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'Teen Titans Go!' is an American animated television series produced by Cartoon Network. The show follows a superhero group called the Teen Titans, and shows what happens when they go home and have silly adventures. This show is Cartoon Network's revival of the popular 2003-2006 American animated television ...read more.


Teen titans go is stupid. When I was little, and I mean really little, I loved the show, especially the eons in Tokyo. Teen titans go is plain stupid. My young brothers like it, and they never got to see the real teen titans. If you bring backs show, you need to keep it the same or make it better. Cartoon Network is stupid for putting on stupid shows like this. Put on the original, or take it off air.

What the hell happened to the characters?! I mean, first you have original Robin, who was young, brave, badass, and an amazing and well-loved leader, and now he's an arrogant, egotistical moron who stalks Starfire and basically doesn't give a crap about the rest of his team or really anyone else. There was original Raven, who at first was a complex character with dark history and powers, which arguably made her the strongest Titan. She was a 'dark' teen who won the favor of countless fans as her personality evolved into something much more admirable and well-developed throughout the show. And now, she's a careless emo girl who has no fun at all whatsoever and never takes off her hood. For her "personality," it's really just one giant glob of stereotypes forced into her character. And then original Starfire, who was a pretty, yet confused alien who was kind and loving, as well as loved by all. Now, she's pretty much that one freakishly overpowered idiot who adores/loses her temper over ...more

People need to give it a rest. The first 2 seasons were terrible yes, but the more the team watches the original the more the satire begins to come into play. It went from horrible to a pretty above average satirical take on a beloved action show from the early 2000's that I used to obsess over.

Before I could see the hate, really with the forgettable random episodes that just took characters on a surface level and threw them into random garbage that never really fit. Now though it's obvious they've wised up and have actually went into introducing elements from the past incarnation such as properly introducing villains, to inside jokes and pretty hilarious Batman cameos.

Honestly this show really grew on me, I loved the episode making fun of Killer Moth (who I originally hated in the OG Teen Titans). They took his lonely side and really made fun of it which I think was the first sign of this show getting on track and doing it's job.

It started out lost and god ...more - phunki

There are always gonna be spin-offs of cartoons. Sometimes they're good- like Legend of Korra, which keeps the tone and depth of the original show. This show, however, is a disgrace. One of the biggest reasons is the characters.

In Teen Titans, they could all have been matched with a different stereotype. Raven, for example, is the quiet goth girl. But as the show went on, you find out why she is like that and who she really is. Go practically reverses that. Raven is sarcastic and goth. That's all, they never improve their character. I really hate this show.

Why didn't they just bring season six?

I actually enjoyed watching the original Teen Titans. They were smart, well-thinkable, nice, and confident. (And don't forget Fearless)

It looks like they've dumped my childhood. Thanks to this abomination, I've had nightmares of it. (One of them includes Starfire trying to kill me with an axe! SCARY!)

I am NOT watching this crappy show for the rest of my life! The original was way better than this! They would probably be angry about the way it is now. This show is just garbage. Here's why:

They've made Terra from a well-complexed character into an arrogant, evil, psychopathic, jerk! WHY? JUST WHY, CN?!

They've made Kid Flash a jerk as well. He thinks he's all fast and whatnot, but I'm not buying it

They've also made Aqualad look like one too! He and Terra were dating in one episode, but got sabotaged by Raven & Beast Boy! (We're they jealous or something?)

The Titans suck! LITERALLY! It makes me wanna toss the T.V. out the window and slam the ...more

Teen Titans was amazing, it was highly detailed, well drawn, good morals, good humor, amazing characters and even though it was a western animation show they snuck in a little bit of anime here and there which was clever, but then they cancelled it and replaced it with Teen Titans Go! This show is AWFUL! It's basically the exact opposite of the original it's far from highly detailed, badly drawn, had no morals what so ever, bad humor, and it ruined the amazing characters we knew and loved and reduced them from what they used to be. Speaking the characters THEY'RE NOT THEMSELVES!

In Teen Titans, Robin is a good leader, he cares about his friends and city, he is also badass and knows martial arts

In Teens Titans Go! Robin is a tyrant who wants everything his way otherwise it's wrong he is also a stupid cults leader who is obsessed with starfire

In Teen Titans, Cyborg is scientific and really smart and he tries to fight beyond his programming, Beast Boy is the comic ...more

Remember the CN masterpiece that was Teen Titans? It was a beautiful mix of Japanese and Western animation, it had plenty of action as well as comedy and drama. It even had entire episodes dedicated to character development. Enter Teen Titans Go. The derpy chibi figures could've been drawn by a kid in grade school, the action is rarely present, the drama is next to nonexistent, and the jokes are just stupid (for the most part). All the characters are stupid, crazy, and obnoxious, even Raven. There's also zero consistency between episodes. Characters die (yes, die) or get sucked into alternate dimensions in one episode, and they're perfectly fine in the next. Not to mention all the ridiculous slapped-on "lore". A legendary sandwhich that grants immortality? The couch spirit? A giant easily impressed bunny they call a god of magic? What? And this show is still on its third season? The good news is if you dislike this show, you're not alone. The voice actors for Robin, Starfire, and ...more

A couple of years ago, I started to watch the original teen titans show, and I loved it! I bought all of them on DVD and watched them constantly! It had a good mix of mystery, action, romance, and a cool drawing style as well! Teen titans go is different.

It seems like it's meant for five year olds now! All they do is sit in the tower, eat pizza, prank each other, and other dumb stuff. Sure there's Robin chasing Starfire around because he likes her, and Beast Boy with Raven, but it's not done very well. In the original, they actually acted like teens do when they were around their crushes. They were awkward, shy, and sweet about it! In this, it's like their going straight for it. Not right.

Might I also add that since the Titans are trusted to protect Jump City, don't you think that they wouldn't have time for lots of dates like in teen titans go? I mean, they are the guardians of that place!

One more thing. I have seen a lot of the episodes because my siblings ...more

When Teen Titans got cancelled my heart shattered into a million pieces I was also really angry, but when I heard that they were making a sequel called Teen Titans Go! I had hope that this show would be good but that hope was ripped straight out of me when I saw the very first episode, it was TERRIBLE, I hated it and I thought the next episode would be bad to and I WAS RIGHT! This show is just awful, I only liked one episode do you hear me ONE EPISODE! That episode was called Colors of Raven, and the only reason why I liked the episode was because it was similar to my favorite episode from the original Teen Titans which was called Nevermore, other than that this is just awful. I could go on and on about how awful this show truly is, I'm surprised this isn't on the #1 spot cause this certainly deserves it.

Needs to be higher up the list. I swear I utterly dispise this show and can't believe that there are already FOUR SEASONS OF IT. IMAGINE FOUR SEASONS OF PEOPLE MAKING FART JOKES. STUPID PUNS, AND DUMB SONGS, AND YOU HAVE THIS SHOW IN A NUTSHELL. The fact that this is one of the best shows on Cartoon Network when it comes to ratings is really saying something. I understand that it's appeal is towards kids who didn't see the original, but that doesn't mean those kids wouldn't like the original.

Being completely honest here, I saw Teen titans go before I saw teen titans. I'll say this, I used to think it was a bit funny, and frankly I discovered teen titans while I was flipping through channels. But let me tell you, one I started watching teen titans, I got hooked! And then I realized how dumb the new one looked. I'm going to miss the time when Cartoon Network used to be primarily geared towards teenagers, and not kids under ten years old.

The remake is TORTURE! An episode about a "waffles" language? Really? Teen titans was WAY BETTER! The remake makes the original look like a BIG JOKE. The characters look wimpy, the episodes and problems are unrealistic or rude, and horrible humor. And yet, they think this is better. And they got rid of it because the show wasn't marketed for girls. REALLY?!? WHY couldn't YOU JUST GET RID OF THE OTHER SHOWS?! TEEN TITANS WAS SO POPULAR! YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY THAT IT WAS! It had real lessons, instead of lessons like books are dangerous. HELLO?! THE ORIGINAL WAS BASED OFF A COMIC BOOK!

I don't know what to say this is somehow worse than Johnny test when all this show is about the domestic life of Superheroes that none ever said was requested it is boring the setting is never creative and all the "jokes" are just like saying titty nuggets and expecting everyone on the planet to laugh and for the record the intelligence of this show that doesn't exist is all just T.V. cliques that were never accurate to begin with and when this came out its not like it was any better than how it is now and it ruined the cartoon that demanded a GOOD sequel the original was about inspirational characters and action & adventure not just stupidly cheesy songs and internet memes overall I would rather stare at a trash can for 16 hours than watch this - I mean show overall:0.0

It makes me cry why they ruined the original Teen Titans show. They made Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven look like toddlers and they're all high on crack.

As much as hating on the show itself is pretty much beating a dead horse at this point, the fact that Cartoon Network still isn't improving because of this show only makes me more furious at the network's practices. I don't care about this whole "Cartoon Network app" crap. If Nickelodeon can manage to both maintain high ratings in terms of television viewership while still being able to integrate well into online streaming, then so can Cartoon Network. It's no surprise that Teen Titans Go! takes up about more than 95% of the schedule all day and every day of the week on Cartoon Network. I honestly had a bit of hope for the channel when they brought back reruns of the original Teen Titans and started having more variety in their schedule. But nope! It's one step forward, two steps backward! Why? Because apparently, Christina Miller and Vishnu Athreya thought it was a good idea to air TTG for 8 days straight until the end of the December throughout the entire Christmas season! Come on, ...more - ModernSpongeBobSucks

At one point in my life I loved Young Justice like crazy. So cue 9-year-old me walking into the kitchen to eat lunch, and stopping at the top of the stairs because Teen Titans Go! was on. I thought "Why not? ' My favorite character Robin was on screen. What I watched made me lose my mind and almost walk back into my room. What I saw was Robin practice asking Starfire out. I didn't even know who Starfire was (Young Justice was all I watched then. It was on Netflix) Right away I had this weird, uncomfortable feeling in my body. That one scene. Just no. Then, one day at night the Internet went down in my house. We watched the ending of one episode, then watched the episode were Starfire decided to become a goofball. I still remember what she said. "I am the cool. Shackalackaboom" Like, what the frig!? I panicked when Robin started screaming "Balance! Balance! " and eating the garden gnomes like crazy. Keep yourself and kids away from this. Instead, watch the first version Teen Titans.

The original was awesome. The remake is not. Teen titans go takes away all good qualities of the original and makes a mockery of the characters. For example, robin in the original was an awesome karate leader but now he is just an over controlling perfectionist who has to be the best. And that's just one of them. The characters are being portrayed in the wrong way and are not given any depth. The episode plot lines are stupid and in no way relate to the episode title. The episodes are stupid and try so hard to be funny it's sad. Teen titans go sucks and I don't know if I can put up with it any longer. I think I speak for many people when I say teen titans go should be cancelled and replaced with season six of the original teen titans.

I hate this show it lacks talent and plot there is no deathstroke and terra is evil? And why does Raven watch terrible pony shows she doesn't hate everything she needs to keep her feelings in or she may get out of control. Beast boy is so stupid in this show I mean come on he isn't super smart but he knows simple math. Robin can't drive HE IS 15 Cyborg can drive because he 17 years old. Robin became a jerky control freak. Starfire is a girly girl that is also really stupid. Cyborg is so annoying. I hate this show I want it gone so I have young justice.

Cartoon Network worships this dumb show. They air more than 10 episodes a day---more than Adventure Time and Regular Show. They should cancel Teen Titans Go! And air the old Cartoon Network shows such as Ed Edd n Eddy, Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Samurai Jack, and especially the original Teen Titans.
The characters are out character, stupid fart jokes, horrible animation, there is no actual plot, no dark and serious moments, and NO main villain. The original Teen Titans was funnier than this.

This show is a disgrace to the original Teen Titans (the animated series and the comics). It sucks that they cancelled the other good DC shows such as Green Lantern, Young Justice, and Batman: the Brave and the Bold, and kept this. I am glad they are making a live action series of Teen Titans. They might cancel Teen Titans Go! If the live action version is more successful.

Teen Titans Go! Is Cartoon Network's worst show next to Problem Solverz.

The Second Season Is Even Worse Than The First Season Of This, Let's See If The Third Season Is Gonna Be Even Worse Than The Second Season, NO! Cartoon Network Just NO! Just... Please Cancel This Already It's Really Starting To Get On My Nerves, The Ratings Are Almost As Low As Uncle Grandpa In T.V..com And In Imdb, Bad Cartoon Network BAD! BAD! BAD! You Oughta Be Ashamed Of Yourselves For What You Did To The Teen Titans, I Mean... You Completely Screwed Them Over, You Do Realize That Right? I Already Missed The Original Teen Titans, But Just By Bringing Teen Titans GO! Or Should I Say Teen Titans NO! Is Making Me Miss The Original Teen Titans Even More, You Didn't Make The Disappearance Of The REAL Teen Titans Any Better, In Fact You Might've Even Made It Even Worse! It Still Feels Like The Teen Titans Are Dead, Because These Teen Titans Acted Nothing Like The Teen Titans I Used To Know And Love! I REALLY Hope This Gets Cancelled. Even If It Kept Uncle Grandpa Alive A Little Longer.

Basically they took everything beautiful from the original show and shoved their you know what into its you know where. Animations are about 10% of the original. The plot and story make no sense. Instead of depth in characters (heroes and villains alike) and stories that carry episode to episode, they push some weird ass politically correct agenda down kids throats. One episode focuses around Starfire "stopping all violence for peace and love" (I can honestly say I was nauseated after watching that). My favorite (sarcasm) episode was the "Boys vs Girls" episode which rammed some feminist propaganda down throats about how girls are better than boys in every aspect. (Totally not sexist at all). I'm curious what's next. Does cyborg join the blacklivesmatter movement? Or does beast boy start throwing blood on people wearing fur coats? Like please cancel this show before I throw up from the liberal politically correct agenda spewing from my screen.

The worst thing about this show is that Cartoon Network thinks it is the greatest show ever but it is an insult to the original show. The show itself argued that the show is for kids but here's the thing, the old show was also for kids (they didn't call Slade Deathstroke because of death being in his name) but anyone could watch it because it appealed to everyone. The show gained ratings when people saw it as a revival to the old show and stupid little kids (who weren't even born when the old show was out). apparently like this show. The worst part is that Cartoon Network shows nothing but this show nowadays in fact, it's worst than Johnny Test. If the old show didn't exist people could care less about this show. This show pissed off so many people but I doubt that CN will ever get rid of it because they think it's the best show ever.

Teen Titans Go is a perfect example of what happens when you put people in charge of a show when they have absolutely no love or respect for the original material. Literally everything great about the original show has been canned for cheesy dialogue, one-dimensional characters, and a lack of anything that makes the show interesting. To make matters even worse, the show constantly tries to tell us off for hating the show with episodes like "return of Slade" and the "serious" episode. What the producers don't grasp is that promoting this show isn't going to bring in new fans, but rather drive original fans away. Kids aren't the only people who watch their channel.

I don't understand why they cancelled the original teen titans, it was in the top 5 shows on Cartoon Network when it was released and became an instant sensation for kids. It even sparked a new market in cartoons suitable for both teens and kids, and the serious tone and good storyline was made made this show unique. Teen titans go isn't bad, but a straight down-grade in comparison to the original. And their so-called "comedic" episodes didn't even make my 5-year-old or 9-year-old brothers laugh once, even the original was funnier.

I watched it a couple of times and thought it was horrible. It's mostly a comedy now. They're barely outside because they're too lazy to go out, so you barely see any crime fighting. I agree, this show couldn't hold a candle to the original. They were well drawn and they fought crime like every day. With this new teen titans ripoff, they look like children, and rarely even get outside. They even made up stuff like making Raven's hair black when it was purple in the original series. I wish they would put the teen titans ORIGINAL series back on.

If I could miraculously start to like the show, I'd still have one problem. It airs all the time! Constant reruns of the same insulting crap that just waste time. They know this show sucks, but they shove it everywhere and I'm starting to hate the network for it. I can't find other shows that aren't reboots anywhere around these days. They're always pushed to one hour a day and teen titans go gets 5 times that. This show is garbage and that can be a pain in the ass, but putting it everywhere in countless bumpers, up next slots, and other things, makes me want to leave the network and watch Steven Universe and others online where it's safe.