Top Ten Worst Characters in Five Nights at Freddy's

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1 Foxy Foxy

Everyone says Foxy is a good guy but he's not, he's a bad guy and fans, you need to accept it. Everyone says in the second game he is trying to hug you but his JAW IS OPENED WIDE CLEARLY SAYING HE WANTS TO BITE YOUR FACE OFF. But back to the hugging business: his arms are outstretched, but has anyone noticed toy chica and toy bonnie's jump scare look almost exactly the same as this? Everyone says his screech says freedom but 1. I don't hear it and 2. EVERYONE HAS THE SAME SCREAM! Ill give the heart attack thing in the first game because we only see him lean in from the door and screech but other than that nothing in this theory makes sense. I see this is just desperate fans looking WAY to deep into things.

His fan base is gross they all think he is attractive, which is very wrong in my opinion - kidlava111

I'm not hating on Foxy or anything (my friend actually thinks we'd make a good couple) but I hate how people think he's a good guy and he kills you accidentally with his broken voice box. You can hear him singing in the game, which would be impossible if his voice box was broken. So I clearly don't believe in this theory.

So Foxy jumping at you with outstretched arms means he wants to hug you, while Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica and the Puppet doing the same thing means they want to kill you? Foxy fangirls, there's a reason God gave us the ability to think.

Foxy is overrated. Very overrated. - WildDogGirl

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2 Balloon Boy Balloon Boy

If he drains your flashlight, you should throw it at him. - nintendofan126

Ok, here's the deal. I'm sticking up for a little kid who gets bullied everyday because people don't see the good stuff about him. Yes, he takes your flashlight, do you know why? He is a little kid, maybe he's afraid of the dark. After all, I would be scared if I was locked in a dark room full of killer animatronics.

Second of all, he keeps saying hello because he wants to make a new friend. With all those people hating on him, I can't blame him. He just wants to get your attention like a little kid would with a working parent. He can't with the other animatronics because they are too busy trying to kill the guard, and he wants to do the same. But he can't because he's so small and helpless.

Ballon Boy is as annoying. You all have heard him say one of three things in the game. "Hi." "Hello." "HA HA HA HA HA! " It just scares the out of people or annoys people. I hate it! If Scott took out the laughter and the hi's and the hello's, I wouldn't hate Ballon Boy as much.

Why not 1st?

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3 Brother

I would say, if I were the victim,"I hope you die a super bloody death being crushed and I hope you go to the worst of Hell! "

This guy is a idiot. Every vote counts as one slap in this idiots face. Hope you've learned your lesson, brother!

Damn this brother go burn in the pits of hell. He scares the little brother, leaves him in a place HE KNOWS HE HATES and the worst thing Shoves Him In The Mouth Of Fredbear Causing The Bite Of 87 poor little brother

This jerk should know what his brother's feelings! You think it's good to make fun of him while he has so many nightmares! He also doesn't care when his brother died in Fredbear. Honestly, this stupid thing is even worse than BB! I wish your nasty and mean things brings you to Hell!

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4 Toy Chica Toy Chica

I hate it when people think toy chica is... yeah

Making her look like a hooker is a pretty stupid idea. Personally, I don't like her. Also, I know he internet can be a very messed up place, but I know that people have been making- you know what? Check it out yourself. -_-

Whenever me and my friend talk about toy chica we don't call her toy chica, we call her 'The Hooker'

Toy Chica is really overrated. I really hate her!

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5 William Afton William Afton

He's...a CHILD murderer. Enough said. At least we can theorize that (it's basically implied) SPOILERS: Michael Afton, his son, is Purple Guy, so his fangirls are not obsessed with a child killer. - DCfnaf

This guy killed (probably) 20 kids and his son had to pay the price! When will this guy die!?

He is framing purple guy for the murders! HE IS FRAMING HIS OWN SON!


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6 Minireena Minireena

They are like mini puppets with pink skirts crawling up your suit screaming in your face! ):

It's so cute! But I think it's the balloon boy

They're just pests. I'd say they're the new balloon boy.

It looks like Puppet and a fnaf fangirl had a baby - TeamRocket747

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7 Yenndo Yenndo

The reason Custom Night is a living hell. - DCfnaf

A grey piece of turd who has a great design but makes your shift a living hell

He is a broken piece of crap

He is just a suitless funtime freddy

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8 The Puppet

He IS one of my top three favorites but I have to agree, the music box mechanic is REALLY annoying.

The puppet is good and should not be on the list

The game would be SO much easier without him - Animetrex

I love puppet! I feel bad for him actually. - TeamRocket747

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9 Purple Guy

He's EVIL! I seriously don't like him at all, and in the 'you can't' minigame, he scares the living crap out of me. Not that there is living crap in me...YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! And seriously, even if he does have mental issues, that doesn't mean you just earn a innocent kids trust with a golden freddy costume, lure him in the back with cake or whatever, and MURDER HIM MERCILESSLY! I mean seriously dude, get a life! And stop stealing them!

Ok, here we go again with the 'good guy' theories... "But purple guy is good he's freeing the kids souls! The kids are evil, purple guy is saving the people in the restaurant! Purple guy has mental problems don't blame him! Purple guy was possessed it's not his fault! " Ok fangirls, EVIDENCE OR ALL YOUR THEORIES GO IN THE TRASH CAN. "Purple guy set off the events in the series! He's awesome! " Is this series a happy one? Kids are getting murdered here people! We should be ANGRY at him for setting off the series not falling in love with him! And being awesome? Yes, I agree that a psychopath guy who kills crying kids, frames a popular pizza place and laughs at the kids' eternal suffering is super awesome. And didn't you see the night 5 minigame in fnaf 3? He was sweating and running from the kids! Awesome indeed!

Fangirls, I understand that you like pg because of how well developed his character is. I'm perfectly fine with that. But don't try to force yourself ...more

He killed a bunch of kids and that's all there is too it. Not redeemable in the slightest and yet people still love him


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10 Phantom Foxy

He is one of my least favorite characters he always scares me when its 5am letting springtrap kill making me go on an angry rant

I just wanna cut his wires off and smash him with a hammer and after that smear big macs all over him. And for a finishing touch, pour gasoline on him.

Actually there is a way to stop him take up your camera before he reaches the full height of his body also fnaf 3 is the worst of them all

Eh I think he's cool because I like all the Phantoms except balloon boy

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11 Shadow Bonnie Shadow Bonnie

I have never encountered him before but he looks like a very cool Easter egg and is kinda creepy

My personal problem with RWQFSFASXC is that he appears in your room with no warning whatsoever and he obligatorily crashes your game. You can avoid Golden Freddy, but not this guy or Shadow Freddy. That's why I can't stand him. - DCfnaf

I like Shadow Bonnie. He/She is a very cool easter egg. - WildDogGirl

And gothic too!

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12 Toy Bonnie Toy Bonnie

Toy Bonnie looks to me like the pretty boy of the new guys, like the face of a bunch of high school students who knows there's a actual leader and it's not him but he doesn't care. He's not scary like Toy Chica or Mangle and isn't that interesting in his own right.

Poor Toy Bonnie. He looks so cute and fabulous. Why do people have to hate him? I just don't get it.

Toy Bonnie Is Cute

Toy Bonnie is a hell-rabbit - TopLucas

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13 Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

People stop hating Freddy. You guys just hate him because you can't pass a night. Well you know what? Learn how to pass a night by just closing the stupid right door that is right in your face if Freddy is at the corner.

We all have OPINIONS people. Ever heard of that word? Anyways, I personally don't know why Freddy is on this list, but I do know one thing. Look at this one comment. It says this: You are stupid and fat you jealous hater. What kind of insult is that? And whoever posted that is probably like 7 years old and doesn't know the meaning of opinion.

WHAT?! Freddy? My favorite character? On this list? Freddy us the leader of the band for goodness sake!





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14 Nightmare Balloon Boy Nightmare Balloon Boy

He may not be added to the game yet but that thing scares the hell CRAP outta me

To torment you further, he is now apparently canon - QuarterGuysApprentice

I'm OK that he is in the worst list

He is ugly and scary

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15 Balloon Girl Balloon Girl

Why is she hated she doesn't do anything but hide under desk

The Balloon Girls Real Name Is JJ

Balloon Girl is harmless. All she does is sit under your desk. Stop hating on her. - WildDogGirl

I barely really see her and also (SHIPPING TIME! ) BG and BB

They're ANIMATRONICS. THEY don't HAVE FEELINGS. Well, except for the whole killer and children part. - DCfnaf

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16 New Freddy

Why does everyone hate Toy Freddy? He's so cute, and he's NOT fat, he is a teddy bear (at least I think so) he is PLUSH. The most common thing I've heard about people disliking him is him being fat but lets take the original freddy for example. No one called Freddy fat but as soon as Toy Freddy popped up everyone is like ' SO FAT'
Like seriously.

He doesn't really have anything interesting about him, even though he's sorta cute

Why does everyone hate him?!? I think he is cute and amazing but, really I hear people hate him because he's fat but It doesn't matter what you look like because everyone is awesome and toy freddy too!

He is not a plush. He's definitely metal. Have you even played the game?

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17 Mangle Mangle Mangle is a character from Five Nights at Freddy's. She has a yellow eye and a black eye. She is designed as a broken fox.

Excuse me, but how in the world did the most amazing and lovable character get on this list? Mangle is fabulous, whether you agree with me or not. You have to learn to accept her. I'm sick of Foxy being the most beloved character because, you know! He's a fox! He's a pirate! He's lonely! I hate to say this, but screw Foxy. Mangle is and always will be the best.

She has so much potential for character. She is tormented everyday of her life and is the only Toy that doesn't get to smile. How could anyone hate her? I truly believe that she wouldn't be so violent if this never happened.

I don't like Mangle. It's an OPINION. I don't like it because the people who ship it with Foxy ruined it and Fangle is overrated. The people who get angry at the people who say he is male also ruined him for me. Phone guy calls him a he, therefore he is male. The makeup doesn't make him female because Toy Freddy and Toy Bonnie also have it and the big eyelashes don't make him male because Tweetie also has big eyelashes and so does Jerry the Mouse. Guys can have pink too look up a ventriloquist. Ladies Night is not evidence for Mangle being female because in Golden Freddy custom night there are other animatronics as well, not only golden Freddy and in Double Trouble there are three animatronics which proves the titles of custom nights have almost nothing to do with them and there is also a mangle sprite that is pure white and does not look feminine at all. I also don't like Mangle because he is confusing (gender problem) and causes arguments.

To be honest, I think that Mangle is overrated. Everyone feels sorry for her, but nobody really cares about the other broken-down animatronics. I mean, think about it. Withered Bonnie's face is gone. Withered Chica's hands are gone. The withered animatronics are old and having parts taken out. Yet nobody is sad for them. Why is Mangle considered "more important"? - WildDogGirl

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18 Paper Plate Boy

Oh my god HE IS SO just BORING because all he does IS JUST STAY ON THE WALL but Chica does steal it but the paper plates though THEY ARE BORING

It is just a stupid Paper plate that withered chica steals.

Paper plate boy looks very stupid

There is nothing wrong ith that paper plate

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19 Nightmare Foxy Nightmare Foxy

We could have stopped this. WE could have stopped this. We could have stopped it at Withered Foxy. We could have stopped it at Phantom Foxy. But no. We kept pushing and pushing and WE PUSHED TOO FAR.

Stop being rude he's so awesome that if you were one of the kids in the game you would be one of them already because he would of stuffed you in one of the suits

I LOVE FOXY but when you open that closet and he is so close to your face, he dose the really high and out of no were, this "RAAA! " and he is right at your face, it bearly gave me a heart attack, I fell of my chair and almost bashed my head open, I love foxy but, when you don't check him in a wile and you go to the closet, your going to see foxy's face up close, and you don't want to see it too close

Kiss my butt if your him
If you love nightmare foxy send him two big fat thumbs up to nightmare foxy

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20 Shadow Freddy Shadow Freddy

If you stare at shadow freddy a long time he will crash your game

I love shadow Freddy he's a cool Easter egg and he looks cool

I don't care about him at all

Almost non existent still crashes your game

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