Top 10 Worst Childhood Ages to Use the Internet

I actually first started using the Internet at age 10. Looking back, that was a really bad age to use the Internet. I honestly think that children under 13 should not use the Internet at all because it's filled with so much sick stuff like pornography, gore, stalkers, cyberbullies, and all kinds of twisted stuff. The reason I think a child should start using the Internet at 13 is because that's when you become a teenager and teens are generally more mature than little kids in some ways.

If you wanna be a good parent, don't let your child (who may be under 13) use the Internet. It's not worth it. Trust me.

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How can a 1 year old use the internet?
Do they have toy computers for 1 year olds give them one of them.

Thank god the internet didn't exist till I was 2 years old haha.

My 1 1/2 yr old cousin watches YouTube

I agree, kids at that age should not be allowed on the internet. Unforcently a lot of kids growing up now, in the 2010s offten have acsess to Smart Phones and tablets, and they know how to use it better than even people around our age. It makes me worry for the furure.

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Nah. I used the internet this age.

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I didn't use the internet till I was around 13.

I would have been everyone's least favorite TopTenner.


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Old enough to read, but not old enough to go on the internet.

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My 9 year old cousin has a YouTube account

9 12

12 year olds are stereotyped the most - MrCoolC

Yeah 12 is also not a good year to start using the internet, that's when you are extremely superficial, and will judge people as much as you can, and act extremely moronic.

I do not agree because I am 12 and guess what? I am going on the internet.

No, the internet helps me through life - 445956

@445956-The Internet is extremely important. I'm just saying that it's not good at all to use it at a much younger age.

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No.I'm almost 12 and I'm good.

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No, it’s the best. You can legally be on certain sites - MrCoolC

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