Top Ten Worst Child YouTubers


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1 SuperMinecraftKid

This little annoying headache-giving brat is stupid as hell how he got 17,403 Subs he was raised by fruit flies I bet his parents hate him as well.

He's racist, a jerk, and someone who doesn't except opinions. What else is there? - Therandom

Kids replace god with minecraft nowadays, this kid is one of them.

"ZELDA IS A RIPOFF OF MINECRAFT! " -SuperMinecraftKid - Datguyisweird666

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2 EvanTubehd

People hate him because his parents buy him stuff? Squelch - Puga

The moneys he use for the videos on 1 month is enough to help poor peoples. How his parents can be so stupid? - TheSuperBanana

Thank you for putting the worst channel at the top, Dapper. - EpicJake

Why do parents buy their kids all this stuff when they want it? Mine don’t do that and I’m his age! I think he’s spoiled!

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3 HobbyKidsTV

The parents are insufferable and probably do not do well in the adult world. The kids are annoying and I can't imagine they don't get picked on at school because of this nonsense. Especially the poor boy who called pig.

It makes me sad to see my son watch this drivel. Do these people do anything but sit on a couch and play video games? I think they need to get out and get some fresh air. Do these parents actually have jobs other than exploiting their children for product placement?

Poor Famous franchises get always butchered on this YouTube channel made out of vomit and piss. Even Peanuts did! I Hate this channel. It should have been called: PileOfVomitTv - MinecraftHater

I am disappointed that my little brother would rather watch this over RWBY.

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4 Arcadious Kal

I think he is fun to watch

5 The Gaming Zombie
6 Skylander Boy and Girl

I remember last year when I stopped watching them. I thought the reason I stopped watching them was because I just got bored of them, but I now know that I stopped watching them because they were spoilt kids that would ask for more and more. Luckily my little brother stopped watching them.

They are so annoying they got 22 million views from a ball pit. A BALL PIT. That's the whole video. My brother watches them and it's annoying as HELL.

They do not deserve more then 25 subscribers and they get like a million views a video.

Why did I ever like this chanel

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7 Christianu2ber
8 Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius Jacob Sartorius was born in Oklahoma . Jacob is a singer known for his top 90 hit Sweatshirt, which amassed over a million YouTube dislikes in less than a year, and other singles ABC remix and musical .ly clips. Jacob Sarorius has a YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media.

Should be on the top

Never seen him. But I have heard he is TERRIBLE!

The worst of the worst,

Should be on number 1 because his iq and age is that number

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I love the shaytards

Technocally this is a family channel but the kids are a big part of it. - DapperPickle

10 Misha

He says bad words and he is just really bad and he is not a good singer or dancer.

He has a huge ego. He believes that he's the best and that everyone who dislikes his music is wrong. - LemonComputer

So... who's the guy who electrocutes him whenever he tries to dance? - opinionated4


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11 Mariotehplumber
12 SammyClassicSonicFan

At least he knows the definition of a good game. - Trenchpit777

The best meme


He is a hyorcryte

13 Evantube RAW


14 Final Sorra
15 Jojo Siwa Jojo Siwa

Jo jo don't listen to them there just bullies. I think your great LOVE your YouTube I watch it every day.

JoJo siwa is a cool kid. I like her. When I watch her videos then I am happy

Why 23? Why not #1? I hate her! worst and most annoying teen celeb ever!

My 9 year old cousin likes her. SO ANNOYING! >:(

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16 KidRaul
17 Mattybraps

Why is King Nonce not IN THE TOP TEN - Puga

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18 Evantube Gaming
19 Fred Fred

I think he's funny but I can see why most people don't like him.

His voice was too annoying.

He says bad words

20 SevenSuperGirls

The acting on the channel is just so unwatchable but the skits are good despite the acting and some of the lack of appropriate clothing.

Just search them on youtube and you will understand the need to get them off of youtube.

They have some good videos but The acting. is. just. I give-up ;--;

I think they're OK,altough their newer videos became a bit boring. - Epicsauce45

21 ChristianUtuber
22 Isaiah Punsalan

He is cool check his channel out guys. He makes videos today depending on what date.

Very cringy

23 EthanGamerTV

This kid is an idiotic, belittled, half-witted, british brat who plays "videogames" that are terrible. Were talking roblox, minecraft, mobile games, and flash games that have no real challenge. And I bet this kid hasn't even heard of Dark souls, Fallout, Metal Gear Solid, Mortal Kombat, Mass effect and every good game that's been ever made. And yes I am just 12 but I still have good taste in what video games I play I mean seriously>

He ignores players on ROBLOX. Screw him. - HelloWhyImHere

This kid is so annoying he constantly plays Roblox and is videos feel like they are a horrible T.V. show!

Ok so this kid tys using slang but he sounds like he has crap in his mouth. He is idiodic, annoying, plays the most retarded games and is SO boring.

24 LeafyIsHere LeafyIsHere

I once fell for his damn scams on Roblox.

23 but looks like he's 12

He's not a child - YoungBoi

Sure he may not be a child,But he sure acts like one!

25 LtCorbis

Shes the best youtuber on the planet - YoungBoi

She's entertaining. Oh and a lazy cu-

This ungrateful 11 year old bitch needed to be mentioned at least once.

26 FUNnel Vision

Ugh hate it...

Finally! Someone agrees with me that this channel is the scum of the earth. They are annoying, unfunny, boring, and mean spirited. They ruined Splatoon 2, Cuphead, and Bendy Chapter 3. They joked about a kid being blinded during the solar eclipse. And their apology video was terrible. It wasn't even a serious apology. They made Merchendise out of one of their kids crying. They even mocked Hurricane Harvey victims in the beginning of their TNT rush video. I won't go into much detail about them, mostly because I have in the past, but there is a YouTuber who makes rants on them, and they are great. I won't give it away, but look up Fgteev rant. Fgteev is the same family that runs this.

From the morons that brought you Fgteev comes this abomination. I already ranted about this channel on another list, but screw it. All I can say is that they are the most annoying people on earth. They make me want to tear my ears out. People hate on EvanTube for being spoiled, but at least he was getting a bunch of toys to review them, and yet they get a pass for just getting toys to get them? Their videos range from cringeworthy to annoying to just mean spirited. I can't believe kids actually like this atrocity. Kids, all they do is make you dumber. I felt like I lost brain cells just by watching this channel. And 3/4 of their humor is just toilet humor. And bad ones at that. How do I put this? When you make HobbyKids look tolerable, then you know we have a big problem. And this channel succeeds in doing so. I hate it.

27 All4Kidstube
28 Kittiesmama
29 Wolfgang the Animatronic

Wolfgang the Animatronic is quit youtube

No comment on this monstrosity.

30 Bratayley Bratayley
31 Phantomstrider8

I use to like him but now he has ruined my life. A day ago

He's not a kid... - Epicsauce45

Um no

32 MineCraft Awesome Parodys

His parodies are annoying. - LemonComputer

33 TCProductionsx
34 Thatsojack
35 Lohanthony
36 Zeb
37 Jordan Bijan
38 HowToBasic

You break all glass and eggs and your windows OVER A FLY?! If your gonna use a fly swatter use it properly - RockStarr

He s not child by the way

How is HowToBasic on this list? He is 38 years old, not a child, according to - HelloWhyImHere

If this is an adult's channel why is it on a list full of kids youtubers?
his videos can be funny but it gets kinda boring because if the egg throwing

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39 Ethan Games

This kid gives me the creeps

40 ZombieWarsSMT


41 The Lonely Goomba

Why is he on this list he is 26 years old look up famous birthdays - HelloWhyImHere

This guy sucks he is one of the worst users on YouTube

42 FamilyFunPack
43 Minecraft Ethan

They bore me to death, they never upload, they're only famous because of FGTeev and they got a HTC VIVE. A HTC VIVE. And they made a 4 year old use it. Messed up as FGTeev - Ducks661

44 D4NNY

A Pakistani with hairy eyebrows who constantly uses autotune to the point that anyone who listens to his songs can easily hear it. Does rap, despite his weak voice. The autotune barely makes him in beat. He uses so much autotune, yet he's still always off-beat on his songs. - LemonComputer

45 Mario Undertale Kid
46 Baron Drew Skeleton

Who's that? - DWisawesomethe3rd

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