Top Ten Worst Characters In Divergent

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1 Peter Hayes

I actually LOVE Peter. He may be a coward, but he was brave when it counted (saving tris's life) and he was SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING than any of the "heroes" ( tris and tobias). He was fighting an inner conflict the whole time and ended up taking the memory serum because he knew he couldn't change on his own. most interesting character, most awesome (butter knife), 10/10

I HATE PETER! He thinks he is funny, but he is not. And he also is such an awful person. I still do not know what side he is on! He stole the hard drive containing Tris' Divergent info, and is just rude.

Peter is a son of a *****. When Tris scores higher than him in stage two of training, he tries to kill he'd and is mean ans nasty to her throughout the entire book (I'm not counting insurgent where he saves her life)

Nah. Peter rocks. He is so awesome. The strongest and kindest of all. Vote for Peter!

by the way: I didn't read the book.

2 Eric

Eric is mean and ugly. He doesn't deserve to be a leader of Dauntless. He makes Christina hang over the chasm because she didn't want Molly to knock her out. He's horrible also cause he works for Jeanine.

Dumb and ugly

He's a pervert to Tris in the book

3 Tris

She is a mary sue who has no purpose in life except to be a character with no personality

I try to like her. I really do. I try to ignore every damn mistake she makes but it's IMPOSSIBLE. You can't ignore something that happens 200 times in a row. She even caused Albert to commit suicide. Albert made a really bad mistake but he didn't deserve that. She's just a person who make really bad life choices.

How is she dumb. Sure she thought Four betrayed her, but that's how people emotionally react to things. It's not her fault. And she is brave, intelligent, and selfless. She shouldn't be on this list. How is she worse than Marcus?

I don't like her at all I tried so hard to like her but I still hate her

4 Jeanine Matthews

Jeanine is an evil genius and *****. She doesn't feel comfortable with the fact that some of the people in the city cannot be controlled by drugs and that her faction isn't the supreme ruling faction like Abnegation.

5 Marcus Eaton

The cruel father of Tobias. He is an incredibly good actor and doesn't deserve to be a Dauntless leader.

6 Albert

What!? Al is awesome and adorable!

At first I didn't like Al because he was pathetic. But then it got worse because he helped Peter attack Tris because he was jealous of her. Even worse, he committed suicide.

He is a coward,he is weak and scared of the truth!

7 Molly Atwood

Loser and idiot

My god, she is the absolute WORST character and I can't believe this isn't on yet. She is the biggest brat and piece of turd I have seen in this series

Mean and ugly, she is friends with Peter. She later becomes factionless

8 Caleb

I hate Caleb so much if it weren’t for him Tris would be alive.

9 David

He killed Tris. Obviously I hate him for it.

Yeah but Max started it all in the first place. he made Eric nasty and set up the alliance with jeanine. tris wouldn't have died if it weren't for his actions

10 Drew

Peter's friend who helps him attack Tris. He later becomes factionless.

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11 Evelyn

What's even good about her?

12 Max

How is he not on the list? he was the one who started it all and made the alliance with jeanine!

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