Worst Children of Bodom Albums

Stats for Children of Bodom!!!!
Band: Children of Bodom
Frontman (or woman? oh, he uses eyeliner and nail polishes!): Aleksi Laiho
Studio Albums: 7
Guitar Tunes: 2
Drumbeats: 1
Vocal Style Variation: 0
= WORLD'S 3rd WORST METAL BAND EVER! (1st. Avenged Sevenfold, 2nd. SLIPKNOT)

Welcome, Children of Bodom Haters! Here is a list to vote for worst Albums by this freaking band named Children of Bodom.

The Top Ten

1 Follow the Reaper

All CoB albums are great and the guy that made this list is just some sad little hater. Find something you enjoy in life instead of hating everything and then you may become a happier person.

What more I can say?
First of all... This sounds like alternative metal or metalcore
Secondly... This album contains most retarded lyrics
And third... I hate the cover.. What a bullcrap this one is!

2 Hate Crew Deathroll


And can you read the album name? It says 'Hate Crew... Bla bla bla' but when you listen to the songs they sound more like LOVE SONGS!

I mean come on man, this completely sucks!

3 Hatebreeder

Hatebreed? What is this s*! Did he just say he was going to eat my mom, or was he talking about flowers?
Well, CoB are S*! Did I mention they are posers, because they are.

All tracks from this album sounds exactly the same! I bought one copy of this disgusting piece of crap and wasted my $.
I hope you all didn't make the same mistake!

4 Are You Dead Yet?

First of all any metal band with a swedish or finnish name who growls suck! And children of bodom ARE a finnish name, so they do the same and hence they badly suck.

Secondly, this album is just the worst from them because it is more about cheesy keyboards and crappy vocals with muddy guitar tunes than a real metal composition...

And overall, I wish I was DEAD before I listen to Are You Dead Yet!

What a poser! He (Alexi Lahio) always tries to show up himself as some really really evil guy with some supernatural powers! But in reality he's a stupid asspunk who lives in his mum's basement... Get a life boy, death metal is not your business and this album proves it!

5 Something Wild

More like Something weird, something retarded, something moronic...

6 Relentless Reckless Forever

Is it me or are they sounding more like a skater metal band? They're nothing like they used to be and I used to. Be a huge fan of them. Now I'm not even going to get their new album cause it's too punk.. Screw that I'm going back to Dimmu Borgir! - BrutalTruth

They are all good albums, but this is the worst

CoB still puts effort and time for his songs today.
its just he burned out.

something wild was his most energetic and melodic album.

This doesn't match up to anything that CoB. #nohate

7 Blooddrunk

Come on this shouldn't be first?
Look at the album it has most idotic tracks like :Tie My Rope, Smile Pretty for the Devil, Hellhounds on My Trail and One Day You Will Cry!

8 Halo of Blood

Wow, this album is great, same as all album above - razors15

I don't like the way I vote to write something, I think the kid who created that list is a Nickelback or Jonas Brothers fan!

Yes, the newest addition to a bunch of trash, oh sorry I mean bunch of albums!

But who cares? Anything they ever played sounded just same pathetic caterwauling to me... So nah I'm gonna let it pass.

Wow, this list he most retarded that I seen in my life

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