Top 10 Worst Characters in Ever After High


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1 Duchess Swan Duchess Swan

Two words: Selfish, brat!

Come on! She is a bully - Disneyworld

2 Daring Charming

He is so annoying and undeveloped character in Ever After High and his artwork and doll look is ugly. He is such a douche-bag and is so full of himself in the whole series. He is a prototype and only cares about himself, not his siblings or his friends!

His artwork sucks

3 Faybelle Thorn Faybelle Thorn

Her hair, her face, her attitude, her spoiled bratiness... I hate her like %100!

4 Apple White Apple White

Apple, along with Briar, are the worst characters in Ever After High, because they're both stupid brats.

Boo! Hiss!

What a brat. She just thinks everything should be her way. Wow, just pathetic. - MissRWBY202

She should be higher on this list

5 Evil Queen Evil Queen
6 Courtly Jester
7 Head Master Grim
8 Briar Beauty Briar Beauty

Ugh, she should have kicked out

Worst character in the entire series! I hate how she sleeps very often and only cares about parties. Her sole purpose is being Hopper's girlfriend and Rosabella's cousin. Brat in reality. She is similiar to Apple White. She is rude, uncaring, crazy, selfish, brat, dishonest, useless, careless, ignorant, arrogant, irritating and annoying! Briar is so stupid and the worst character all around in Ever After High. She should be number 1! I can't stand this party girl!

She acts like she is amazing, she should be higher on this list. Briar is the worst in the show, and is always naive and ignorant. I know everything about Ever After High. It's REAL.

I hate Briar Beauty

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9 Darling Charming Darling Charming

I don't like Darling. In my opinion I find her voice and herself is kinda annoying and Apple x Darling is a no no for me.

10 Lizzie Hearts

The Contenders

11 Sparrow Hood
12 Baba Yaga
13 Blondie Lockes
14 Snow White
15 C.A. Cupid

She just steals Dexter and Raven's shipping. That's why I hate her so much. Dexter and Raven are my favorite Ever After High pairings in the show. Cupid has already have a boyfriend from Monster High, named Valentine!

16 Ashlynn Ella Ashlynn Ella

I love Ashlynn, what's wrong with you? Briar is the one who is stupid! Just look at yourself! Ashlynn is my favorite!

Loves superficial stuff like dumb shoes. Arrogant and stuck up. Acts like she is so perfect. Brat in reality. Ashlynn is stupid and has the worst journey as a character. Her sole purpose in the show is being Hunter’s girlfriend. What a boy crazy, useless, uncaring, brat.

17 Madeline Hatter Madeline Hatter
18 Rosabella Beauty

I don't like the couple Daring x Rosabella in my opinion. I ship Daring and Cerise

19 Raven Queen Raven Queen
20 Cedar Wood
21 Dexter Charming
22 Cerise Hood Cerise Hood
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