My Little Pony


My Little Pony! More like My Little Penis!

The title says friendship is magic but none of the mane 6 do anything that involves friendship. Instead they fight. Part of this is a ripoff of pretty pretty Pegasus. I bet sparkle face and butter bean never attack the Gumdrop Giant.

If you think this show is overrated, that is fine, but there are much worse children's shows than this one. Just because this show is feminine doesn't mean it's bad.

It is a bit corny, but it's still pretty good. Try watching "twilight's kingdom, and you might change your mind.

This show is for six-year-old girls, not creepy twenty-year-old hippies. Seriously, why do bronies exist? Why do I exist? What is the meaning of life?

My Little Pony Characters are basically Retards who don't know how to be friendly in this crusty (really badly) Animated show. Even a 5 year old knows not to behave like that with his friends.

Are you kidding me this show was the best but the new one sucks and also this brings back memories who even put this on the list

I can't believe that this seems to be more popular to grown men than to little girls seriously bronies get a life you virgins

Some people don't like it? Fair enough. - Skittles12345

I absolutely hate this show. I once had this friend who told me that pegasisters were girls who liked My Little Pony. Now I realize that they are grown women who draw pictures of the ponies MAKING OUT. I cannot believe people like this!

I love this show! Whoever said about the grown men and people's opinions, THEY HAVE OPINIONS, TOO!

I am an anime fan, and I saw pictures of Azumanga Daioh characters with pony heads. what, bronies? Why the heck do you have to ruin EVERYTHING?

It bugs me how grown men watch this, but it's not that bad. It teaches morals and is fairly entertaining to watch.

The fan base is the main topic here

This show is so bad if I sent a copy to the CIA they would use it for torture

Yes I hate My Little Loser: Friendship is Magic.

My little pony so skinny and bony stepped on a wire and now is on fire

Bronies are the worst. They make a deal out of ponies for everything

I can't believe grown men like this crap!

I LOVE this show but why do Grown Men and WOMEN make pictures of them making out and videos of them kissing? Like Twilight and Trixie? I seen it when I was a kid but WHY? Also pictures and videos of people making videos of Cheese Sandwich X Pinkie Pie. What the Heck Bronies and Pegasisters?

You bronies are a bunch of brainwashed idiots and retards!

My little pony isn't as bad as Friendship is magic you liars!

I loved the old ones. But the new MLP characters are stupid brats. They resemble bratty five year olds who don't know how to act. Id watch teletubbies over this.

Although the fanbase is outright ridiculous this is ummm Okay like maybe 6/10

TWILIGHT MUST DIE "I'm princess twilight I'm the best I'm a Mary Sue friendship is the most powerful magic I'm better then all o u I'm unstoppable" SHUT UP TWILIGHT GO TO HELL AND DIE THERE