Worst Cartoon Shopkins and Shoppies

Here are some of the worst Shopkins in the cartoon.I love the toys, but the cartoon characters. No. WITHOUT IT BEING DUMB LIKE THE ONE FROM 2016. I was so immature.

The Top Ten

1 Yolanda Yo Yo Yolanda Yo Yo

She is a whiny brat when she doesn't win. She is just like Caillou. - ShopkinsLover

2 Fortune Stella Fortune Stella

She does NOTHING whatsover. What is the point of her character anyway? I don't know. - ShopkinsLover

3 Nina Noodles Nina Noodles

She acts nothing like how her toy actually looks. I like her toy way better. She is goth. - ShopkinsLover

4 Gino Gelati Gino Gelati

He was WAY too serious just to teach Peppa Mint how to speak Itailian. - ShopkinsLover

5 Lippy Lips Lippy Lips

She is not an ass, but she doesn't like Kooky Cookie's kookiness! Everyone is different, Lippy! (just to let you know) - ShopkinsLover

6 Cheeky Chocolate Cheeky Chocolate

She is fine with me. She can be super funny. What's wrong is that she can be like... Mean. She threw some mashed potatoes in Toasty Pop's face! I think she should be more nice while still being cheeky. She also has some pretty dirty jokes. Like in SPK: Wild, she said "What is this Bull***p? I mean Bull buissness? " kay.. - ShopkinsLover

7 Suzie Sundae Suzie Sundae

She can sometimes be a brat when her "boyfriend" Toasty Pop, doesn't answer her! Toasty doesn't even want to be around her anymore, so just quit and break up. - ShopkinsLover

8 Bridie Bridie

She has serious anger issues. She'll probably never find a date. - ShopkinsLover

9 Rainbow Kate Rainbow Kate

My brat Rainbow Kate. Her scream is so annoying.ugh... - ShopkinsLover

10 Toasty Pop Toasty Pop

He hates almost everyone. He was born grumpy for some weird reason... his name sounds more like a person who is up for adventure. - ShopkinsLover

The Contenders

11 Lynn Flight Meal

Such a jerk - ShopkinsLover

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