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North West

You only have to be as narcissistic as the Kardashians to name your children after directions on a compass. They only did it for clout.

Why isn't this in the top ten, let alone first? I get why they thought it was funny, and it's a good joke name, but WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU NAME YOUR KID THAT? You realize poor little North will be stuck with the world's stupidest name for the rest of her life, don't you?

Kim Kardashian is a talentless bint and can't even do a good job naming her kid. Silly cow. Don't get me started on Kanye West, jeez...

My sister thought North West was their sons name because the name could go for boys but seriously a girl name!? Gee Kanye why don't you name your next kid South!?

Audio Science

Jeez! What kind of world are we living in? I am going to name my kid something normal. Like Robert or something. Not THIS!

Was this person on drugs or drunk when their child was born or something like that?

LOL! Who would DO something that HORRIBLE?! *_*

Sometimes I wonder what celebrities are thinking...


Imagine what school would be like for this kid! Whenever I imagine the early years of school, I imagine a bulletin board with laminated paper shaped or colored to look like some other object and the kid's name on it. Imagine visiting day and reading the bulletin board. Sammy, Lila, Eli, and all these other NORMAL names, then- Apple!

Apple has already been used by God Gwenyth. Try another fruit or food name. Duh

That's horrible. I wanna know if anyone has named their kid Watermelon.

This is horrible! Can you believe what might happen when she/he goes to school and gets bullied?


This makes Apple sound cute!

Sounds like a name for a hampster

That's depressing. Poor kid. I can't even read the name without laughing. It's like a clown name. Forget BoBo. Dweezil The Clown is the new thing.

thats a poor name... i feel so sorry for that child

Blue Ivy

Ok I don't Get It When I Voted On This I Look At Percentages And There's 0.5% and Ethan (Such A Good Name) 0.2 And Sunday Rose 0.2 this Should Be 26 shouldn't it

Beyonce and Jay-z this was sad why would you do that

Seriously Beyonce? Whats next, Blue Cactus!?

Blue ivy is a dumb name. I bet their going to name their next baby
Poison ivy


This kid is going to grow up to be a hillbilly

That persons parents probably want he/she to play the banjo. laugh out loud

What about Kazooie.

What if they play the Tuba better? Parents need to think twice.

Moon Unit

Lets play a game called "WHERE THE HELL DID I GET MY NAME? " hahahahahaha gotta love Zappa... it could be worse, he could've named her Inca Roads (Mothers of Invention joke)

that is for sure good old Frank Zappa! haha
Rip frank

this one is the worst name on this list

Who names their kid this? If they were having such a hard time being creative and comming up with a normal-sounding name, Google it! But come on, MOON UNIT?!? "Yeah, let's name our kid Moon Unit! He/she is not going to get teased! "

ESPN Malachi McCall

Not celebrities bofore, this couple from Florida named their child, ESPN, pronounced Espen.


This is a stupid name. That is so hurtful. That child is stuck with that name for the rest of their life.

Now celebs are naming kids after drinks? What has the world become?

What's next? Orange Juice?

What a stupid name

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Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen Zappa

It's the worst name among Frank's children... It makes Dweezil sound great! Haha


Is there...21 of them?

I can drive a plane because I am a baby celebratiy

But when they are in NASCAR…


It's a cute name for a little girl

That's so funny Apple and Suri

Suri and apple can be bffs

Cute like Siri on apple products

Royalty Brown

Really Nicolas Cage? Was that the best you could even think?

No way I'm gonna name my son after Superman. Plus, do we have Kryptonians living on our planet?


Shiloh is my dog's name

I think Shiloh is a great name!

Named by Angelina "thigh legs" Jolie. Enough said.

Roman beat brock in steel cage

Tallulah Belle

Sounds like something a redneck would name their pet cow


I thought scout was a dog name and people didn't actually name their child this...

Demi Moore needs serious punishment for giving all 3 kids names.

Isn't that the name of a dog, from a company that specializes in early education options for toddlers?

That's my baby's name

Kyd Miller

A family in Australia wanted to name their child that, but they weren't allowed to name their child a symbol. It's not celebrity but it's sure as hell is weird!

thats mor than a little weird...

@? That not even a name!

This is like a crappiest name ever this person must be really dumb if they can't even think of a good name for a kid

Chicago West

I mean, Kanye West is from Chicago, so I guess it's a reminder for that. Its still a pretty lackluster name though.

Moxie Crimefighter

Weird like demorcracy

Saint West

Why isn't this in even top ten? I mean.. Seriously?!.. You proclaim your baby to be a saint when he had barely lived life?

Makes north west sound cute

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