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181 Turbocharged Thunderbirds

A show that is so awful even the Late Great Gerry Anderson (The Creator of Thunderbirds) hated it!

I have not seen this show. - FinnsWorld

182 Wild Animal Baby Explorers

Are you kidding? That was one of my favourite shows when I was a baby.

The cgi animation is crude and awful.

183 Peep and the Big Wide World Peep and the Big Wide World Peep and the Big Wide World is a Canadian–American animated children's television series created by Canadian Animator Kaj Pindal and based on the 1988 short film Peep and the Big Wide World produced by the National Film Board of Canada, which itself is based on the 1962 short film The Peep Show, also ...read more.

What are you talking about? This is the best show ever. All the other shows on this list totally suck.

I love this show. Always have, always will. I mean, this show is from my early childhood years, and should not be on this list AT ALL.

Why is it so low on the list? Its dumb I makes me jump out the window. Why is regular show higher on the list? This and regular show should switch places!

This is stupid who watches it

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184 Between the Lions Between the Lions Between the Lions is an American children's television series designed to promote reading. The show was a co-production between WGBH in Boston and Sirius Thinking, Ltd., in New York City, in association with Mississippi Public Broadcasting, in Mississippi.

Come on I used to love Between The Lions

Lions suck, go Pack go!

THIS IS MY SHOW. Between the Lions is super great especially cliff hanger was fun

I hate that show.

185 Wonder Pets Wonder Pets Wonder Pets! is an American animated children's television series. It debuted March 3, 2006, on the Nick Jr.

I love this show so much it made me want to adopt a duck or a Guinea pig

I love this show!

Shut up.

Wonder pets is not crap! It's kawaii!

186 Jigsaw

This show scared the heck out of me! Especially that main character guy. Do not watch this show! It is scary and it gives you nightmares.

Whoever said this show scares them is a royal wussy. This show sucks and it couldn't intimidate a new born

I though Jigsaw was a movie. - dipperpinesfangirl618

I have not seen this show. - FinnsWorld

187 The Fairly OddParents The Fairly OddParents The Fairly OddParents is an American animated television series created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon.

This show needed to be on the list because on the new season, Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda got a pet dog, and he is stupid, his deeds made Timmy and his fairies behave like they were high on something and acting immature unlike the previous seasons, the comedy levels also dropped and there's hardly anything going on except stupidity of the characters caused by the dog, it's an example of Nick running out of ideas and hiring bad writers.

This show is cool. But I respect your opinion

Not a good show anymore like it used to, it fell down the drain when the pet episode aired because the pet is stupid and made the other characters including Timmy act stupid, the plot also weakened at the same time, all those reasons are why it became an atrocity.

This is only for the ones with Sparky.

Even though it changed, I still love this show. - MeeMeeCandy777

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188 Fish Hooks Fish Hooks Fish Hooks is an American animated television series created by Noah Z. Jones which originally aired on Disney Channel from September 3, 2010 to April 4, 2014. Twenty-one episodes were ordered for the first season.

This show is stupid, Milo is a fish, he go to the hell high school. This is a copy of SpongeBob SquarePants, but thet didn'd have square pants. - ambre.messiimes

They don't even look like fish they look like mutated ghosts


189 Doug Doug Doug is an American animated sitcom created by Jim Jinkins. The show focuses on the early adolescent life of its title character, Douglas "Doug" Funnie, who experiences common predicaments while attending school in his new hometown of Bluffington. Doug narrates each story in his journal, and the show ...read more.

Its just similar to Hey Arnold, except its been on two children's channels. (Nickelodeon and Disney Channel) I remember the Disney reboot mostly.

Doug has A.D.D.

Who put this on here this show is awesome!

I have not seen this show. - FinnsWorld

190 Those Scurvy Rascals

Who said that about Barney on this show CURSE YOU

I have not seen this show. - FinnsWorld

191 Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

The owl is a baby

The girl cat says meow meow too much, just euthanize her already!

Daniel is a spoiled tiger that eat nothing but veggies? What?

The stain has his pic in front of his straw hubble


Fred Rogers would puke at the sight of his show turned in to THIS! You realize that the creators of this show are tourmenting Mr. Rogers' grave?

Count your blessings mr. Rogers isn't alive to see this crap or he would've gone on a major killing spree

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192 Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Secret Mountain Fort Awesome Secret Mountain Fort Awesome is an American animated television series created by Peter Browngardt that debuted in 2011 on Cartoon Network. The show revolves around a fraternity of five monsters who unleash wild stunts upon the public from their eponymous mountain fort. The show is loosely based on ...read more.

That butt monster

What can I say!

193 Littlest Pet Shop Littlest Pet Shop Littlest Pet Shop is a toy franchise and cartoon series owned by Hasbro. The original toy series was produced by Kenner in the early 1990s.

Blythe likes fashion. WHAT THE HECK?! That's just stupid.
Russell's voice is so annoying.
Pepper's voice is also very annoying.
Minka is a complete jerk who never stands still.
Penny Ling is such a huge crybaby.
Vinnie is so dumb. He doesn't even know what a cat is.
Sunil is so annoying. You can tell he's annoying just by looking at his face.
And Zoe - well, no one gives a crap about her.

You can tell no one gives a crap about Zoe, because her face looks like she doesn't care.
The animation is disgusting, the theme song is dreadful, the songs are annoying, and the characters look like what a little kid would do in a bathroom.

Why the hell is Louie not on here? Sure it's not American and probably in British English, but it's still just as bad as Dora. No joke I had first heard of it in Singapore in 2013 and my then-not stepsister and I had watched it and thought it was so boring and dumb. Heck we even made our own list on which T.V. shows we hated the most and Louie was in 2nd behind Dora. The bunny can barely draw and those weird in between commercials are creepy, especially the one with Vitamin B12. All in all this should be on the list and if I find out it's canceled then I will be doing a happy dance. - Anonymousxcxc

This show is a rip-off of Dragon Tales, my favorite PBS Kids show! Too bad it got took off the air, but Littlest Pet Shop didn't! This is one of the creepiest shows ever!

Sugar sprinkles is the only good pet on there. I don't give a damn about Zoe and Blythe

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194 The Upside Down Show

Pretty obvious why I put it on the list. Just look it up and you will see. :/

Liar this show is awesome! Take this show off the list right now there is no reason why to hate it get rid of it now!

This show was hilarious!

I have not seen this show. - FinnsWorld

195 The Story Makers

Super baby is so rubbish, it's amazing, they should use it for military influence in certain fundamental countries or a form of torture. "ZEE thumbscrew, eye gouge or super baby, we have ways of making you talk"!

I have not seen this show. - FinnsWorld

Story makers is by far the worst ever children's program bar none{only because of super baby}. There could not be anything more rubbish, coming out of the human mind, than super baby-this is etched in my brain and has left me mortally wounded and in need of counselling.

196 Sidekick Sidekick

This show is completely stupid and crap

What is this show?

197 YooHoo and Friends

Worst show ever. Crappy animation, crappy plot, crappy opening sequence (it's just a bunch of furry animals jumping around singing and being retards), and when they find those green gems they perform the same out of tune song and ruin the show completely. Yet it will not go away! I used to watch it, but I didn't like it at all. I feel like telling ABC3 (the channel that it was on) to permanently get it of Australian T.V.. I feel like reaching into the T.V. and choking them to death for all it's worth! Get rid of it! NOW!

Their stuffed animals completely ripped off Ty Beanie Boos!

I have not seen this show. - FinnsWorld

198 The Koala Brothers

I have a deathly fear of this show due to an incident that happened one time. Rosemary (the church minister) forgot to bring inside out one time and we had to watch this. I couldn't get away from it, therefore I now have a fear of it

Inane, ill-conceived excrement with all the charm of of a coffin.

I liked it when it was on playhouse Disney - Ajkloth

You only hate this show because you're racist because this is the most successful kids Australian show other than playschool

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199 SheZow

I have never watch this show on the Hub but until I have find out the controversy. This show is just really sick. I mean A guy turning into a Girl superhero? That's not funny that's just plain sick. well the animation looks nice though. so 1/10

Hated that show more than any other shows I don't like.

SheZow is so boring.

I have not seen this show. - FinnsWorld

200 Adventure Time Adventure Time Adventure Time is an American animated television series created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network. The series follows the adventures of a boy named Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio)—a dog with the magical power to change shape ...read more.

That's not the problem. The problem is the stupidity of mankind for not realizing how bad it really is. Face it: it's going downhill. It relies on new background characters to tell stupid stories like the "Lemonhope" and the one about Cinnamon Bun becoming Flame Princess's royal guard or whatever. Root Beer Guy was good, and do you know what happened a few episodes later? He died. He died with no warning and probably as a gag. I liked him! And "Evergreen" was so bad I stopped watching the show altogether. - Discord

Of course the plot is a little jacked up, and yes, some episodes have no meaning to the story line whatsoever. But its not about the order of episodes. The "PLOT" is about Earth plunged into a post-apocalypse state, where life (kinda) flourishes, and a boy (who is the last of his kind), go on adventures and have fun with his best friend. You probably watched one episode and thought, "Wow, one episode and I'm not impressed, HEY! Maybe I'll go rage about it on some website! " And the animation... it's a kid's show. IT'S NOT SOME ANIME STYLED T.V. SHOW (though, that would be really cool. )

The Plot is all WHAT? The Characters are so DUMB AND BLAND! And The animation is as bold and bland as A Loaf of bread. 6/10 for that show. Well I hope you like this list and please vote and remix and add more items on this list. Well bye.

I've seen this show and it sucks- finnsworld

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