Creative Comparing #5: Justin Bieber vs Miley Cyrus

Martinglez Yes today we are comparing the 2 worst celebrities according to this site (they are apparently both worse than Hitler). Which of these is better? Let's compare them.

Music Videos: Both have pretty bad videos, but Justin's latest videos are pretty good actually. Plus they don't feature twerking. The winner is Justin.
JB: 1 MC: 0

Lyrics: This is a hard one since they both have pretty bad lyrics in their songs. I have to give it to Miley since Wrecking Ball had decent lyrics and Baby repeated the word baby more than 50 times.
JB: 1 MC: 1

Personality: Oh boy. We all know both have bad personalities, one turned from a child star to a woman who is just so dirty and the other almost ended up in jail. However I think Miley deserves this because at least she didn't break the law. They both have very s*ty ones though.
JB: 1 MC: 2

Power: Who had the biggest power? Easily Justin Bieber since he had a massive fanbase back in the day and although the fanbase is slowly dissapearing, Miley never got such a big one.
JB: 2 MC: 2

Quality of Music: This is an extremely hard one. They have both have bad low points, but they both had good songs. Justin had Sorry and What Do You Mean and Miley had Wrecking Ball. I think it's a tie.

JB: 2,5 MC: 2,5

TIEBREAKER: Martinglez opinion: I think Justin actually deserves to win.

WINNER: Justin Bieber

So Justin wins. I would not recommend them at all but I feel like Justin is kind of overhated (specially by this site) and has been getting better lately. I don't like either of them though. Remember you can recommend an idea for the next episode.


Justin Bieber... Justa Beaver.
Miley Cyrus... Madly Cancerous. - Skullkid755

I agree! - TheAlbinoWolf

Same here! - WonkeyDude98

Old days: Miley > JB
Now: JB > Miley - visitor

Nope, they're equally bad. - Therandom

Both are horrible - bobbythebrony

That is true, one more than the other - Martinglez

What do you mean, when you nod your head yes but your wallet says no.

I came in like a wrecking ball

me: to my life. - MrQuaz680

Old Miley>JB>New Miley - visitor

In 2009:
Breakout > My World (both of them)

In 2012-13:
Believe = Bangerz

In 2015:
Purpose > Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz

Oh how the Miley have fallen. - WonkeyDude98

Miley Cyrus should win actually at least she don't make to much controversy on 2015 than Justin Bieber who left stage on one of his concert on Norway which make several of his fans crying. - BeaM456

Personality =/= music - WonkeyDude98

I personal think that Miley Cyrus videos are the worst , her videos have no sense - Righteous

The What Do You Mean video made no sense. It started with Bieber nailing this girl then they both got kidnapped and then they got out and had a skateboard party. I don't know.

Miley's videos are decidedly worse though. - WonkeyDude98

Justin is way better - Belieber1

neither - visitor

Finally, someone else who thinks Miley Cyrus is worse that Justin Bieber! - Cyri