Worst Characters from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Despite the fact that the Phoenix Wright series has many great characters, it also has a fair few characters that make me want to punch through a wall. This list will only include characters from the first game.

The Top Ten

1 Sal Manella

I despise this character so much, he is one of only 2 characters to disgust me in the entire series, I hate the part he plays in the case, I hate his design, and I hate the way he speaks. - kempokid

I don’t ever understand what he’s saying. Lolz - JayfeatherXStick

2 Mike Meekins

I hate this man I hate this man I hate this man I hate this man!

My god, how can someone be so stupid, every moment he appears, I feel thousands of brain cells dying. His stupidity also bogged down Rise From the Ashes to some extent. - kempokid

3 Angel Starr

Her gimmick is pretty annoying and I don't like how biased she was in the case. - kempokid

4 Penny Nichols

She doesn't annoy me in any particular way, but she is the most useless character in the game by a landslide. - kempokid

5 Redd White

I didn't find this person intimidating in the slightest, it really doesn't help that you don't even corner him in the trial, you just get a Deus Ex Machina in the form of that list, removing any satisfaction in getting him caught. - kempokid

why is this guy even exist? - Vald155

He killed Mia. enough saisd. - Mattblue66

6 Lotta Hart

I've never liked her way of speaking and that general country girl trope in anything, so she automatically annoys me. To top this off, her role in the case is solely to waste your time with a pointless photo. - kempokid

7 April May

I didn't like her because of her terrible seduction gimmick. I hated it in particular because of how ham-fisted it was, I couldn't believe that anyone actually fell for it. - kempokid


8 Marvin Grossberg

While they tried making him seem like a mysterious character, I was never invested enough in his character to care, he always seemed like a sellout and quite stuck up, wasted character potential. - kempokid

9 Dr. Hotti

This guy is thousands of times worse than Mike Meekins!
I'd rather listen to Meekins' megaphone for 10 hours straight than see one of Dr. Hotti's sprites!

This guy was plain digusting and creepy, especially when he wanted to "examine" Trucy

10 Dee Vasquez

I don't particularly hate her, I just didn't find her as interesting as a lot of other characters. The fact that I needed to get her script to talk to her also irritated me. - kempokid

The Contenders

11 Larry Butz

At least he prevented the verdict being handed down in Turnabout Goodbyes.

Once again, I don't think he's a bad character, but his role in the 4th case was slightly annoying. He was hilarious in the first case though. - kempokid

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