Top 10 Worst Cheeses


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1 Blue Cheese Blue Cheese

I only like cheese on sandwiches and stuff, but when it comes to taste, I better stay away from this crap - LightningStrike

I remember eating a piece of blue cheese cake...worst cake I ever ate - Ananya

This is one cheese that would make me throw up. - Ananya

I mean I like it, but I understand that a lot people can't eat this stuff. - Userguy44

It looks disgusting... - CaptainMowzker

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2 Swiss Swiss

I've never liked swiss cheese. It tastes bitter and doesn't really go good with anything. - Solacress

3 Ricotta Ricotta

It I had to pick a cheese that tastes terrible by itself, I'd pick ricotta. What's saving it from the number 1 spot is the fact that it goes good with some things like lasagna. - Solacress

4 American American

This highly processed, junky cheese doesn't taste good either. - Solacress

Tastes good to me.
Not plain, but in a grilled cheese, or a cheesesteak. Then, it’s really good. - Camaro6

5 Asiago Asiago

Goes good with several things, but I don't like it by itself. - Solacress

6 Parmesan Parmesan

I only like it on pasta. - Camaro6

I don't like it. call me weird. - Solacress

7 Cottage Cheese Cottage Cheese

I actually love this stuff, but I put it on the list do to a common dislike of it. - Solacress

It looks disgusting too. - Userguy44

JUST EW - CaptainMowzker

8 Cream Cheese Cream Cheese

Utterly disgusting.

9 Casu Marzu Casu Marzu

This isn't just gross, but can also be poisonous. - Solacress

10 Sharp Cheddar Sharp Cheddar

The Contenders

11 Havarti Havarti

I actually like it it's just I ran out of cheeses sorry if I offended anyone - Solacress

Yo tf u talking about Havarti is the best! - judo8alex

I actually like it, it's just I prefer others. It's flavor just isn't strong enough I guess. - Solacress

12 Gorgonzola Gorgonzola

It smells bad, but it tastes good in my opinion. - Userguy44

I've heard it tastes like blue cheese - Solacress

13 Pepper Jack Pepper Jack

This is my addition to the list. I tried it before, and I drowned it with apple juice. Oh man it's horrible. I had to brush my teeth 4 times that day. - LightningStrike

I love pepper jack! Why is it on the list? - Solacress

14 Provolone Provolone

How dare someone put this on the list!
Provolone is best cheese! - Solacress

The stinkiest cheese the smells like horrid garbage or feet

15 Feta Feta

I forgot to put this on the list, but it's worse than havarti and sharp cheddar, 2 cheeses I actually like. - Solacress

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