to say your gender! Nobody cares! This show was amazing! I loved it.

Best show ever in like ever like ever like ever... Bough this list!

This crap is so overrated. I don't even know why people love it so much. I mean. It's just another cartoon with crappy animation. Come on! Even my little brother can draw better than. The characters are boring and unoriginal.

They are seriously creeping me out with their enormous mutated eyes! This show is a total rip-off of anime, the main characters are 3 cry-babies who save the world. They are an insult to every DC or marvel hero and their personalities are awful : the read-head is a bossy self-absorbed smartass, the blonde is a whiny brainless dumbass and the brunette is a cruel short-tempered jerkass. The plot is way too repetitive and irritating : every episode starts with that idiotic narrator. Gosh, if I'd ever meet that dork in the real life, I will take a gun and shot him in the head. Then, we see a monster attacking the town, the powerpuff girls managed to stop him and they get praised by everyone! The end.

New episode coming in August! Reveals Buttercup and Blossom in an ersatz homosexual relationship! Read other comments on PowerPuff Girls on this website!

I don't like the new series, because the animation is choppy and crappy, the characters look ugly, and ruins the original PPG show.

I love the powerpuff girls same as fosters home for imaginary friends

Why are you hating on my child hood this show was great

This show is an offender to boys. It's all about those meddling powerpuffs talking about how lame are the boys, while the girls rule and crap like that. There's no male super-hero in this show. There are just 5 years old baby girls fighting crimes. This doesn't make sense at all. And the main villain of the show is a mutant monkey.

How do people hate this show? It was my sister's 2nd favorite show growing up.

Such a horrible show. It's full of violence and it learns no good lesson. The parents shouldn't let their kids watch at this.

This show sucks at a whole new level. The characters are unlikable, the villain are repetitive and the voice acting takes balls. I HATE THIS SHOW!

If you're talking about the reboot you're right, but if you talk about this you're wrong - LeetHaterz

I don't understand why everyone loves this show so much. There's NO PLOT at all.