Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

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Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is an American animated television series created by Peter Browngardt that debuted in 2011 on Cartoon Network. The show revolves around a fraternity of five monsters who unleash wild stunts upon the public from their eponymous mountain fort. The show is loosely based on more.


Disgusting art style and toilet humor ahoy. It's like they were intentionally trying to drive people away.

This has gotta be Cartoon Network's worst show ever made! I mean, look at the animation style and the characters. Who creates a bunch of retarded characters that look like they were scrapped cartoons. And please, who makes a character with only a butt and abs. That is just lame and gross. Cartoon Network, MAKE BETTER SHOWS NEXT TIME!

I'm just going to detail all the characters just to show you how bad it is:

A purple gorilla-like beast in its underpants with claws, armpit hair on his head, and elephant tusks for teeth.

A monster made out of butts ( I wish I was kidding ).

A mix between a chimpanzee and rat with a nose the size of a bowling pin.

Some sort of blue demon from hell that acts like an asylum convict.

A Japanese furby that has arms as hairy as a forest and has more acne than an entire high school math club combined.

Is there any need to argue that Super Mt. Force awesome is THE WORST show to ever air on Cartoon Network? With its desperate need to appeal to the younger generations by using talking butts, hairy and stinky men, and random items falling out of the sky, I think it's needless to say that the show was not even worthy of a full season- let alone four episodes.

This show has disgusting animation, ugly characters, and even a character that's literally just a walking butt named fart. This is one of those shows that has filthy gross humour and tries to be funny, but instead just grosses clean people like me out.

By the way, this show was by the same creators of Uncle Grandpa if that tells you something. - SheepBuggy

What is this supposed to be?!? The characters are gross and live off of baby souls, and one of them is a bunch of uncensored butts? This is full of toiler humor, and it feels like Problem Solverz had a baby when you watch this disturbing show. The title improperly states how good the show is.

What the hell Cartoon Network. We get this as a SHOW! The animation sucks so bad that it makes the animation of the courage the cowardly dog looks advance! The show is filled with overuse butt jokes ( new flash Cartoon Network butt jokes are not thy funny all the time! ) worst show ever just stick with watching old classics

This show has terrible voice acting, plots, jokes and characters. The main characters consist of a green ball with red pimples a half nakid thing in pants a man made of butts a fly man and a feral blue hound dog. WOW! This so has it's on type of badness although some executive who if there's any justice in the world is now fired, decided that this show had to be aired. And this show was made by the creator of uncle grandpa. No surprise!

I HATE IT I HATE IT! I'm glad this show is not on CN anymore. I watched the episodes and they were AWFUL! My main reason why I hate this show is because it's DISGUSTING and boring! It doesn't even have a plot. And I agree with everyone, this show has butts in it.

I saw a picture of Ronald Reagan in this cartoon. The Reagan's should sue for unlicensed use of image in this crappy cartoon. This cartoon is bad people, BAD! Ugly, dumb, un-entertaining, witless, you name it.

It must suck to be a kid these days when you've got cartoons like this. Thank god they took this crap off they air as fast as they did. I can only hope that this was Cartoon Networks Enron.

IMDb gave this a 4.1/10.0, I give it a 0. Thumbs down Gene, thumbs way down.

This Show Is Nothing More But A Udder-Crap Fest At Least 90% Of The People In The Planet Who Have Seen The Show Will Agree With Me, I'm Sure Of It, But To Be Quite Honest This Show Actually Could've Been Good, But Sadly It Failed Miserably Along With The Sequel Of This Show Known As Uncle Grandpa.

The Animation This Show Has Is Even Worse Than The Ones In Uncle Grandpa And In Almost Naked Animals, And It's Much More Disgusting And Inappropriate Too, This Should At Least Be In The Top 3 Seriously How Did Anyone Ever Like This Show? I Can't See A Single Good Thing In The Show Honestly!

This is like Problem Solverz, BUT WAY MORE DISGUSTING! NOTHING BUT GROSS HUMOR! WHY CAN'T CN JUST MAKE NORMAL SHOWS?! THE CHARACTERS ARE UGLY TOO! EVEN JOHNNY TEST IS BETTER THAN THIS SHOW, MAN! (I'm not saying that Johnny Test is still good, but at least it's still better than this disgusting piece of crap that they call a "show"! ) This series should've been renamed " Nasty Mountain Fort Retarded. Thank GOD this show was cancelled...

Never watched this or uncle grandpa (watched ads for uncle grandpa though), but just by the title of the shows, I can tell this is a lame show. Trying hard to have a "cool" name by having a name an uneducated kid nowadays will like.

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome? More like Sucky Montage Fart Assembly

This should be number 1. I hate this show with burning passion, this is way worse than the Problem Solverz. I mean what kind of show is this? Toilets? A monster named Fart? This show has too much toilet humor and it is not funny at all. Also, the characters are some of the ugliest I have ever seen, the animation is cheap and poorly done. This show is so boring, there is nothing cool about it. The Problem Solverz is a very bad show as well, but at least there isn't too much toilet humor in The Problem Solverz. I am glad they never showed this abomination again on T.V.. - AnimeDrawer

God, I can't understand WHAT TH' HECK the Network's done. It goes from charming ol' classics like Transformers and Dexter's to trashy shows like Stupid Mt. Fort Bosom! (And one guy does look like he has a bosom. ) I may be still a kid, but I KNOW that this shouldn't be a kid's show! Ugly monsters, stupid dialogue, trashy settings, and more stupid dialogue! Do they really want to stupefy the generations with this JUNK!?!? HUH!?! Just please, please, please, please, cancel it, delete it, destroy it in any way you can! This show SHOULD NOT EXIST!

An abomination on animation?...more like an atrocity on animation

To the person that calls us out because people not in the demographic for this show hate it, you're basically saying that kids are retarded enough to like crappy shows like this. Kids are not retarded - Cartoonfan202

Also they can bring back really old cartoons like Looney Tunes, Popeye, Tom and Jerry, Flintstones, Yogi Bear, Betty Boop and Scooby Doo (the old one, not the new crappy ones) after getting rid of all those bad modern cartoons!

I think this show is on Adult Swim because of the character Fart and he must have scared the heck out of children. I would rather be scalded alive than watch this show

There is a man made of butts. That is all.

Secret Mountain Fort Awful is a zombie invasion on Cartoon Network! It has THE WORST cartoon characters I have ever seen, plus the animation is so cheap.

Even the Problem Solverz is better than this awful show. Worst show ever, all the other shows on this list are better than this.

When I first heard of this show I almost freaked out.
I was so sick, that I couldn't bare to watch this.
There is some tusked creature in underwear, a butt thing with butts for hands, feet, a head, and even a mouth, a creature covered in zits that looks like a demonic lime, and some hairy ugly thing with a big nose. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai