Worst Celebrity Voice Roles in Animated Films

The movies don't have to be bad, neither do the celebrities, but the performances is what we are talking about. Also, 1 actor per movie. And the people must have some sort of fame outside of memes, so Tony Halstead as the Globa-whatever in the Strawinsky movie can't be included.

The Top Ten

1 Charlie Sheen (Foodfight!) Charlie Sheen (Foodfight!)

Downright horrible. This man has a voice that only fits voice acting when it comes to Family Guy, which he has guest starred in. - 445956

I think anyone starring in Foodfight would be embarrassed. - CloudInvasion

2 Rob Schneider (Norm of the North) Rob Schneider (Norm of the North)

He actually has had worse performances in animated rip-offs, but why would I want to remember those? - 445956

3 Steven Wright (The Emoji Movie) Steven Wright (The Emoji Movie) Steven Alexander Wright is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and an Oscar-winning film producer.

Great comedian, but he was the worst performance in this awful film. He literally was made to sound super boring. - 445956

4 Daniel Tay (Doogal)

Not necessarily a celebrity, but he did appear in Elf. Also he did terribly redubbing Robbie Williams. - 445956

5 Adam Sandler (Eight Crazy Nights) Adam Sandler (Eight Crazy Nights)

I am more putting this on the list for his performance as Whitey, but his performance as Davey also sucked. - 445956

His role of Davey Stone is cheesy. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

6 Ja Rule (Trolland)

I only know about this film from Saberspark, a Youtuber. Wy would they cast this guy in the same film as Dick van dyke? - 445956

7 Bill Hader (Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil) Bill Hader (Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil)

He and Amy Poehler play Hansel and Gretel, and they both sucked, but I chose Bill for this list. Glad they redeemed themselves as Joy and Fear in Inside Out. - 445956

8 Will Arnett (The Nut Job) Will Arnett (The Nut Job)

I can forgive him for playing Surly since he is well known for playing jerky characters, but this performance is just horrible. - 445956

9 William Shatner (The Wild) William Shatner (The Wild) William "Bill" Shatner is a Canadian actor, singer, author, producer, director, spokesman, and comedian.

I like William Shatner, but playing a villain is probably up their with his music career on the dumbest things done by William Shatner. - 445956

Puss in Boots is much worse.

10 Seth MacFarlane (The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie) Seth MacFarlane (The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie) Seth Woodbury MacFarlane is an American television producer, filmmaker, actor, and singer, working primarily in animation and comedy, as well as live-action and other genres.

As annoying as this guy is, he is a very talented voice actor. The character he played in this awful film is just ridiculous and you don't want to know what it is. - 445956

The Contenders

11 T.J. Miller (The Emoji Movie)
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