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1 SuperMinecraftKid

This little annoying headache-giving brat is stupid as hell how he got 17,403 Subs he was raised by fruit flies I bet his parents hate him as well.

He's racist, a jerk, and someone who doesn't except opinions. What else is there? - Therandom

He's a Troll that's Basically it

This is troll, that's it. Not a real kid, just troll.

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2 EvanTubehd

The moneys he use for the videos on 1 month is enough to help poor peoples. How his parents can be so stupid? - TheSuperBanana

People hate him because his parents buy him stuff? Squelch - Puga

Thank you for putting the worst channel at the top, Dapper. - EpicJake

Spoiled brat anything else?

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3 HobbyKidsTV

I watch this show with my little brother sometimes - Deadpoolfan13

Poor Famous franchises get always butchered on this YouTube channel made out of vomit and piss. Even Peanuts did! I Hate this channel. It should have been called: PileOfVomitTv - MinecraftHater

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4 Arcadious Kal
5 The Gaming Zombie
6 Skylander Boy and Girl

They are so annoying they got 22 million views from a ball pit. A BALL PIT. That's the whole video. My brother watches them and it's annoying as HELL.

Not the best the WORST!

Not the worst the best! 😙

These bitches are annoying and whoever thinks this is cool should watch it 20 million times during a zombie overload and I expect him/her to die at the 57th one.

7 Misha

He says bad words and he is just really bad and he is not a good singer or dancer.

He has a huge ego. He believes that he's the best and that everyone who dislikes his music is wrong. - LemonComputer

So... who's the guy who electrocutes him whenever he tries to dance? - opinionated4

His dancing is basically being electrocuted repeatedly and his singoing makes me puke. Plus, his teeth looks like an entrance to a cave. - AlphaQ

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I love the shaytards

Technocally this is a family channel but the kids are a big part of it. - DapperPickle

9 Christianu2ber
10 Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius was born in Oklahoma . Jacob is a singer known for his top 90 hit Sweatshirt, which amassed over a million YouTube dislikes in less than a year, and other singles ABC remix and musical .ly clips. Jacob Sarorius has a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media.

Should be on the top

Never seen him. But I have heard he is TERRIBLE!


He sings incredibly annoying songs, as well as overusing autotune. I can easily hear the autotune on his voice. At least Misha isn't an autotune whore. Jacob has a very annoying fanbase, consisting of little girls. He constantly tries to get people to feel sorry for him. The only thing that makes him less annoying than Misha in my opinion is that he doesn't constantly make songs addressing his haters, or so I've seen. Misha constantly makes songs to annoy people who don't worship him, while Jacob Satorius just makes his ordinary music. I respect him for that. - LemonComputer

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? MineCraft Awesome Parodys

His parodies are annoying. - LemonComputer


A Pakistani with hairy eyebrows who constantly uses autotune to the point that anyone who listens to his songs can easily hear it. Does rap, despite his weak voice. The autotune barely makes him in beat. He uses so much autotune, yet he's still always off-beat on his songs. - LemonComputer

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11 SammyClassicSonicFan

At least he knows the definition of a good game. - Trenchpit777

The best meme

He is a hyorcryte


12 Evantube RAW


13 Mattybraps

Why is King Nonce not IN THE TOP TEN - Puga

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14 Mariotehplumber
15 KidRaul
16 Final Sorra
17 SevenSuperGirls

The acting on the channel is just so unwatchable but the skits are good despite the acting and some of the lack of appropriate clothing.

Just search them on youtube and you will understand the need to get them off of youtube.

They have some good videos but The acting. is. just. I give-up ;--;

I think they're OK,altough their newer videos became a bit boring. - Epicsauce45

18 Evantube Gaming
19 Fred Fred

I think he's funny but I can see why most people don't like him.

His voice was too annoying.

He says bad words

20 LtCorbis

Shes the best youtuber on the planet - YoungBoi

She's entertaining. Oh and a lazy cu-

This ungrateful 11 year old bitch needed to be mentioned at least once.

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