Top Ten Worst Characters Out of All Ace Attorney Games

Throughout the games, we must have encountered at least one character that's either they've bland and unlikeable personalities or they've done something that made you loathe them even more.

Note that this list excludes manga characters, fan-made characters or anyone that doesn't belong to the original games. Adding your items and comments would be appreciated, as doing so will build up the list.

The Top Ten

1 Wendy Oldbag Wendy Oldbag

One word guys: Never visit this list again. It's just my silly ideas. - TheRegular1227

2 Lotta Hart Lotta Hart
3 Wocky Kitaki Wocky Kitaki
4 Jean Armstrong Jean Armstrong
5 Mike Meekins Mike Meekins
6 Aura Blackquill
7 Ini Miney
8 Spark Brushel
9 Wesley Stickler
10 Redd White

The Contenders

11 Zak Gramarye

Zak Gramarye is not a person. Zak Gramarye is not a jerk. Zak Gramarye is a walking barrel of radioactive waste masquerading as a human being. Everything he touches suffers. He withholds evidence that would have kept his lawyer from being disbarred, he abandons his very young daughter and dumps him on his now unemployed lawyer, and then comes back seven years later to, for no reason, destroy his former lawyer's reputation as a poker player, eliminating the man's one means of supporting his own daughter. And then let's add that he physically assaulted his accomplice when things didn't go his way. I have no sympathy. Son of a bitch deserved to die.

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