Top Ten Worst Celebrity Fanbases


The Top Ten

1 Beliebers
2 Arianators

I just can't stand those spoiled brats who dare compare Ariana Grande, although she has a good voice to Queen Mariah Carey. Please stop - holvi9

3 Swifties Swifties

Diplo made one joke about Taylor Swift's butt in 2014, her 50 millions fans almost hurted him physicially - holvi9

4 Directioners Directioners

I think they are even worse than Beliebers - holvi9

5 Selenators

How can these people always defend Selena

Hater or person: selena is only famous because of Justin

SElenator: she started her career before Justin

Maybe but she started to be really popular after she started dating that douchebag. And every time she is going to release somthing, we see her with Justin - holvi9

6 Smilers

They always say Miley is better than Selena - holvi9

7 Navys

They hated beyhive for not liking Rihanna - holvi9

8 Barbz

They are called after a barbie nam - holvi9

9 Lovatics

They are always like demi is the best singer from Disney hum she is good but Christina is Bitches - holvi9

OK... I'm a lovatic... - PrincessKiana

10 Drizzy

The Contenders

11 Barbies
12 Beyhive
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