Top Ten Worst Child YouTubers


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21 ChristianUtuber
22 Wolfgang the Animatronic

Wolfgang the Animatronic is quit youtube

No comment on this monstrosity.

23 EthanGamerTV

This kid is an idiotic, belittled, half-witted, british brat who plays "videogames" that are terrible. Were talking roblox, minecraft, mobile games, and flash games that have no real challenge. And I bet this kid hasn't even heard of Dark souls, Fallout, Metal Gear Solid, Mortal Kombat, Mass effect and every good game that's been ever made. And yes I am just 12 but I still have good taste in what video games I play I mean seriously>

This kid is so annoying he constantly plays Roblox and is videos feel like they are a horrible T.V. show!

24 LeafyIsHere LeafyIsHere

I once fell for his damn scams on Roblox.

He's not a child - YoungBoi

25 Kittiesmama
26 All4Kidstube
27 Isaiah Punsalan

He is cool check his channel out guys. He makes videos today depending on what date.

Very cringy

28 Phantomstrider8

I use to like him but now he has ruined my life. A day ago

He's not a kid... - Epicsauce45

Um no

29 TCProductionsx
30 Thatsojack
31 Lohanthony
32 Zeb
33 Bratayley Bratayley
34 Jordan Bijan
35 HowToBasic

You break all glass and eggs and your windows OVER A FLY?! If your gonna use a fly swatter use it properly - RockStarr

He s not child by the way

If this is an adult's channel why is it on a list full of kids youtubers?
his videos can be funny but it gets kinda boring because if the egg throwing

This guy is a adult being a kid also filthy frank and stupid maxmoefoe I hate all of em a lot they are three on my hate list but these guys should get a life thoes friggn kids with autisum maxmoefoe swears EVERY SECOND also everyone that I mentioned swears every second too

36 Ethan Games V 1 Comment
37 ZombieWarsSMT V 1 Comment
38 The Lonely Goomba

This guy sucks he is one of the worst users on YouTube

39 FUNnel Vision V 1 Comment
40 FamilyFunPack
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