Top Ten Worst Characters On Crash and Bernstein


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1 Amanda Bernstein

Her voicemakes me want to rip off all my limbs slowly to get distracted by another source of pain.

Ehh... I can take her, but she can't act and all she likes is the mall and boys.

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2 Crash

CRASH is so stupid. he wrecks everything and barfs and makes fart jokes. He grosses me out, how could anyone like him?

He is an ugly puppet who barfs and breaks things. He is a poor role model and a horrible rip off of Bart Simpson! I could kill Crash any day. He is the WORST Disney character EVER!

This whole show is stupid it offends girls and is just plain fart - Wolfpelt

3 Wyatt Bernstein

My gosh, he annoys me. He makes fart jokes and hangs out with lame kids. he is fat and can't act.

4 Cleo

We get it you have a brand - garnet01

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5 Jasmine

She's the only likeable character next to Cleo so I don't know why they're unnecessarily on here get them off and the same goes for the mom cause she's the only likeable one too.

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6 Mr. Poulos

He is a fat small plumber who swears in a jar and creeps me out.

7 Pesto

He is a weird skinny lame kid who likes Amanada and hangs out at a arcade.

8 Mrs. Bernstein
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