Top 10 Worst Celebrity Deathmatch Fights

With a lot of great death match fights of course there are going to be a few not so great matches.

The Top Ten

1 Jerry Seinfeld vs Tim Allen

By far the stupidest match in death match history both men fought like a bunch of wusses about the only good thing about this match was when Seinfeld's cast members turning on him. - egnomac

2 The Lochness Monster vs Bigfoot

The match only a mere 6 seconds when Nessie sliced Big Foot in half with its tail though the aftermath with Nessie going an a rampage was entertaining then again it plays out exactly how you'd expect a match between a giant sea monster and a hairy ape man would play out. - egnomac

3 Shaquille O Neal vs Kobe Bryant Rematch

There first match back in season 4 was great match this rematch was completely pointless as Shaq just grabs Kobe by his neck and tears off his head in a matter of minutes. - egnomac

4 Chris Farley vs Horatio Sanz

Farley died before the match could actually begin he gets brought back via the time machine only to die again and again and again at first it was kind of funny but it got really annoying very fast eventually the match finally started and it was over in less than a few seconds with Farley pulling Horatio's tongue along with his intestines for the win, both guys never actually got to fight each other and the majority of the fight was Chris dying and being brought back to life. - egnomac

5 Mary Kate Olsen vs Ashley Olsen

The match was too short especially after that pointless filler story by Nick, both Mary Kate and Ashley performed the same exact moves on one another before the third Olson twin Betty Sue came out they then formed an alliance to fight her but end up getting killed by her after they just literally stand there while she rips them both apart. - egnomac

6 Neve Campbell vs Shara Michelle Gellar

A main event match that turned into a segment. - egnomac

7 Luda- Criss Angel vs. R. Kelly Clarkson

The whole idea for this was way too confusing even on paper, fusing together two celebrity's into one in a fight to the death not much that I remembered about it. - egnomac

8 Fiona Apple vs John Popper

The entire match consisted of Fiona breaking her bones while trying to fight John Popper who barely did any fighting until the final moments of he match when he just steam rolls her for the win. - egnomac

9 Nick Nolte vs Eddie Murphy

More of a segment than an actual match the actual fight lasted a few minutes with Nolte ripping out Murphy's heart and feeding it to him. - egnomac

10 Pat Sajak vs Alex Trebek

The match was consisted of both competitors battling it out via a game show didn't much care for it. - egnomac

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