Worst Charlie Puth Songs


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1 We Don't Talk Anymore

When I think about I feel like the song is boring. It just keeps repeating the words "We don't talk anymore", with a few amount of words added to the song. I know Selena Gomez did sing some lines also. I know the song of course is not real, but is it a little bit real, probably, no. Did he even know Selena Gomez before he sang the song? Or does he just want someone to sing those lines so the song would be complete and he would get credit for writing the song. How did they even team up in the first place. And anyway his voice is too high pitched. I think the song is just a bunch of words that fit together to form a song that do not describe anything real.

The acoustic guitar sucks, the vocals bore me and no real chemistry. - ReltihFloda

2 As You Are
3 Marvin Gaye

Unsexy - ReltihFloda

4 Dangerously
5 Left Right Left
6 Attention

I think that this song is annoying and his voice does not sound nice. - lovefrombadlands

7 Some Type of Love
8 My Gospel
9 One Call Away
10 Suffer
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