Top 10 Worst Characters from Great Cartoons

Yes, yes, I know. PhantomStrider already made a list on this. But this list is different. I'm not including anything on his list.

The Top Ten

1 Chris McLean - Total Drama Chris McLean - Total Drama

I'm not lying when I say that I love Total Drama, but Chris is a terrible person. Doesn't even give a damn when his contestants are about to die! - Catacorn

He's a terrible person but not a terrible character. He's very well-written. - Tia-Harribel

I kinda like this character. He's funny. - Tia-Harribel

I think he's great and entertaining - Martinglez

I absolutely despise Chris McLean. First of all, he's not even really funny. Second of all, he is entertained by children being tortured. It seems like every time a kid gets hurt or is in danger, he says,"I love my job! "
Then there's the fact that he has absolutely NO concern about kids getting hurt. Take the time in TDA for example, when Owen's jaw broke, and he was only worried about getting sued. Or when all the kids were stuck in that room of water, about to drown, and Chris said something like, "Oh no, this will kill my ratings! " And his challenges are insane! The very first one, in fact, when they could have died in the shark pool!
I can't see why people can still like Chris after all he's done. All you people out there who think this jerk is funny, you make me sick. Don't get the wrong idea though. I love Total Drama- I just loathe Chris. I hope he gets fired and arrested. - TheReviewer20

He HAS gotten arrested, then bailed out by Chef Hatchet a year later. - TheRedstoneWiz

2 Mr. Krabs - SpongebobSqaurepants Mr. Krabs - SpongebobSqaurepants Eugene H. Krabs, or simply Mr. Krabs, is a fictional character in the American animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants.

Drove Plankton to suicide, enough said! - Catacorn

For those of you wondering, this is overall. Most people agree Spongeob is one of the best cartoons of all time. He did get bad in Seasons 6-8, but it was more concintrated. Feel free to vote him up if you want. - TheReviewer20

3 Rigby - Regular Show Rigby - Regular Show

I know some of you are going to hate me, but Rigby is a jerk. He constantly puts other people's lives in danger. Most of the problems in the show are his fault. His annoying voice. How he practically cares for no one at all, except for Eillen. The list goes on and on. People call him a loveable jerk. I can see why though. He does improve in the later seasons, but the damage was already done. - TheReviewer20

Nah, Rigby is awesome, but Mordecai is better. - PeeledBanana

4 Candace Flynn - Phineas & Ferb Candace Flynn - Phineas & Ferb Candace Gertrude Flynn is a main character of the Disney Channel animated television series Phineas and Ferb, voiced by Ashley Tisdale and created and designed by Dan Povenmire.

You want to know the first person I thought of when making this list? Candace Flynn. She is ungodly annoying, always shouting in that shrieking voice when she wants to "bust" her brothers. Why? I don't know. The show says she wants to keep them safe, but a couple of episodes contradict that. And her romance with Jeremy was the only good thing about her. - TheReviewer20

Busting her brothers became an overused plot. - Catacorn

5 Gir - Invader Zim Gir - Invader Zim

I love Invader Zim and Gir is my favorite character - MegaSoulhero

Gir is awesome! - EliHbk

Let me get something straight. I don't like Invader Zim. This is one of the reasons why. But most people find Invader Zim a great cartoon, so I can put it on this list.

Gir is annoying to no end. He constantly screams at the screen in his high-pitched voice. The worst part is people find what he says as comedic gold. Saying the word Doom over and over again is not funny! It is annoying. The only reason why he's #4 is because the only crime he has is being extremely annoying. - TheReviewer20

You Shouldn't Have Said You Don't Like The Show, You Sounded a Bit Rude. - kcianciulli

6 D.W. Read - Arthur D.W. Read - Arthur

I hate D.W. she's loud annoying, bossy, selfish and down right unlikable, at least Lola Loud was more tolerable than D.W. half the time she doesn't get punished when she does something wrong.

Dat face do - EliHbk

7 Lola Loud - The Loud House Lola Loud - The Loud House

brat - PeeledBanana

8 Dee-Dee - Dexter's Laboratory

Imagine Candace Flynn in a 8 year old girly-girls body. - TheReviewer20

9 Tracy Sketchit - Pokemon
10 Bendy - Foster Home For Imaginary Friends Bendy - Foster Home For Imaginary Friends

The Contenders

11 Scrappy Doo - Scooby Doo Scrappy Doo - Scooby Doo Scrappy Doo is the nephew of Scooby Doo. Unlike his uncle Scooby, Scrappy is brave enough to face the monsters.

Scooby Doo was never great and never will be!

12 Baxter Stockman - Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Baxter Stockman - Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
13 Lord Hater - Wander Over Yonder
14 Pizza Steve - Uncle Grandpa Pizza Steve - Uncle Grandpa
15 Chicken Boo - Animaniacs
16 Jet - Avatar
17 Mako - Legend of Korra
18 Bloo - Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends Bloo - Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends

I said nothing from PhantomStrider's list. - TheReviewer20

19 Agent Xero - The Modifyers Agent Xero - The Modifyers

She's boring and only popular because her looks. I don't understand why she's so popular. And her whiny fans enraged because her show got rejected and keep treated her like a wife


Cringe, cringe, and more cringe!

Danger Mouse from the Danger Mouse revival is WAY better than her!

Screw Agent Xero. She shouldn't got her show greenlit. - ChatNoirFan18

20 The Condiment King - Batman: The Animated Series
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