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41 Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart Kristen Jaymes Stewart is an American actress. Born into a film-oriented family, Stewart began her acting career in 1999 with uncredited roles and a minor character appearance in several films before gaining prominence in 2002 for playing Jodie Foster's daughter in the thriller Panic Room, which garnered ...read more.

Shes always sad he needs some happy pills

She made twilight bad because of her acting why is she a celebrity my family name is ruined thanks to her

Your just mad because she dumped Edward in real life. He's fine with it, so move on

She can never seem to fully close her mouth.

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42 Caitlyn Jenner Caitlyn Jenner Caitlyn Marie Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, is an American television personality and retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete. She is also transgender, and came out in 2015.

She gets way too much attention.

Born a man and will face the Lord as a man

Wow, what better way to get famous than to exploiting your own sexuality...

The only Jenner/Kardashian that deserves to be famous because of the olympics. THE REST OF THE KARDASHIANS ARE PURE GARBAGE. THEY ARE TERRIBLE AND ARE FAMOUS AND RICH FOR WELL, a sex tape

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43 Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner

Stealing thousands of girls boyfriend? Poor harry!

Shes sounds stupid and why would a guy date that

Hot. But overrated af

Teenage Brat - Lucasw14

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44 Marian Rivera Marian Rivera Marian Rivera Gracia-Dantes, known professionally as Marian Rivera, is a Spanish Filipino commercial model and actress, best known for her roles in Marimar, Dyesebel, Amaya, and Temptation of Wife.

Who the hell how are these people famous its weird

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45 Robin Thicke Robin Thicke

Is a sexist hoe

He is stupid and makes crappy songs

Robin thicke sucks ass

Blurred lines was a rape song

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46 Kris Jenner Kris Jenner Kristen Mary "Kris" Jenner is an American television personality who rose to fame for starring in the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians together with her family.

Ha haha haha and so on

Woman pimp

She sucks - CartoonsLoverForever

47 Khloe Kardashian Khloe Kardashian

There is nothing wrong with Khloe Kardashian. You guys should feel sorry that she's related to Kim Kardashian.

Oh that's so true. Poor Khloe having to be related to Kim. at least she's got Kourtney. - LittleLovelies

Has anyone ever noticed that they have names that should start with c(except Kim)?

Ew. A kardashian. Go eat the trash your made of

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48 Jake Paul Jake Paul

Every day bro need to change to every day no even his brother roasted him

He harasses his neighbors and the T.V. crew that was interviewing him - sonicrosebeam

Good job whoever posted this - EvilMangoes

I used to love him now I’m thinking second thoughts he set up a account for charity and all of his fans put money but he said all of the money was from him and gave no credit to his fans and his merch is way to pricey and he is a total jerk outside of his vologes he is also a show of and a scam artist/ jerk

49 Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood

She is literally the goddess of all goddesses.

50 Oksana Grigorieva

Extorting Mel Gibson, setting the poor guy up, leaking tapes. Worst person ever is Grigoreiva

51 Kamaal Rashid Khan
52 Rajesh Khanna
53 Heath Slater Heath Slater Heath Miller III is an American professional wrestler. He is signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Heath Slater.
54 John Cena John Cena John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. (/ˈsiːnə/; born April 23, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, rapper, actor, and reality television show host signed to WWE, where he is assigned to the SmackDown brand. ...read more.

What's so bad about him? He seems to be a YouTube sensation...

John Cena sucks

This guy sucks.

Whats your name... JOHN CENA! 😂😂

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55 Sophia Grace & Rosie

No talent. These are the types of child stars that grow up to become drug addicts. The only person who does actual "singing" and "dancing" is Sophia, while Rosie just stands there doing robotic arm movements. They were trash when they cam on the Ellen Show, singing a NICKI MINAJ song (for kids 12+) when they aren't even out of diapers yet.

Gross kids spoilt by loser parents

My god, I pretty much have to overdose on aspirin every day since my sister is obsessed. - benhos

Sophia gets all the spotlight, well Rosie does literally nothing. Rosie is awesome, but Sophia on the other hand, is just an jerk.

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56 Jeremy Clarkson Jeremy Clarkson Jeremy Charles Robert Clarkson is an English broadcaster, journalist and writer who specialises in motoring.

Leave Clarkson alone. He is a nice guy

Very bad guy. he can have a date with Justin Bieber

Goes too controversial a lot of times. There were probably at least 100 Top Gear controversies associated with him, captain slow, and hammondus the moron. - SelfDestruct

Sorry I love the man... Just sys what most are thinking

57 Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen

Don't BAG OUT CHARLE. Remember Platoon

Is a drugo and drunko

He did great in Platoon I only voted him for all his other dumb movies, after platoon he should have soon movie movies like that even though Wall Street and red dawn were very good!

This man is a male whore! And he got what's coming to him! Karmas a bitch!

58 Jessie J Jessie J Jessica Ellen Cornish, better known by her stage name Jessie J, is an English singer and songwriter. Born and raised in London, she began her career on stage, aged 11, with a role in the West End musical Whistle Down the Wind. V 1 Comment
59 Ajit Pai Ajit Pai

Just very dum

Net neutrality, BRAVO DUMMKOPF!

60 Will Smith Will Smith Willard Carroll "Will" Smith, Jr. is an American actor, comedian, producer, rapper, and songwriter. He is best known for his acting career overall. He has been in many popular movies, These include, but are not limited to, the Men in Black lineup, Pursuit of Happyness, and After Earth. He is often referred ...read more.

I don't care if he is good or bad, he will always be the Fresh Prince to me.

Another one that doesn't belong on this list! what is wrong with you people I grew up with Will smith all my life from when he first started out in Dj jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince! I have to admit he's way better as an actor then singer though!

Will Smith is funny and we have the song parents just don't understand. I find it funny

I love Will Smith and he's a very good actor

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