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I like foxy, but he has way to many fans. - nintendofan126

I love how he's the fan favorite character, but in every single game he pisses me off. In the first game, he's the least annoying since you just watch him every now and then. Then you have the second game where he stands in the hallway and you need to flash your light, but sometimes the hallway is crowded with people so you can't. Then there's the third game, where you can't prevent him from jumpscaring you if he appears in your office. In the fourth game, he acts like he's on PCP and constantly moves around to get into your closet and when he does that's one more thing to worry about. Curse this overrated monster. - DCfnaf

I used to call foxy a pile of metal and really foxy fans how to heck is he a good guy. If his voice malfunctions the phone guy obviously would off said so. And when I heard this theory I knew something was wrong. I'm not trying to offend you foxy fans but in my opinion foxy is a stupid character that is even pretty beat up in the first game!

I don't HATE foxy, I'm just sick of him. I'm sick of seeing him everywhere, I'm sick of him being #1 on all favorite animatronic lists, and I'm SICK of the p--n of him on the internet. He is also just plain annoying in the second game. I guess you can call me a hypocrite because I actually really like mangle but foxy isn't mangle. Again I don't hate him but I'm really getting sick of him EVERYWHERE. Also the theory he is a good guy is the WORST theory iv'e seen in any game of the series.

I hate this overrated! His fans make such a big deal if you say you think he's okay or he's plain bad or just overrated! They will throw a big fit filled with crying screaming and yelling! All his good guy theories are all wrong with evidence to prove and still people love him. Foxy fans, god gave us the ability to think so use it, you narrow minded pricks

First of all, he's overrated,(like charizard) he is evil. The theory is a lie, and last of all, just because he is a fox doesn't mean he's better!

There's no gentle way to say this. He is an overrated character that is so easy to defeat. When you see him gone from pirate cove don't switch to west hall just put the monitor down and close the left door then use your monitor and look at west hall. There done so yeah. He isn't a challenge to the game Bonnie and Freddy are but not him wow I feel so much better

Okay, Foxy is a piece of metal, he can't feel, so how would he be worried/scared for Mike, answer HE'S NOT! He isn't a 'good guy' if he's a good guy, why's he in a horror game, why does everyone want to have sex with him and be his girlfriend, just *shudders* gross.

Almost EVERYONE says "I LOVE FOXY HE IS AMAZING! HE JUST WANTS A HUG AND HIS JAW IS BROKEN! I FEEL SO BAD! " And I'm like" Ugh, why does everyone one like him. He is just a character. He is annoying cause he doesn't fall for the mask."

He is too overrated. There has been a theory going on about him being a good guy. I watched it, and the reasons were awful. I hate Foxy, but if I had to put up my top ten least favorite animatronics, Foxy would probably not be First place. This is my opinion, so if you don't like it and say NO FOXY IS AWESOME SHUT UP HATER then you clearly don't know the meaning of opinion.

If fan girls are gonna get their foxy printed pants in a twist well you say that when he screams the voice box malfunctions but would that mean everyone else is malfunctioning too?!?!?

How can foxy be the 2nd worst on this list AND #1 on the best characters list? Is he really that polarizing?

I was fine with him until his fans ruined him. He is clearly not a good guy and he wants to kill you because he's twitchy. That's why he isn't fooled by the Freddy mask. He's not smart, he just doesn't care about you. He's a haywire, glitching, killer robot who gets too much undeserved love. And he is NOT trying to hug you and he DOESN'T trip over you!

Ugh here we go again "BUT FOXY'S A GOOD GUY. HE'S JUST MISUNDERSTOOD. IT'S SO OBVIOUS " logic these days. I mean there's so much evidence to prove he isn't a good guy and yet his dumb*** fans still believe it?! I'm done

I don't have anything against Foxy, but his fangirls make me want to stick an ice pick in his eyeball.

Jumps at you with jaw wide open biting your face off with arms outstretched to grab you. Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica And Marionette all do that to with same scream their the ones trying to kill you Foxy is a little sweetheart

Ugh...I'm not even a horror fan, but everyone always talks about this guy. Give the others a chance! - RiverClanRocks

Okay. Foxy fans, FOXY. IS. NOT. A. GOOD. GUY. You SAY he is but you don't have proof. And all the "evidence" you give, makes no sense. Plus, just because he is a fox doesn't make it better in any way possible.

If they put More teeth in foxy than we'll be good and than then we'll give the Effect to make the Jump scares more scary and some razor-sharp claws What would be more scarier for a jump scare

Oh how much I hate this overrated pile of metal he is not a good guy cause in the second game you can tell he wants to bite off your face OH FOXY WHY WON'T YOU LET ME BET PAST NIGHT TWO, TWO!

You people just hate him just because he is overrated. It is true that he is overrated, but you should be hating Foxy's fans. Not Foxy. It is not Foxy's fault that he is overrated..

I can't understand why the fandom likes this broken fox. He's not "hot", he's not "sexy", he's a killer robot that wants to bite off your face and he does not care about you in any way.

He is too overrated. And people are always like FOXY IS A GOOD GUY when he is not, that theory just came out relevant because foxy fans believe it.

I don't get why you guys hate him when the bite of 87 happened he didn't mean to hurt the kid during a birthday party some guy was going to let a little boy try the golden Freddy suit on and foxy tried to pin the guy down trying to stop him but when he jumped the man moved so he got the kid in the brain

I REALLY don't like Foxy. He's so annoying! And the fuss made of him is ridiculous! Seriously?!? Why is he so popular? Can someone please tell me?