Top 10 Worst Character Fandom Wars

Character fandom wars are generally between fans that like or hate certain characters from video games cartoons and everything in between and often argue about it a lot.

The Top Ten

1 Batman Vs Superman (Batman/ Superman)

The worst fandom war... in well all existence.

2 Mario vs Sonic (Super Mario Bros./Sonic the Hedgehog)

Both game series are great, stop arguing guys. - DCfnaf

They'll attack anyone who dislikes Mario or Sonic. They war about them, they claim Mario fans to be the greatest and won't admit that they don't have a bad side in the fandom, Terrible Sonic and Mario fanart. - ParkerFang

One of the most cancerous fandom wars...

Both are likable characters - Randomator

3 Rosalina vs. Daisy (Super Mario)

They fight over who gets Luigi, they fight over who's better, they fight over who's fans are the best, they fight over who's more relevant, they fight over who looks better, they fight over who makes more appearances, they fight over who's more important, they fight over any single stupid thing to make Daisy/Rosalina superior when they are just making them overrated.

Daisy fans are so annoying. They are even mad because she is an echo fighter for peach just be happy she’s in smash.

The most annoying character fanwar in history

Started in 2014 when Rosalina is in 2 games and Daisy fans lost control. Daisy hasn't been around and Rosalina fans pick on her

4 Mario vs Luigi (Super Mario Bros)

Blame Game Theory

One is not better than the other. Mario isn't a Mental psychopath and Luigi isn't a god. They are equal - Randomator

All because of a game theory video... enough said.

All MatPat's fault.

5 Goku vs. Superman (Dragon Ball Z/ Superman)

Totally the worst one yet. - Fullwalking2

6 Chi Chi vs Bulma (Dragon Ball Z)

Bulma wins the war every single time - ParkerFang

The fandom war fans have between these characters is insane.

7 Sakura vs Hinata (Naruto)

Naruto shippers in general... are crazy.

8 Marvel vs DC (Marvel/DC)
9 Any Total drama character vs each other (Total Drama)

I'm a Gwen & Sierra fan, and I know I don't mix well with other groupies because of the weird pairing

10 Eren vs Levi (Attack on Titan)

The Contenders

11 Cloud vs Squall (Final Fantasy)
12 Amy vs Other Sonic Female characters (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Self explanatory...

13 Inkling Girl vs Inkling Boy (Splatoon)
14 Peach vs Daisy (Super Mario Bros.)

Daisy vs Rosalina is worse - DCfnaf

Do I really need to explain Mario fandom wars?

15 Trixie vs. Tootie (Fairly Odd Parents)

The fandom war some fans have with these characters is flat out ridiculous!


16 Fluttershy vs. Rainbow Dash (MLP)

Two of the top characters in the show tend to battle who's the best of them - Neonco31

17 Tails vs. Shadow (Sonic)

Tails deserves his place as the second most popular Sonic character. He is a great classic whereas Shadow suffers from a bad fanbase. At least Sonic Mania became a hit and that I get to kick Shadow's butt in the upcoming Sonic Forces with an OC. (Thank you, Custom Hero)

18 Karel vs. Harken (Fire Emblem)

"We all know Karel is better" Actually we all know that everything you said it's your opinion

This character war needs to stop and we all know Karel is better. (Better development, became a Saint, been in more games, etc)

Harken is a terrible character who is suicidal and ditched his fiancee for no reason.

19 Helga vs. Lila (Hey Arnold)

Some fans argue and bicker over which one Arnold should be with. Despite the fact Craig Bartlett confirming that Arnold ends up with Helga.

20 Kefka vs Sephiroth (Dissidia)
21 Twintelle vs Min Min (ARMS)
22 Darth Vader vs. Kylo Ren (Star Wars)
23 Ginny vs. Hermione (Harry Potter)

Mainly over who Harry should end up with.

24 Wendy vs. Pacifica (Gravity Falls)

It's pretty obvious that Dipper likes Wendy and doesn't have romantic feelings for Pacifica, but fans will fight over this nonstop.

25 Pauline vs Daisy (Super Mario)
26 Pauline vs Rosalina (Super Mario)
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