Top 10 Worst Cartoon Shippings/Pairings


The Top Ten

1 Ren x Stimpy Ren x Stimpy

My eyes are bleeding


Just because that god-awful spin-off portrayed Ren and Stimpy as gay doesn't mean they are.
And all that homoerotic crap on Deviant Art doesn't make it any better!
I swear I'm not homophobic or anything but Ren and Stimpy should never be a legitimate couple EVER.
They'd make a better duo instead. - Poisonivyxx

2 Dib x Zim Dib x Zim

Dib and Zim can't even work together.
How can they be a couple? - Poisonivyxx

That picture...just kill me now.
And somebody nuke that garbage.

3 Sonic x Mario Sonic x Mario

This is a complete insult to the gaming community. Bestiality, for one thing. And neither Mario nor Sonic are gay. Makes me sick to my stomach.

I remember a good Sonic x Mario fanfic, but that's it. - TheReviewer20

Ugh. Who comes up with this stuff?
I mean really?
Sonic and Mario?
Shame. - Poisonivyxx

4 SpongeBob x Shrek SpongeBob x Shrek

This Is too far guys, to far

How tf did they spawn Shadow? - Poisonivyxx

5 Batman x Joker Batman x Joker

Now how did this happen? I could've sworn Batman and Joker hated each other. - Poisonivyxx

6 Mordecai x Twilight Sparkle Mordecai x Twilight Sparkle

If this is one of those crack ships, someone took it too far. - Poisonivyxx

7 Cat x Dog (Catdog) Cat x Dog (Catdog)

That's incest!
Plus, they're connected. How can they do the nasty if they can't even go to the bathroom? - Poisonivyxx

8 SpongeBob x Squidward SpongeBob x Squidward
9 Flapjack x K'nuckles (The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack) Flapjack x K'nuckles (The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack)

An old guy in love with a kid.
That's not creepy at all! - Poisonivyxx

10 Cartman x Wendy (South Park)

The Contenders

11 Fiver (Watership Down) x Heather (Over the Hedge)
12 Mordecai x Rigby (Regular Show) Mordecai x Rigby (Regular Show)
13 Cartman x Kyle (South Park)
14 SpongeBob x Gary
15 Princess Mindy x Pizza Steve
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