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Regular Show is an American animated television series created by J. G. Quintel for Cartoon Network that premiered on September 6, 2010. The series revolves around the lives of two friends, a blue jay named Mordecai and a raccoon named Rigby—both employed as groundskeepers at a local park.


The main problem I have with this show is almost every character is a dick, I'm someone that gets really mad when I see someone getting treated really badly, and this show has a lot of that, let's start with the characters, Mordicai and Rigby: while they are relatable they can be boring to watch sometimes, they mostly just represent the next generation of kids who are gonna be too lazy to do anything except sit on the couch playing video games. Benson: a total jerk who treats mordecai and Rigby like they're not smart enough to do anything, while they at times seem that way, it seems very harsh to always treat them like that. Muscle Man: you know those annoying gangster wannabe teenagers who just like to act like douches and spew out really horrible catch phrases? Well that pretty much what Muscle Man is, while he's kinda funny at first, you soon get really annoyed by him. Pops: a character who has a good attitude and is kind to others, but at times seems like those kids who try way ...more

This show needs to be on adult swim. They tried to tone it down to put it on Cartoon Network in the daytime, but it doesn't work out so well. I'm not saying it's a bad show, because it's really not. But it pushes the boundaries of what level of violence and humor can be on Cartoon Network, and I just think it needs to be on adult swim where it can do whatever it wants. People get shot, , blown up, cut into pieces, melted, and even decapitated, but they try to tone it down by leaving out blood. Regular Show would just be better if it was a mature or raunchy comedy for teens. By the way They turned mad into a Robot Chicken ripoff. Yes I know MAD was a book before, but the format of the show is like Robot Chicken. You copy cats. You big copy cats.

I honestly don't like this show, You want to know why? Because every episode is repetitive, the 2 always fight over things, Muscle Man has a repetitive joke, and Benson gets mad too much in almost every episode. Shows like The Powerpuff Girls were a million times better than this show, the girls are smarter then Mordecai and Rigby, their powers were amazing, while Regular Show, Mordecai and Rigby use just weapons, robots, and crap like that.

This is my FAVORITE show on Cartoon Network and its popular. I don't know why the heck its on this list. People who are saying that its bad just don't get it.

This isn't a TERRIBLE show, it's visually entertaining and has some laughs from time to time

I too think regular show should not be here, it's an amazing cartoon, maybe the kids can't identify but most people who have born or lived during the 80's and 90's have a thrill wathing this. The plot is funny, all the characters have great stories and personalities, the references are spot on, the music is awesome and the visual is just pleasant. This really should not be on this list.

It shouldn't even be on the worst cartoons ever! Its on number 3 on the best shows on Cartoon Network. Please make it come off the list!

I think this show is awesome! If Cartoon Network didn't have Regular show it will have half of popularity it has now

Strange? Yes, yes it is, but it shows deep relations at times, but can be childish when they show that quitting college is a "not bad" choice, and that women are all out your goal, the songs have some old school type ring to it, like White Snake songs from time to time, or Daft Punk when they turn to an even more unrealistic theme, the newer seasons turn even more technological, showing time machines and androids as their enemies, or humans with deadly technology, but some have nice lessons, the minor lessons that is, not that bad, 6/10 for me - Podzilla

For one, I am an avid fan of Cartoon Network. And I used to like Regular Show. Seasons 1-4 are awesome. Seasons 5 and over are awful and deserve to be in the trash. Regular Show is horrible now. It belongs in the bin. Gumball on the other hand was never good. It followed the route that bad shows took, stupid and immature humor, and constant screaming for 30 minutes, which you just wasted. Cartoon Network died in 2007. I want to go back to 2004 and watch the old CN. After CJ came the show turned into a soap opera. Now they are in space. They cancelled it too little, too late. It look the Spongebob route, and at least they are attempting to save THAT show with Season 9b and Season 10 being better Than Season 5-8. Also, unlike Regular Show, Spongebob has better episodes.

Here's how each episode goes, Mordecai and Rigby are working or just sitting around, benson yells at them to go do something, they go to get the task done but screw 1 little thing up, and because of that, a completely stupid and illogical climax full of magic, explosions, vortexes and some other garbage ensues, they stop the catastrophe with the park being obliterated in the process, benson yells at them again, mordecai and Rigby do that annoying WHOOA thing, end of episode, despite the creative climaxes it still gets boring after a few episodes

The best original content Cartoon Network has offered lately, and its still ridiculous. While the adventures of Mordecai and Rigby are amazing and hilarious, it could be so much better. It has an almost lazy tone to it, as if the creators don't care. If something doesn't get accepted by Adult Swim then I don't think it should be made into a kids show. I don't care for the adult euphemisms either, laame.

This show repeats the same plots and jokes all the time. It has so much terrible plot changes and all the love triangle episodes make me sick. Not only that but the show is basically pro-America propaganda and has hints of racism throughout it. Proof: the episode "Thomas Fights Back".

The episodes always have 2 halfs to them, the first half of the episode is just a boring everyday scenario, like getting a grilled cheese or something, then in the 2nd half (if you're still awake by that point) it goes straight down the crapper when for no reason and no explanation for it, some weird supernatural catastrophe happens, and you're just like "where did this come from? " Accompanied by probably the worst animation I've ever seen in a cartoon, the characters all look like a bunch of rejected adventure time characters

This has to be one of the best shows for this year on Cartoon Network the others are so bad

This show was finally cancelled. Already an irritating show, it really became crazy towards the end. The last couple years were like an acid trip. Despite this it was still one of the better shows on Cartoon Network, which is a DYING CHANNEL. JUST RIP APART THE NETWORK AND ITS GARBAGE AND PLAY ADULT SWIM ALL DAY.

What the heck this show is third for best cartoon network this show is awesome

What? This is the best CN show ever! Adventure time is the second best to me. This, Adventure Time, Gumball, and Steven Universe don't deserve to be on here. Other than that, I agree with pretty much all modern CN shows being on here. - Garythesnail

Maybe its not the best show but I think its pretty good. You have to give Quintel credit. It is very rare for a "bad show" to make it over 100 shows. Forget it guys, its not getting canceled any time soon.

I think this show is going down hill nowadays because every episode is just the same, characters are always getting yelled at, violated, and other things like that. The 2 always fight each other, do things they are supposed to do, and always have to get to work.

This is honestly the best show that Cartoon Network has on the air right now. Every other show is either boring, stupid, or just crap. Can someone tell me why this is even on this list?

I thought this show WAS pretty good, but then it started to go downhill. Now there is nothing interesting. Spoiler alert. Whatever Mordecai and Rigby are doing at the beginning turns into a monster. Finally, Benson yells at them.

This is much better because it has a bit teenage stuff but it is still childish

I sound much like my father did when I was younger but all these series on the list are pure crap. I like series like old scooby doo, darkwing duck and stuff. These strange series that carton network offers are just a complete mindscrew created by what must be some very twisted people. The saddest part is that my kids can sit and enjoy these kind of series. However luckily I have also gotten them interested in the classic cartoons so it is quite rare that they actually get stuck watching this kind of garbage

And before I get a lot of hate, I do understand that the taste is different and some people really love this and I don 't hate you for it. Just had to rant a little bit

I really don't like this show. It is more disturbing than the later episodes of adventure time and most of the characters are unlikable. I only like the blue jay (I can't spell his name right) and that tall man like raccoon that always wants hugs or as he calls it, sugar. other than that I never found the quality and I never will