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The Problem Solverz is an American animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network. Created by Ben Jones, it follows Alfe, Horace, and Roba, a group of detectives in their troubled town, Farboro.


You know what? I don't blame you & I understand your opinion. Plus, Guess What? I Love Sym Bionic Titan and I was willing to see it. but this show (On The Other Hand) isn't the worst cartoon ever made, Why? Because I at least found a few character designs that were decent, the music to be catchy & plus, its animated rather than live action. the critism's that I gave to this show are just (well) the sloppy artwork (Well, Most of it), The Animation (Which I'm not going to complain too much about it) & the humor that doesn't make sense, now, note this, the reason why I was less harsh to this show because (Spoiler Alert), it's one of Cartoon Network's better programs of today despite cancelling Sym Bionic Titan & my negative review, I will agree with your opinion on this show, but I don't think this is the worst & I think this shouldn't be on this list, but it is what it is, its just that I have a sensitive taste in cartoons, that's all.

I completely forgot what this show was, so I looked it up on Google. Then I died a little inside. All those horrible memories coming back... When I say it for they first time my eyes and soul started to die. It was that bad. Unlike Nick and the Disney Channel, Cartoon Network knows when to cancel shows. When Cartoon Network canceled it, The Problem Was Solvedz!

Yes I had to add a clever pun.

This show is worse than secret mountain fort awesome and chop socks chooks because the animation is already abysmal and it's so bright that it almost gave a seizure after 3 MINUTES of this atrocity this has to be the worst with the fact the humor and plots are atrocious and the animation is an abomination and johnny test the seasons are good but so is the 3 part special you stupid idiots obviously never saw this garbage here and a lot of shows here I mean the animation is pretty good in most episodes the acting is good in A lot of episodes there is no toilet humor in any episodes and the characters are bland and appalling like this bull I think the creator was spinning off fairly odd parents because he wrote it because there is a talking dog a 10 or 11 year old boy (in johnnys winter jacket he said he was 10) two magical ( in johnnys case twin genius) relatives.

Jesus Christ, how the hell did I used to like this show?! It fails in just about every aspect of what makes a good show in terms of animation, characters, voice acting, plots, etc.! Also, it shouldn't be a surprise that people are calling this seizure-inducing. While I think Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is slightly worse, there's nothing really going on for this show as a whole. And if it's seriously considered to be seizure-inducing, this better be banned across the world soon. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

In a particular older episode of Regular Show (back when it was still good, in my opinion), Mordecai and Rigby are at a video store trying to get Mordecai's mind off of seeing a naked Pops. When Rigby goes to the counter, he sees the store worker staring mindlessly and zombified at a T.V.. When Rigby looks at the T.V., what he sees is my best description of The Problem Solverz. If you've ever seen that episode of Regular Show, you'd know what I'm talking about. Anyway, Rigby comments that the show is "barfing rainbows at his eyeballs", and I have to agree. Problem Solverz' animation is so grotesque I'm surprised it didn't cause seizures. It was just so hard to watch, with the characters being as creepy as heck, the setting being so messy and bright, and half the time you didn't even know what was going on! I am so glad they cancelled this because I have no idea what Cartoon Network was thinking. If this show had a second season...I don't want to think about it.

What is this supposed to be? I hate the characters' designs, voices, and animations. It's not funny. Alfee looks like a pile of poop with a long nose and creepy face. That robot guy looks like something from Captain N. This show disgusts me. Adult Swim says it's cute?!? Are they insane?!? Just ban this show forever.

By far, the worst show that Cartoon Network has ever let on television. The animation was jerky, the art looked like something I did when I was two. The show did not even try to be good with its boring and completely stupid plot, and the characters were ridiculously simple minded. No way would I ever watch this of my own free will.

The sad part of all this is that it was one of the only cartoons to be animated in the US. And it used cheap, lazy Flash animation and looked like garbage. Now there's another cartoon being animated in the US, The Adventures of Kid Danger, and it also uses cheap, lazy Flash animation and looks like garbage. We're worse than Canada!

I saw this just once and I felt like my eyes were being killed. The colors the animation the humor was really bad. Nick and Disney channel, Cartoon Network knows when to stop airing bad cartoons. I completely forgot what this show was so had to look it up then I remembered. I regret looking it up...

Ugh, the voice acting is horrendous, the animation made my eyes puke out sludge, and they're normally the ones causing the problems.

I thought Phineas and Ferb was bad, PROBLEM SOLVERZ IS EVEN WORSE! Cartoon Network, seriously. Why in the hell did you team up with Paper Rad to make a seizure-inducing repetitive show like this? This show even feels like a Kim Possible rip-off.

Fun Fact: This show was intended to be an Adult Swim Show, but instead they moved this overly bright and ugly adaption into Cartoon Network's prime time.
I think everyone else stated all the cons of this mess. Never again.

Every single frame is an ugly rainbow. Every single episode can probably cause seizures. Every single character is a strange dumbass. Every writer who created this is probably talentless.

Acid trip, one big acid trip. That's what a friend told me when I asked him about this show, it was all an acid trip. The big brown thing I saw in a pimp costume so that indicated to me that the big brown thing is representative of the black community. Discussing, hard to look at, dumb, your better off watching Teletubbies it will boost your I.Q. more than this show ever will.

The characters are really creepy. When I first saw the commercial for it, I was so scared of that weird brown thing. WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE! I just don't understand this show, "let's do something stupid then everything is ok again! " NO, just NO.

MY EYES! I cannot STAND the animation. I was watching this show to give it a chance, because I was judging the quality of the acting, not the animation. OH NO, the whole show is awful. Stay FAR away from this abomination.

I've had acid trips like this show to be honest. They were extremely traumatizing to me at the time, so I can understand where people are coming from when they say they want this show to die an agonizing death

I never seen this show. But to be honest I only need to look at these ugly characters to deem it a not worthy show. That brown thing looks like it came out of a giant's butt.

I have never watched an episode, but I can say that it was absolutely seizure inducing and it has potential to be like Pokemon's "Electric Soldier Porygon".

This show was a disaster from the start... The characters were drawn poorly the idea was horrible to begin with in my opinion I hated the show I wanted to rip my set too box in half because it was so bad..

A few words to describe this show are: awful, stupid, annoying, obnoxious, never shuts up, I thought it was a MAD cartoon short, barf inducing colors, awful music, terrible animation, and never shuts up - ThatAnimeFan

I almost got a heart attack watching this show

One of the most retarded series of Cartoon Network, like really, how did they even air this garbage? It should most likely have an epilepsy warning in that crap. So happy that was cancelled.

Oh my god, this shows animation literally scared me. I think I could only watch one episode, it was like uncle grandpa but stunk worse. If I'm remembering right, it lasted for only two weeks

Was nothing special. Very mediocre, the only thing it had going for it (not in a good way) were the infamous visuals. While interesting, they were disgusting and often just hard to watch in general. It's too distracting and really took the spotlight from the characters they were trying to develop through some meh interactions. - phunki