Top Ten Worst Catdog Episodes

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The Great Parent Mystery


This episode was very boring. It was supposed to be a great movie, but it was really stretched out, boring, and did everything wrong. Their first bad move was making the theme song really annoying. Then they destroyed the plot of Vexed of Kin. The they made it really long and boring. It was a big letdown. - RalphBob

What?! This episode rules

Adventures on Winslow Land

This is when Winslow became horrible. I was interested in this episode at first, but they completely messed up the ending. So it starts off with CatDog going into Winslows hole. They learn a lot about Winslow, and it is really cool. Then in the end, it ended up being a trap that Winslow sent up. Winslow programmed robots to try to murder cat, and he had the Greasers watch. The Greasers started laughing. That was a very mean and awful ending. - RalphBob

I used to be a big fan of winslow but after this episode I wanted him dead

Vexed of Kin

CatDog's parents come to town, and Cat figures out that his parents like Dog more. No matter what Cat would do for them, they would always prefer Dog. Cat became depressed so Winslow tried talking to him. He said that everyone likes Dog better. I find that really mean. Then in the end, the Mom says she likes them both equally, but as a joke for the show, the dad says himself that he likes Dog better. That is just mean. Not funny. - RalphBob

Movin' on Up

This was an okay episode if you ignore the beginning, but the beginning was really mean. CatDog learns that their uncle died, and that they were in the will. They got a lot in the will, so Cat started celebrating. Their uncle just died, and he was celebrating. - RalphBob

This episode made me want to hate Rancid Rabbit the most after he did took away CatDog's mansion that their uncle gave to after his death. "Oh I hate that rabbit".

Doo Wop Diggity

Everyone (exept for Winslow, which is sort of weird) was a jerk in this episode. All Winslow wanted to do was start a band, but they wouldn't stop arguing. I actually felt bad for my least favorite character in this episode. - RalphBob

Cat Gone Bad

Those Cats that were CatDog's neighbors were really annoying. - RalphBob

Meat Dog's Friends

This episode was disturbing and weird. - RalphBob

I accidentally voted on this. Sorry. - RalphBob

What a way to end a series.

I wish they made a better episode than this to end the series, I really didn't like season 4, the first 3 were great, season 4 was a meh, this was a stupid way to end the series, like have an episode where they wrap things up, like go back to Taco Depot from episode 1A, or stuck on Traffic Island [episode 7A] or just a clip show, but I just didn't like how this ended - TheJasbre202 [I have a YouTube channel with same name]

Harasslin' Match

Winslow invites his niece and nephew to CatDog's house without asking for permission, and the niece and nephew end up being big trouble. They tried to kill Cat, Dog, and Winslow. - RalphBob


I hate this episode Dog is incredibly jerky and unlikable after finding out someone used his hydrant and refuses to leave until the culprit returns leaving poor Cat to stranded there as he is beat up by the Greasers and misses out on his pay per view wrestling special which Winslow takes full advantage of and if that wasn't bad enough their house catches on fire and as the fire department show up Dog refuses to let them use it to put out the fire then the fire departments dalmatian dog shows up then gets mad and accuses Dog of using his hydrant then attacks Cat for no reason then they leave and CatDog's house burns to the ground. - egnomac

Truly one of the most depressing episodes ever in any cartoon show

Screw Dog in this episode all he cares about is a dumb fire hydrant and makes Cat miss his pay-per-view wrestling thing. Then that other jerk Winslow takes advantage of this by selling tickets to watch the thing that Cat paid for. Screw you Dog and screw you Winslow.

Talking Turkey

CatDog helped the turkey escape and everyone decided to kill CatDog instead of the turkey.

This episode was kind of boring, and I think they ended up eating the Turkey. - RalphBob

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This episode had major plot holes. How did Dog become a bat just from wearing a Dracula costume? I still do not know. - RalphBob

Teeth For Two

This episode is just disgusting. - egnomac

The part where Cat comes out of Dog's mouth inside-out...*shudders*

CatDog Doesn't Live Here Anymore

This episode is sadistic, evil, and downright mean spirited. CatDog goes on vacation because they are tired of the torment they go through all the time, and every character laughs at all the misery they go through, and they end up missing them because they can't torment them anymore. Whoever wrote this episode clearly has a vendetta against cats and dogs.

CatDog's End
Dog's Strange Condition
Hypno Teased
Fishing for Trouble
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