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1 Closer

Disgusting, sexual, overplayed and annoying song. The sexuality of this song is extremely creepy. Every song they make is awful. Don't let me down was easily their best song, and even THAT was mediocre. Daya's vocals were the only thing good about it. The chorus of this song is earrape and it is overplayed. The Chainsmokers are terrifying and now I can't go anywhere in the car with the radio on anymore because I am in fear that a terrifyingly sexual song by these scary sexmongers! And of course the radio station people play the EXACT SAME SONGS for like 6 months. We must wait at least 3 months before one song dies out. AT LEAST 3 months! DAMN YOU CARSON DALY! A! THE RADIO STATIONS MAKE NEW ARTISTS SEEM TERRIBLE BY OVERPLAYING THEIR SUCKY SONGS! People like Rihanna, Adele and all those singers still make good songs. It's just that the ones that involve no talent whatsoever, and sound like they could've been written by me in preschool within 4 minutes. AA

I Hate This Song But I Respect The Opinions Of People Who Like It Because It Is Kind Of Catchy - VideoGamefan5

And you the chainsmokers are closer to your end of your careers - VideoGamefan5

He didn't. The comment was a simple joke, not an outright attack on the opinions of others. - Entranced98

It's getting old now! - JamesLustre

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2 #selfie

I hate this song but if you like the song I respect your opinion. But I know there are worse songs out there. - Swampert02

I now know it’s a joke song, oops - Swampert02

3 Setting Fires
4 Paris

What is This? , a song about comparing ugly parents to The City Paris? - VideoGamefan5

What is this, a grammatically incorrect question attempting to be witty? - ProPanda

The drop is pretty weak. - JamesLustre

5 Something Just Like This

#Overplayed - VideoGamefan5


6 Kanye

I Hate Kanye West! - VideoGamefan5

7 Girlfriend
8 Inside Out

I Kind Of like This song, But Yet Again It's a top 10 list so I need 10 items - VideoGamefan5

9 Don't Let Me Down

All chainsmoker songs are terrible, but this one is the chinese water torture of them all. - Mumbizz01

10 Let You Go

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11 All We Know
12 Roses
13 The One
14 Bloodstream
15 Don't Say
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